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Your May 2023 Horoscope Is A Chance For Growth For Every Zodiac Sign

Goodbye, Mercury retrograde đź‘‹

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Growth is imminent during this time of year, so if you’ve been feeling like you’re sprouting at a rapid pace, you’re on the right track. In fact, now that Taurus season is underway, not only are you evolving, but you’re building long-term security in your life that promises to stand the test of time. However, before you can fully step into this fruitful chapter, the Scorpio eclipse is coming to clear away what’s no longer serving you. All in all, your May 2023 horoscope is all about consistently watering the seeds you’ve planted.

Important Astrological Dates In May 2023

  • May 5: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
  • May 15: Mercury stations direct
  • May 16: Jupiter shifts into Taurus
  • May 19: New Moon in Taurus
  • May 21: Sun in Gemini

May 2023 Astrological Overview

May starts off on an emotionally intense note as the Scorpio lunar eclipse unfolds on May 5. Taking place in a fixed water sign, this eclipse is bound to bring buried emotions to a head, uncovering themes around fear, restraint, and control. Many of these themes have been working against your desire for comfort, pleasure, and true intimacy, and this eclipse is an opportunity to free yourself from them. Since Scorpio is a sign not fond of drastic change, some of these endings may be difficult to accept, but they’re absolutely essential for your personal growth.

On May 15, Mercury will finally station direct in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, bringing an end to the revisions you’ve been making to the Taurus-ruled house of your birth chart since April 21. With Mercury no longer retrograde, you’ll be able to move forward with any plans or ideas that you’ve been ruminating over without the same delays and detours that have been setting you back since last month. You can also expect to feel way more understood, as clarity will be much easier to obtain.

Jupiter steps into the solid sign of Taurus on May 16, marking the start of a growth-oriented period in the area of your chart where stability and long-term comfort is a priority. From now until May 26, 2024, gradual expansion will begin to unfold in the sign all about satisfaction and sustainability, shifting your focus to gaining things of substance and quality.

As May 19 comes around, the Taurus new moon will take place, bringing newfound ease and pleasures to your world. With Jupiter co-present with the sun and moon on this day, the fresh starts that are initiated in the Taurus-ruled house of your birth chart will feel hopeful, pleasant, and beneficial. With stagnation cleared away in the first half of the month, you can now prioritize building something fruitful on solid ground.

The mood lightens around May 21, as the sun shifts into the curious, conversational sign of Gemini. Collective focus is now on mental stimulation and openly sharing thoughts and ideas. Now is the time to ask questions, and set your sight on an interest that keeps you guessing. Gemini season isn’t a time to take yourself (or others) too seriously, but instead, allowing yourself to breeze through your fleeting musings.

Here’s what each zodiac sign can expect from May’s astrology:

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May 2023 Horoscopes By Zodiac Sign

Aries May 2023 Horoscope (March 21 - April 19)

New financial gains are imminent for you this month, Aries, but before the benefits start to pour in, the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 is helping you create some much-needed room. This eclipse may coincide with you paying off a debt of some kind, or releasing a scarcity-centered mindset around your money and resources. As this eclipse plays out, you’ll be clearing away any final dues to make room for bigger and better in your finances.

Mercury stations direct in your second house of money and resources on May 15, bringing clarity to your perspectives around money, resources, and possessions. Since April 21, you’ve been prompted to renegotiate some of your materials, but on this day, you’ll be equipped with the lucidity you’ve been waiting for here, particularly when it comes to setting yourself up for long-term stability. Once Jupiter shifts into this same sign on May 16, immediate growth will start to unfold here over the next 12 months. Be mindful of what you embark on regarding your assets now, because it’s bound to be sustainable and long-lasting.

On May 19, the new moon in Taurus will usher in some refreshing energy around your personal belongings, values, and merits. You prioritize a strong sense of security here, and this new moon is an opportunity to begin something concrete. What begins now won’t be easily moved, so be sure to choose wisely.

The sun shifts into your third house of communication, skills, and academics on May 21. Engaging in chatty banter and conversation will be a main priority for you now, and you’re guaranteed to learn a lot, especially from the people and places around you. You may find yourself reading new books, or becoming a frequent podcast listener, anything that gets your wheels turning.

Taurus May 2023 Horoscope (April 19 - May 21)

Expect some major releases in your personal relationships this month, Taurus, as the lunar eclipse in Scorpio illuminates your seventh house of partnerships on May 5. As the final eclipse in the romance sector of your chart, you’ll be made aware of any fear-based mindsets pertaining to love and intimacy that you’ve been grappling with over the past year and a half. This eclipse is serving as a final push away from anyone that doesn’t make you feel safe and secure, and as a result, could lead to some monumental endings. However, it could also indicate the start of a deeper, more intimate relationship with yourself.

On May 15, Mercury will station direct in your sign, bringing comprehensible ideas and perspectives into focus. Since April 21, you’ve been invited to reconsider your usual approach to comfort and stability, but as the retrograde comes to a close, you’ll have some new methods under your belt. And, as Jupiter steps into your first house the next day, you’ll experience slow, gradual growth when it comes to your identity and self-expression.

Expect to turn over a new leaf on May 19, as the Taurus new moon takes place in your first house. This lunation marks the beginning of a new personal chapter for you, Taurus, centered around your ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. Maintaining a strong sense of solidity in your own identity is essential, because anything outside of your being will always be somewhat unpredictable. Now is the time to focus solely on what you can control — and that’s how you continue to show up for yourself.

The sun shifts into Gemini on May 21, shifting your attention to your money and resources. This season is centered around curiosity, making it an ideal time to consider how your finances are increasing your level of mental stimulation. You may find yourself investing your funds in some new books, courses, or hobbies — things that keep you from feeling stuck or mentally stagnant.

Gemini May 2023 Horoscope (May 21 - June 22)

Your habits and routines will be highlighted on May 5, as the lunar eclipse in Scorpio highlights your sixth house. Contrary to popular belief, you’re a creature of habit, Gemini, especially when it comes to your daily rituals. However, this eclipse is asking that you let go of any compulsive patterns that may be working against you, and instead, swap them out for practices that comfort and satisfy you. This could look like a change in diet, exercise, or productivity levels — anything that feels rooted in a scarcity or fear-based mindset.

Mercury, your chart ruler, will finally station direct in Taurus on May 15, bringing the contemplations and reevaluations you’ve been experiencing since April 21 to a close. If you’ve been less willing to share your perspectives and opinions to the world, expect to feel slightly more inclined to do so now. However, you won’t really start to feel like yourself again until June 11, when Mercury shifts into your sign.

Jupiter will shift into your 12th house on May 16, bringing gradual growths and developments to your psyche and subconscious mind. This is an ideal time to implement some new, long-term practices that prioritize deep satisfaction, even if they’re in private.

Your behind-the-scenes habits and mental practices will experience a new beginning on May 19, as the sun and moon conjoin in your 12th house. Now is your moment to plant new seeds surrounding how you care for yourself internally: mind, body, and soul. Feeling replenished is essential, Gemini, especially since you spend so much time processing and sharing information with the world around you.

The sun shifts into your sign on May 21, bringing you back to center. This season is all about your ideas and interests, Gemini. You’ll be feeling more like yourself than you have since the year began, so be sure to soak up the mentally stimulating energy that’s present now.

Cancer May 2023 Horoscope (June 22 - July 20)

On May 5, the lunar eclipse in Scorpio will bring important themes around how you allow yourself to experience pleasure to light, particularly the ways you resist, or have been exercising too much control here. It’s OK to let your hair down, Cancer. Vulnerability is your biggest strength, and it’s only amplified when you take part in things that bring you joy. Release any fear around enjoyment, and allow yourself to have fun.

As the month continues, Mercury will station direct in your 11th house of friends and social groups on May 15, bringing any difficulties with communication amongst your peers to a gradual close. This retrograde has given you an opportunity to make adjustments in your community, specifically around long-term plans and ideas. You will now be able to execute some of these concepts without as much resistance, but they will still be slow to develop, because of the slow, deliberate nature of Taurus.

Jupiter shifts into the sign of stability the very next day, bringing a maintained level of growth and sustainability to your social groups. You may find yourself developing new relationships from now until May 2024, that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

On May 19, the sun and moon will conjoin in the pleasure-focused sign of Taurus, bringing steady new beginnings to your friendships and alliances. This could mark the start of a new collaboration, or a time for you to connect with a new union or collective. The attachments initiated now will be centered around harmony, peace, and satisfaction, so be sure to put yourself out there on this day.

The sun shifts into Gemini on May 21, bringing you into a season of reflection and withdrawal. This is a moment for deep contemplation, Cancer, but it won’t be a time of idleness. Your mind will be active with potential ideas and plans, but you may not be ready to fully execute them until your season comes around. So, for the time being, allow yourself to retreat into your mentally stimulating bubble. You can learn so much from isolation.

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Leo May 2023 Horoscope (July 20 - Aug. 21)

You’ll be prompted to do some releasing in your home and family life on May 5, as the lunar eclipse in Scorpio takes place. If you’ve been resisting change in your habitat, this eclipse will illuminate the fears and drawbacks you have around letting go of what’s no longer serving you. This could look like the need to relocate, conversations with relatives, or a change with roommates or live-in partners. No matter the case, this eclipse is bringing what’s been buried to light. It may not be pretty, but in order to move forward, acceptance will have to take place.

On May 15, Mercury will station direct in your 10th house of career, bringing clarity to your plans and ideas in your profession. Since April 21, you’ve been prompted to revise your objectives here, and you’ll now have the green light to move forward with any conversations or concepts you have in your work. Following Mercury’s direct station, Jupiter will then shift into Taurus, marking the start of a slow, steady period of development in your vocation. For the next 12 months, you’ll be slowly building something that stands the test of time when it comes to your public reputation and persona.

The sun and moon will conjoin in Taurus on May 19, ushering in new chapters in your professional world. You’re always looking for ways to maintain comfort and security here, and this new moon is an opportunity to plant seeds that will continue to bear fruit for an extended period of time.

On May 21, the sun will shift into the chatty, mentally active sign of Gemini, bringing a surge in conversation and curiosity to your friendships and alliances. You’re entering a very social season, Leo, and any new connections developed now promise to stimulate new ideas and perspectives.

Virgo May 2023 Horoscope (Aug. 21 - Sept. 22)

As the month kicks off, you’ll be clearing away old mindsets and opinions that no longer serve you on May 5, as the Scorpio lunar eclipse unfolds. As the opinionated sign of the zodiac, you tend to maintain consistent ideas and perspectives, but this eclipse is an opportunity to let go of any ideas that are rooted in fear or uncertainty. Changing your mind doesn’t make you unreliable, Virgo. When you know better, you do better.

On May 15, Mercury, your chart ruler, will finally station direct in your ninth house of wisdom, travel, and higher knowledge. Since April 21, you’ve been reconsidering the philosophies you tend to live by, but on this day, you’ll finally have the clarity you’ve been seeking. While your newfound perspectives are now in place, implementing a mindset shift will still be gradual, due to the slow nature of Taurus. However, as Jupiter moves into this sign the very next day, you’ll be exposed to newfound growth and developments here that are here to stay.

The sun and moon will then conjoin in Taurus on May 19, marking the start of a new chapter in your quest for enlightenment. This is an ideal day to schedule a retreat or getaway, or sign up for a class or hobby that is outside of your normal routine. While comfort should still be a priority, now is the time to broaden your horizons, Virgo, even if you still choose to play it somewhat safe.

On May 21, the sun shifts into Gemini, bringing acknowledgement and recognition to your career and professional world. This is a moment to showcase your skills, Virgo, especially your natural ability to educate and communicate with others. Your thoughts and ideas are what set you apart from others, and this season is asking you to put them on display. Trust me, the world will want to hear what you have to say.

Libra May 2023 Horoscope (Sept. 22 - Oct. 21)

On May 5, the lunar eclipse in Scorpio will bring any fears you’ve been harboring toward money and resources to light, asking that you address how they’ve been keeping you captive. What have you been afraid to let go of, Libra? Is it a mindset around your finances, or a physical item that’s taking up too much space? Whatever it is, the Scorpio eclipse is an indicator that you may be ready to release it. The decision may not be easy, but it will create room for bigger and better things.

As the month goes on, Mercury will station direct on May 15, bringing the revisions you’ve been making in your shared resources, boundaries, and assets to a gradual close. Since April 21, you’ve been renegotiating the contracts you’re a part of to ensure longevity and stability. As the retrograde comes to a close, you’ve smoothed out some of the kinks here, and you may notice now that you feel far more financially equipped for what’s coming. So much so, that as Jupiter shifts into Taurus on May 16, you’ll start to notice gradual developments in the area of financial gain and assistance.

The sun and moon conjoin in Taurus on May 19, bringing forth a new chapter around your holdings and valuables. This may be the start of a new chapter with a partner, and could indicate that you’re signing up for a new obligation with them. What you embark on now is looking solid, sustainable, and beneficial, Libra, so if it feels right, feel free to take on some new responsibilities.

On May 21, the sun shifts into the curious, chatty sign of Gemini, bringing heightened awareness to your beliefs, perspectives, and travels. This season is an opportunity to step out of your normal routine, and explore the world around you in a way that stimulates you mentally. Try a new cuisine, sign up for Duolingo — anything that expands your mind a bit.

Scorpio May 2023 Horoscope (Oct. 21 - Nov. 22)

It’s a big month for you and your relationships, Scorpio, and the lunar eclipse taking place in your sign on May 5 is a big way to get the ball rolling. You’re being prompted to let go of some of the parts of yourself that are rooted in self-preservation and caution, in order to fully lean into the intimacies that your connections have to offer. You can’t bring a fear-based mindset where you’re going, and this eclipse is inviting you to let go of the parts of your identity that no longer serve you. While saying goodbye to the old you may not be easy, you’ll feel instant relief once you realize how much that baggage was holding you back.

On May 15, Mercury will station direct in your seventh house of romantic relationships, replacing the confusion or uncertainty you’ve been experiencing with a clarity around how you want to move forward. You’re looking for long-lasting dynamics, and as Mercury stations direct, you can now move forward with clear intentions. And, as Jupiter shifts into Taurus the next day, you’ll notice gradual opportunities for growth in this area that prioritize longevity and sustainability.

As the sun and moon come together on May 19, new beginnings will start to unfold in your partnerships, focused mainly on satisfaction, pleasure, and comfort. This is an opportunity to start a new chapter in your love life, Scorpio, especially now that you’ve left some of your old fears behind.

On May 21, the sun will shift into your eighth house of shared resources, boundaries, and assets, shedding light on how you’re managing responsibilities. This is a time to consider how far you’re going for other people, and if you’re comfortable with how much of yourself you’re giving away. You also may find yourself engaging in deep conversations with others, and they may be even be inclined to share their secrets with you. While it’s a great time to lend a helping hand to those in need, it’ll be important to maintain healthy boundaries.

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Sagittarius May 2023 Horoscope (Nov. 22 - Dec. 20)

For you, the month kicks off on a contemplative note, as the lunar eclipse in Scorpio takes place on May 5. This eclipse is shedding light on the ways you may self-sabotage, and while these revelations may not be pretty, they are incredibly necessary. If you’ve been struggling to release a mindset or practice that’s been working against you, this eclipse will allow for a major release. It will also allow you to realize how many habits you were engaging in due to fear, and not from a place of security.

On May 15, Mercury will station direct in Taurus, bringing clearheadedness around your productivity levels. If you’ve been striving to reevaluate how you spend your time, Mercury retrograde ending will make it easier for you to be efficient when it comes to your daily tasks. While you tend to be pretty free-spirited, you do enjoy the comfort and stability that a consistent routine provides, and as Jupiter shifts into your sixth house on May 16, you’ll slowly begin to develop regimens that aid in your long-term satisfaction.

The sun and moon conjoin in the security-focused sign of Taurus on May 19, allowing new beginnings to unfold in the ways you maintain your well-being. This new moon is a fortunate time for some self-care, even if it’s as simple as washing your hair and putting on a face mask. You find pleasure in the little things, Sagittarius, and this is a time to fully lean into the beautifully mundane side of life.

On May 21, the sun will shift into the lighthearted sign of Gemini, shifting your attention to how you receive mental stimulation from your romantic relationships. This season is your moment to prioritize learning new things from the people around you, while maintaining an open mind. Now is the time to ask questions, Sagittarius, because the love interests around you are eager to provide you with plenty of answers.

Capricorn May 2023 Horoscope (Dec. 20 - Jan. 19)

You’ll be called to release outdated friendships and connections on May 5, as the Scorpio lunar eclipse illuminates your 11th house. You aim to retain the people in your life, and while this leads to long-lasting connections, it can also prompt you to hold on to relationships that are past their expiration date. This may also be a time to let go of any fears tied to expanding your social circle, and embrace what’s possible if you open yourself up to new people.

On May 15, Mercury will station direct, bringing lucidity around your creative pursuits and passions after a three-week period of uncertainty. You’ve been looking for new ways to prioritize your pleasure, and now that the retrograde has ended, you’ll have a better understanding of how to move forward with these activities. As Jupiter shifts into Taurus on May 16, growth and expansion will start to slowly unfold here, allowing you to slowly develop a new recreational activity that stands the test of time.

A new moon will form on May 19, welcoming in new energy around satisfaction and fulfillment. This is a time to have fun, Capricorn, so feel free to treat yourself, and lean into any leisurely endeavors that allow you to relax and enjoy yourself.

On May 21, the sun will shift into Gemini, bringing newfound awareness to your routines and habits. This is a season for you to prioritize productivity, while still leaving space for flexibility in your schedule. You’ll get plenty of work done in the coming months, but most importantly, you’ll be finding ways to implement what you learn over the next month into your daily practices.

Aquarius May 2023 Horoscope (Jan. 19 - Feb. 20)

As the month begins, you’ll be invited to release anything that no longer serves you in your career or professional world, as the Scorpio lunar eclipse takes place on May 5. There’s been a mindset, a job, or a role that you’ve been holding onto in this area of your life that has been keeping you stuck, and this eclipse is your opportunity to release it. While a shift in vocation can be scary, staying where you’re no longer fulfilled is far more fearsome, especially if it’s preventing you from evolving.

On May 15, Mercury will station direct in your fourth house of home and family matters, bringing some clarity to any questions you’ve had when it comes to establishing stability in this area. Security in your natural habitat is very important to you, and although the retrograde may have shaken things up here, you’re now being met with a moment of intelligibility that will help you move forward. And, once Jupiter shifts into this sign on May 16, you’ll be able to slowly build a foundation in your residence that is solid and unbreakable.

The sun and moon come together on May 19 to offer you a fresh start in your private world, focused on bringing new energy into where you call home. It’s now a time to prioritize ease, comfort, and satisfaction where you live, now that the retrograde is officially in the rearview.

The tone of the month begins to shift on May 21, as the sun shifts into the playful, inquisitive sign of Gemini. This season is all about living in the moment, Aquarius, so don’t worry too much if things feel short-lived. Instead, try to focus on enjoying yourself through activities that stimulate you mentally, like writing, learning a new instrument, or getting into Lego sets — anything that allows you to relax while also keeping you busy.

Pisces May 2023 Horoscope (Feb. 20 - March 21)

On May 5, the Scorpio lunar eclipse will prompt you to shed old belief systems and ways of thinking that may be rooted in fear, limitations, or anxiety, to make room for ideals that comfort and support you. As a spiritual individual, you take your philosophies very seriously, and as a result, you tend to hold on to perspectives that you’ve possibly outgrown. This eclipse is a moment for you to acknowledge what you no longer believe to be true, so that you can embrace ideals that better align with your path.

As the month continues to unfold, Mercury retrograde will come to an end on May 15, bringing sudden lucidity to your thoughts and ideas. Since April 21, you’ve been prompted to reevaluate your current ways of thinking, but moving forward, you’ll have a better understanding of what you know (and what you have yet to learn). Jupiter’s shift into Taurus on May 16 will bring continued development to your desire to learn new things, allowing you to gradually develop new skills and maintain a better understanding of your current interests.

The sun and moon will conjoin in Taurus on May 19, bringing new beginnings forward regarding your studies, interests, and outlooks. This is a fortunate time to take up a new academic pursuit or hobby — anything that piques your curiosity in a comfortable, safe way.

Curiosity and communication will continue to be a focal point for the remainder of the month, as the sun shifts into the chatty sign of Gemini on May 21. You’ll be invited to inquire about the present themes in your private world, as well as amongst your family members, offering a moment of stimulation in this area. It’s a fortunate time for socializing from the comfort of your own home, as well as making any sort of changes or adjustments in order to remain stimulated by your surroundings.