Here's the how to do the Taylor Swift walking workout from TikTok using Midnights songs.

Taylor Swift’s Walking Workout From TikTok Is A Midnights Strut

Take the “Bejeweled” runway walk to the treadmill.

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If you don’t secretly practice your runway walk to “Karma” or “Bejeweled” from Midnights, we’re definitely not on the same page. Taylor Swift has so many hit songs, but her newest album of unforgettable bangers is a fool-proof soundtrack for making a workout more like a dance party. If you can’t help but move to the beat of a song, it’s probably an ideal hype track for your walking workout playlist. Case in point: @benntheredonethat on TikTok posted a full Midnights album treadmill routine that uses songs with the most strut-able beats, and which increases in difficulty as you walk for 30 minutes. Here’s the full song list, as well as how to do the Taylor Swift Midnights walking workout from TikTok.

Since October, you’ve probably had Midnights playing on repeat anyway, whether you listen to it on your commute to work, while you clean your house, or singing in front of your bathroom mirror with a hairbrush in your hand (no judgement here). You may have even been loving the iconic TikTok dance for the song “Bejeweled” which was created by @mikael.arellano and includes a runway strut to the empowering chorus beat. You might as well take it to your treadmill, because you can get an easy half hour of cardio in while you listen to your new favorite songs.

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The Taylor Swift walking workout by Allie Bennett pairs nine Midnights songs to a treadmill pace setting, and for each song you complete, you up the the pace by 0.1 miles per hour (adjust for .15 kilometers) to slowly increase in speed. Then, for two songs you’ll bring your walk to a soft jog, and then walk it out for the last track. Keep in mind that Bennett is 5’9, so you may need to adjust the speed according to your height. There is also no incline on this workout, but you can increase it for each song too if you want to challenge your leg or glute muscles a bit more. Throw on your sneakers, grab your headphones, and hit the treadmill – or even your neighborhood sidewalk – to follow the Midnights walking workout below.

Here’s How To Do The Taylor Swift Midnights Treadmill Workout


Start the workout by setting the treadmill to 2.8 mph and pressing play on “Karma.” When the beat comes in, start walking to the cadence. Make sure you stand tall, look forward, step from heel to toe, and engage your core, so your form is supportive for the workout. After that, you can enjoy the music and pretend you’re on a glamorous catwalk while basking in all the good karma coming your way.

When the song ends, play “Anti-Hero” next, and increase the speed to 2.0 mph. Then, you’ll stomp to “Lavender Haze” at 3.0 mph, “Paris” at 3.1 mph, “Question...?” at 3.2 mph, and “Mastermind” at 3.3 mph. This will bring you to a brisk walk that lasts for about 20 minutes in total.


After you’ve built up your speed, you’ll boost it from 3.3 to 7.0 mph at a comfortable jogging pace (or a fast walk if you prefer). You’ll only have to run for the length of the two songs, “The Great War” and “Would’ve, Should’ve Could’ve.” It’s the climax of the entire workout, so make sure your core is tight, you breathe through the beat, and you push out all your energy. This eight-minute portion of the workout will lift your heat rate and generate a full-body burn.


Finally, for the last two minutes of the routine, lower your speed down to 3.0 mph and walk it out to the song “Vigilante Sh*t.” The beat has a swift, cat-like prowl, so you can catch your breath, cool down, and stride along as you plot some revenge of your own. After the song is over, you’ve completed the entire walking workout for a total of about 30 cardio minutes.

After you try out Bennet’s Midnights treadmill routine, you can do her other Swift walking workout that includes punchy anthems like “I Think He Knows,” “Picture To Burn,” and “22,” which takes you through a full hour of walking cardio. You can even make your own playlist and follow the same speed format to customize the workout to your most favorite Swift songs.