Olivia Rodrigo's workout routine has abs and running.

Olivia Rodrigo's Ab Workout From TikTok Is Just 7 Moves

Rodrigo says her go-to fitness routine consists of abs and cardio.

Pop princess Olivia Rodrigo is always booked and busy, whether she’s writing her new studio album, performing her record-breaking hits, or hanging with friends like any normal teenager. Despite living a fairly private life, the “spicy Pisces” likes to keep it real with her fans about what she’s up to. Back in 2020, she shared a few details about her at-home wellness routine, telling Teen Vogue that her quick workout routine consists of an ab workout and a long run. While she hasn’t revealed her exact routine, @hannah_nguyyen shared an ab burn that’ll give you a super defined core that’s inspired by Rodrigo. The best part? This Olivia Rodrigo ab workout from TikTok is just seven moves.

During lockdown, Rodrigo built an at-home workout into her routine in order to release pent-up energy during the day. She likes to focus on abs and sneak in a little cardio, although she admitted, “I am a terrible runner but it’s the thought that counts.” It’s a good attitude to adopt, that way you’re not putting too much pressure on your fitness and you find ways to be active that leave you feeling refreshed and strong.

Rodrigo is proof that you don’t need a fancy personal trainer to hit your fitness goals — you just need a clear space, a workout mat, and about 15-30 minutes to activate your muscles on a regular basis. This TikTok ab routine builds in intensity and consists of simple moves that hit all sides of your core for those cut lines Rodrigo often shows off. It may feel challenging at first, but you’ll notice that the exercises get easier over time as your form and stability improves with your strength. The best part is, you can pull up this ab routine at any time, whether you’re at home or in a hotel, touring the world like Rodrigo.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

01. Crunches


Wake up your ab muscles up with classic crunches before you get into some of the more challenging moves. Make sure your back is flat, with your legs bent and feet firmly on the ground, so you don’t strain your back. Lift your upper body up by squeezing your abs into a crunch and keep your core tight as you lower your head down for the full range of motion for 50 reps.

02. Cross Crunches


Staying in the crunch position, lift your chest and bring your right elbow to your left knee in a twisted movement. After laying back down, repeat on the left side, for a total of 30 counts. You’ll feel this on your upper abs, which will help you tone the muscles on your waist and around the rib cage.

03. Leg Raises


Next, lay your upper body flat on your mat and place your hands behind your head for support. Lift up with your chest (not your neck) for a burn on your upper abs, and then tighten your lower abs to swing both legs up. Keep the tension in your core on the way down to get the benefits from the full range of motion, and repeat 20 times.

04. Russian Twist


This next move will feel like you’re targeting your waist with a challenging twist motion. With your legs bent and butt planted firmly on the floor, lean back to activate your ab muscles. Then, move your hands to your right side, then left, almost touching the ground as you turn, repeating for 20 counts.

05. V-Ups


Next, lay flat on the ground and use your core to pull your whole body into an elevated crunch position. Your legs will bend, lifting off the ground, as your upper body comes to meet them in a “V” shape, with your arms extended horizontally for balance. Repeat 20 times.

06. Plank Twist


Burn out with plank variations for the last two steps. In a plank position, use your arms and upper body for stable support, and twist your hips to either side so that they almost touch the ground on the drop. After 20 counts, you’ll feel this on your obliques, which will help carve out your waist. If this is a little too challenging, you can also do this move from a knee plank position.

07. Plank


Finally, finish the workout with a classic plank for 40 seconds. Make sure you’re squeezing your abs tightly to keep your balance and get the most impact. Hold this position for as long as you can to get a full body burn, and give one last blast of tension to your ab muscles.