Young woman upside down amid Mercury retrograde spring 2021.

Mercury Retrograde Is Back, And No Zodiac Sign Will Come Out Unscathed

Be warned: Toxic exes *always* return during Mercury rx.

by Valerie Mesa

Ready or not, here comes Mercury retrograde. You'd think the effects of Saturn retrograde and Pluto retrograde, along with the energetic shifts you’re experiencing in between eclipses, were overwhelming enough — yet the cosmos beg to differ. Fortunately, your Mercury retrograde spring 2021 horoscope is here to help each zodiac sign navigate this formidable time.

The curious messenger planet retrogrades three to four times a year. After its backward journey through Aquarius back in January, Mercury will kick off its second retrograde of the year via its sign of rulership, Gemini, on May 29 at exactly 6:33 p.m. ET. Since Mercury governs the mind, it continues to be the one to blame whenever social networks like Instagram suddenly stop working, especially when retrograde. Planets typically work at their fullest capacity when transiting through their sign of rulership, so Mercury retrograde in Gemini will definitely make its presence known.

When any planet retrogrades, it slows down, and you're being guided to do the same. For those of you stressing about the backlash stemming from this highly dreaded astrological phenomenon, its mission goes far beyond the nuisance of technology glitches and petty misunderstandings. Mercury retrograde brings forth the opportunity to reflect, review, and revisit mercurial themes you put on the back-burner. Mercury is, after all, the planet of communication, so this retrograde will most likely shed light on themes surrounding a pending conversation, a contract you have yet to sign, and/or general unfinished business.

Here's what Mercury retrograde in Gemini will affect in your life, according to your zodiac sign:

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Aries: Your Communication Style, Immediate Circles, And Means Of Transportation

The silver-tongued messenger god will retrograde through your chatty third house of gossip, neighbors, siblings, thoughts, fun facts, and immediate exchanges. You could be receiving a lot of messages, or perhaps begin to see something from a completely different perspective. This area of your chart is totally mercurial, so it doesn’t hurt to take your car for a routine service in the meantime.

Taurus: Your Money-Making Abilities, Spending Habits, And Value Systems

You’ve always been quite clever with your finances, and with Mercury retrograde igniting your second house of comfort, you could begin to question the flexibility of your values, or perhaps brainstorm on different ways to earn a living. In the meantime, double check your bank account, and keep those receipts.

Gemini: Your Sense Of Self, Personal Identity, And General Autonomy

You know the effects of Mercury retrograde better than anyone, considering it also happens to be your planetary ruler, Gemini, but there’s always something new for you to learn in the process. This is especially true when it comes to your personal aesthetic, physical identity, and approach to relationships. You might wonder what people think of you, or whether your projections are aligned with your truth.

Cancer: Your Hidden Agendas, Life Behind The Scenes, And Hidden Agendas

While you may know a thing or two about going inward, Mercury retrograde always comes with a mission or two. Activating your secretive 12th house of endings and beginnings, the effects of this could actually be a blessing in disguise. This is especially true for those of you looking for closure in a situation, or perhaps feeling a disconnect between your mind, body, and spirit. A mental hiatus is necessary.

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Leo: Your Community, Future Visions, And Sense Of Belonging In The World

It’s always #ThrowbackThursday when Mercury retrogrades, especially while igniting your friendly 11th house of social circles. When was the last time you caught up with an old friend? Whether you’ve been missing your besties or looking for ways to explore your horizons, this retro cycle could present you with a connection that potentially brings you closer to your dreams.

Virgo: Your Ambitions, Professional Reputation, And Authority Figures

Get down to business, Virgo. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, will retrograde through your prestigious 10th house of legacy, so you’re likely looking for ways to finish something you started. On the flip side, you might decide to take a well-deserved break from the hustle, especially if it’s been taking you out of balance. Otherwise, spruce up those business cards and take a second look at your marketing strategies.

Libra: Your Faith, Personal Philosophies, And Belief Systems

With Mercury the messenger stationing retrograde via your ninth house of expansion, you could begin to revisit everything from the pending items on your to-do list, to the “bigger picture” of a particular situation. If you’re an entrepreneur, you might revisit a pending project, or consider some self-promotion of sorts. The thought of going back to school is also a possibility.

Scorpio: Your Debt, Intimate Unions, And Shared Resources

Auspicious and somewhat intimidating, Mercury retrograde will activate your eighth house of transformation, soul mate unions, and other people’s money, providing you with the opportunity to discuss your intimate needs with a lover, or perhaps pay off some debt. This is also a great time to clear your mind from residual energies no longer serving you, and begin with a clean slate.

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Sagittarius: Your Agreements, Commitments, And Significant Others

Just days after a full moon lunar eclipse in your sign, Sagittarius, Mercury will retrograde through your seventh house of compromise and one-on-one relationships. Despite whether you’re in a committed relationship, this is an opportunity to renegotiate with a personal or professional partner. Having authentic communication with someone you’ve experienced tension with could also work in your favor. This would be a great time for closure.

Capricorn: Your Health, Daily Rituals, And Divine Duties

Despite being the zodiac’s favorite workaholic, Mercury retrograde will present you with the opportunity to revisit, review, and rework something that’s currently stifling your best efforts in your day-to-day. Something as simple as reorganizing your schedule or cultivating a new habit goes a long way. Head to the doctor for a quick check-up while you’re at it. ‘Tis the season of adulting.

Aquarius: Your Authenticity, Creative Musings, And Romantic Passions

Every artist needs a break to reboot, even you. This is especially true for those of you who capitalize on your creative expression, as it could be time for a much-needed reset. Otherwise, this is a great time to reconnect with your inner child, and practice more self-love. For those of you wondering about that toxic ex, gird your loins. They always come back during Mercury retrograde, so get the closure you need and move on.

Pisces: Your Emotional Foundation, Humble Abode, And Inner Sanctuary

Invest in a speedy Wi-Fi connection, and spruce up your living space. Sometimes, the simple act of moving some furniture around and/or decluttering goes a long way. With Mercury retrograde activating your domestic fourth house of home, there’s really no better time than now. Also, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to reconnect with a family member. If you’re in your feels, talk it out with a loved one, or let it all out in your favorite journal.