Expect people from your past to resurface during Mercury Retrograde fall 2021.

The Last Mercury Retrograde Of The Year Will Be Dramatic AF For 4 Zodiac Signs

Good luck, fam.

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There’s a reason Mercury retrograde is probably the most infamous event in all of astrology. Even though there are much scarier things that can happen in the zodiac, Mercury retrograde tends to take the cake because of how noticeable its effects can be. After all, Mercury is the planet of communication, logic, and trickery, making it a planet that affects you on a daily basis. Mercury is responsible for helping you formulate thoughts, create plans, speak your truth, and get from point A to point B. If you’re one of these zodiac signs that will be impacted by the fall 2021 Mercury retrograde effects the most — Aries, Gemini, Virgo, and Libra — you might not even know what hit you.

This particular retrograde takes place in cardinal air sign Libra, which means it has the power to stir up some drama in your love life, friendships, and all around relationships. People from your past may drop in out of the blue, especially people you still have unfinished business with. Unspoken truths may even rise to the surface, prompting you to finally solve repressed conflicts with others. Plus, let’s not forget how awkward Mercury retrograde can be, which is why a Mercury retrograde in classy, elegant, and pristine Libra is sure to make you feel anything but that. Prepare to spill your drink over your crush, slip and fall at a fancy event, and say a joke that really doesn’t land.

Beginning on Sept. 27 at 25 degrees Libra and coming to an end on Oct. 18 at 10 degrees Libra, this retrograde can challenge your perspective of all things relating to this beautiful, romantic, and graceful zodiac sign. Here’s what the following zodiac signs can expect:

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Aries: Your Relationships May Feel More Confusing Than Usual

If you feel as though you’re at odds with people you should be getting along with, you have every right to blame Mercury retrograde. After all, this retrograde could disrupt the harmony you’re used to experiencing in your relationships and challenge your interpersonal skills. Although this retrograde may be creating conflict, it’s also giving you a chance to remember how to solve it. Sometimes solving conflict brings you even closer.

Gemini: You May Struggle To Connect With Your Vision Of Fun And Romance

If it feels like things just aren’t as fun as usual, this retrograde might have something to do with it. This particular Mercury retrograde could disrupt your usual connection with your creativity, challenging you to find new ways to get the color, music, and energy flowing. Look at every setback like a new opportunity. Mercury is your ruling planet and this retrograde affects you more than most, so prepare for it to feel just as weird as it always does.

Virgo: You May Experience Some Challenges Regarding Your Finances

Complications surrounding your piggy bank may arise during this retrograde. Because Mercury is your ruling planet, you may feel this complications quite deeply. Decisions that you’ve been making with your money may not turn out to be as wise as you once thought. This is not the best time to make major financial decisions. However, it is the perfect time to rethink your relationship with money and how you use it.

Libra: Unresolved Issues From Your Past May Come Back To Haunt You

This Mercury retrograde has the power to challenge everything you thought you knew about yourself. Just because the past is in the past doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the power to affect your present. During this retrograde, your past self may come back to haunt you, revealing unfinished business and unsolved conflicts that still require your attention. Let go of these burdens, because your future belongs to you.

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