Follow these at-home core and cardio workouts from Miley Cyrus' “Flowers” music video.
How To Do Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” Music Video Workout At Home

A full-body burn that scorches your ex.

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Miley Cyrus just dropped the first anthem of 2023 with “Flowers,” and the music video is all about self-love. In the video, she’s seen walking home alone through an LA neighborhood, stripping down to her underwear in the yard of a mansion, taking a dip in the pool, then working out under the sun to the punchy chorus. Even though the video is choreographed, the HIIT routine she’s seen doing is actually pretty challenging and serves as great inspo for when you’re entering your strong, single era. Keep scrolling to follow along to Miley Cyrus’ workout from the “Flowers” music video.

Cyrus’ new song is all about reminding yourself that you have the ability to love yourself better than anyone else, because, after all, the most important relationship you have in life is with yourself. The Sagittarius superstar depicts this in the video, as she’s seen enjoying her own company and doing things for herself that feel good, like running around half-naked, singing in the shower, getting dressed up to go nowhere, and relishing in an intense workout. She first warms up with a blissful swim in the pool, before moving to the patio to do strength-training and a High Intensity Interval routine that includes burpees, battle ropes, and ab-defining moves for a full-body burn. You can easily replicate the moves below with little to no equipment at home, while you stream “Flowers” on loop at high-volume. And, if you’re looking to add more cardio to the workout, you can always take yourself dancing through the halls of your house or walk around the block in your most glamorous dress.

Rope Unilateral Waves
Miley Cyrus/YouTube

In the first shot of Cyrus’ at-home workout, she’s seen doing unilateral waves with weighted ropes, which is an effective way to get both cardio and strength training in one move. Start by sitting with your feet hip-width apart in a stable squat position. Lift a rope up in one hand to about shoulder height, then swing it back down, and alternate with the other. Based on her muted yelling in the video, she’s probably feeling this deep in her core.

Crawling Push-Up
Miley Cyrus/YouTube

Next, she’s seen doing a push-up into a crawling plank variation using a resistance band. In the push-up, her right knee is bent to her side (with her knee touching her outer elbow) while she presses down. Then, she lifts up with the back left foot to crawl forward and repeats. If you do this challenging move, make sure to alternate with the left leg to target both sides of the obliques.

Glute Bridge
Miley Cyrus/YouTube

Cyrus then lifts her hips up into a glute bridge while she sings along to the punchy chorus to target her hamstrings and booty. You can do the staple move by slowly lowering your glutes down to tap the ground, hinging on your knees, and then lifting up by squeezing your muscles. At the top of the bridge, she’s seen adding a little twist, inward steps, and claps to the beat of the song.

Back Step Crunch
Miley Cyrus/YouTube

This standing ab move will get your lift heart rate and wake up your abs. Start by stepping into a back lunge. Then in one movement, lift the back knee all the way up to touch the opposite angle in a crunch-twist, straightening the other leg.

Miley Cyrus/YouTube

Cyrus slays a classic burpee as she pops up into the air with lots of energy. She starts in a plank position, then lifts onto her back feet to jump high with her palms pressing behind her.

Balancing Table Pose
Miley Cyrus/YouTube

Finally, we see Cyrus doing the balancing table yoga pose, which helps to stretch the spine and strengthen the back and core. Begin on your hands and knees, then slowly lift the right leg to be straight and parallel to the floor, while extending the left arm in front of you. Do this move for your desired about of reps, then repeat on the other side.