Selena Gomez shares her workout routine on Instagram along with a selfie in her Rare Beauty sweatshi...
Selena Gomez’s Workout Routine From TikTok Is A Full Body Burn

Is there anything the multi-hyphenate can’t do?

Between launching her Rare Beauty Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighters that are drawing major TikTok hype and ringing in the new year with Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, Selena Gomez seems to be doing it all right now. Not to mention, Gomez revealed she wants to release new music soon and is heading to her very first Golden Globes as a nominee on Jan. 10. While her schedule seems to be booked AF, Gomez still manages to squeeze in some gym time with her personal trainer. If you want some fitness inspo for the new year, Selena Gomez’s workout routine she shared on TikTok is something you may want to incorporate into your own weekly schedule.

Amy Rosoff Davis, who is a celebrity trainer who has worked with Gomez in the past, told Byrdie that working out “should be a balance.” Davis — who joined Gomez on her 2016 Revival tour — said, “[My first priority when training Selena is] listening to her body — which everyone should do when it comes to working out.” While some days you go all out with a high-intensity routine, other days you may just want to do a quick yoga routine or stretch.

Switching it up is definitely something Gomez is an expert at. She’s not just an actress, but also a singer and creator of one of the most beloved beauty brands. It makes sense that she also switches up her workout routine from day to day. "If you keep your same old routine, you will most likely get bored and wind up skipping the gym,” Davis added, saying this is why Gomez does “everything from Pilates to hiking to dance cardio to circuit training to yoga and Spinning.” You may choose to mix things up as well. Instead of your usual run in the neighborhood or workout at the gym, you can try this easy at-home workout that Gomez shared on TikTok.

Alternating Dumbbell Cross Body Shoulder Press

To begin, Gomez starts her weighted full body workout with alternating dumbbell cross body shoulder presses. With your feet hip width apart and dumbbells close to your chest, twist to one side and raise the opposite arm up. Once your arm is fully extended in the air, bring it back down and return to center. You’ll do the same shoulder press with your dumbbell on the other side — hence the alternating part.

Standing Knee Raises With Dumbbells

After your shoulder presses, you’ll do some standing knee raises. Start with your arms in the air, holding onto your dumbbells. Your feet should remain hip width apart. Once you’re in position, begin by lifting one of your knees up to your chest while simultaneously bringing your arms down. This will feel like a standing crunch and actually does workout your abs.

You’ll alternate knees like your shoulder presses, returning to your standing position in the center each time.

Donkey Kicks

Now it’s time to get down on your mat. Begin in a tabletop position with your knees hip width apart underneath you, and your arms shoulder width apart as well. From this base, lift up your leg with your knees still bent. You’ll feel like a donkey kicking into the air, which is why it’s called a donkey kick. To intensify her workout, Gomez wears ankle weights like Bala Bangles ($55).

Sumo Squat With Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Getting back on your feet, you’ll want to get into a sumo squat position. This is with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart and your feet turned out. With your dumbbells close to your chest, you’ll start this exercise by squatting down and lifting your arms above your head at the same time. After you’ve gone down as far as you can, return to center and repeat.

Sumo Squat Hold

After your shoulder press squats, you’ll hold your sumo squat for about a minute. You’ll really feel the burn in your thighs, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. In this hold, Gomez also keeps her dumbbells in hand at her hips. This will only intensify the exercise as well.

To make the time fly by in your hold, make sure you have a good workout playlist going. Good music can really distract you from the burn.

Standing Side Crunch Knee To Elbow

To work on her obliques, Gomez does a standing side crunch next. You’ll begin standing with your knees slightly bent and legs hip width apart. From here, you’ll need to shift your weight a bit to bring one leg up. Whichever side you’re starting on, you need to have that arm raised in the air. The other can be planted on your hips.

When you’re ready, bring your arm down and try to touch your elbow to your knee as you raise your leg up. Don’t forget to repeat on the other side.

Downward Dog Knee To Elbow

Sticking with the knee to elbow trend, get back down on your mat in a downward dog position. If you practice yoga regularly, you’ll be familiar with downward dog, but you’ll basically want to be in an inverted V shape with your legs and arms straight on the floor.

From this position, lift one leg in the air and bring it in towards your elbow. Try to touch your knee to your elbow. Do this for about an eight count and then switch to the other leg.

Side Leg Kicks

From your downward dog, lay down on your mat facing one side. You can support yourself in this position with your bottom arm holding up your head and bottom leg slightly bent as a base. Once you’re ready, kick your leg up in the air and back down. From Gomez’s TikTok, it looks like she does two side leg kick variations. One is where she kicks her leg out straight from a bent position and the other is a leg lift up. She also keeps her ankle weights on for this exercise.

Seated Forward Bend

Davis shared, "No matter what the workout is, we always make time to stretch,” and this next move is a great stretch for any beginner to try. With your legs out in a V position, bend over into a seated forward bend. You don’t need to be able to bend all the way over, just as far as you can go. Be sure to keep your feet flexed in this position and use your arms to help you stretch out as far as you can.

Straight Arm Sit-Ups

For this next exercise, Gomez uses a mini exercise ball, but you can do this with some DIY weights or just any ball you have at home such as a basketball or beach ball. While holding your weight or ball, perform a regular sit-up. Be sure to have your legs bent with your feet firmly place on the ground. You want to keep your arms straight and held above your head the entire time.

Butterfly Forward Bend

Finally, to finish off your weighted workout at home, stretch in a folded butterfly bend. This is similar to the seated forward bend, but have your legs bent and the soles of your feet touching. As you hold, be sure to really feel your breath and relax in this position. This is a great way to cool down after some intense exercises.