A woman on a treadmill tries walking workouts from TikTok for cardio exercise.
9 Walking Workouts From TikTok That Make Cardio Fun

Take these viral ideas on your “hot girl walk.”

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The beginning of the year is the perfect time to discover new ways to exercise that get you out of a fitness slump. Walking workouts are popular on fitness TikTok right now, and it makes sense — walking is such an easy and low-impact way to incorporate some activity into your day. Plus, walking gives you a boost of instant endorphins, strengthens your cardiovascular system, and supports your mental health. Whether you’re looking to spice up your treadmill routine or you want to take it outside, check out these nine walking workout ideas from TikTok to try in 2023.

When you think of the word “cardio,” you might imagine a workout that’s hard, boring, and leaves you dripping in sweat, but there are a lot of ways to strengthen your heart through movement. Some may prefer to break up their days with a “hot girl” walk around the block while plugged into feel-good music, while others may love to run for miles to release pent-up energy. But if neither feels inspiring to you, and you’re looking for a middle-ground workout that moderately works your muscles and lifts your heart rate, check out these fun walking workouts from TikTok below.

Incline Pyramid

@crunchedbycait’s incline pyramid treadmill routine mimics walking up and down a steep hill IRL. She starts at incline two, then increases the incline by two every two minutes, until she builds to an incline of 10. After two minutes at the top, she then repeats the previous pattern by reducing the incline by two, for a total of 20 minutes.

5000 Steps

@lifebymelchantel on TikTok recommended a challenging fast-walking workout by growwithjo on YouTube. It brings you up to 5,000 steps in 30 minutes and incorporates intervals of lunge and crunch standing moves.

Add Dumbbells

While your legs are keeping a steady pace, why not take the time do weighted moves with your arms? shows some ideas for making a treadmill walk or regular stroll around your neighborhood a little more challenging by using dumbbells to engage your arms and abs.

Walking Pad Multitasking

@prettycritical on TikTok loves her new incline walking pad from Amazon, which is essentially a mini treadmill you can park in front of a standing desk or TV for multitasking. “Walking while working is one thing,” she said. “But walking while watching a Real Housewives marathon? Game-changer.”

Weighted Walk

Grab this weighted treadmill workout idea from @amanda.j_fit to add more resistance to a treadmill or hill incline. Using two dumbells, alternatine resting one on each shoulder for one minute of walking at a time. Then, walk with both on your shoulders for two minutes, and repeat the routine as many times as you can.

500 Indoor Steps

Check out @petragenco’s TikTok for stationary step movements that’ll up your heart rate while remaining low-impact.

Treadmill Circuit

If you love to follow a simple treadmill circuit for your cardio, @bellalosinghella’s routine subtely increases in moderate speed and incline for 25 minutes.

Add Dance Moves

@marissacpt proves that walking workouts don’t have to be boring. Check out her fun footwork she demonstrated on a low-speed treadmill.

TikTok Walking Playlists

Sometimes, all you need is a good beat to get your feet moving. Just search “walking playlist” or #treadmillstrut on TikTok and you can find songs curated specifically for a brisk walk, like the Taylor Swift “Midnights” walking workout by @benntheredonethat or this “model walk” throwback playlist from @savannahsbyrd.