Happy Astrological New Year
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Your March 2024 Horoscope Marks A Fresh Start

Heyyy, Aries season đź‘‹

As always, with March comes some of the most notable and deeply felt energetic shifts. While you can certainly thank the astrological new year, which happens toward the end of the month, for a lot of that energy, it’s only a small fraction of what you’ll see in your March 2024 horoscope.

To put it bluntly, this month is a bit all over the place, so don’t be discouraged if you’re already feeling exhausted. It’ll be easy for anyone to slip into daydreams and a yearning for newness will be a central theme for all.

It's safe to end particular chapters with reverence as you look enthusiastically toward the future.

According to astrologer Stefanie Caponi, with the personal planets making their way into Aries on March 20, there is “great potential for incredible new beginnings if you are willing to close the doors that are no longer part of your bigger picture dreams and ambitions.” As Pisces season comes to an end and Aries season begins, she tells Elite Daily that “it's safe to end particular chapters with reverence as you look enthusiastically toward the future.”

Though the beginning of the month may still be full of fantasizing and detachment, you might very well be a different person coming out of it.

The Most Important Astrological Dates In March 2024

  • March 3: Venus square Uranus
  • March 9: Mercury enters Aries
  • March 10: Pisces new moon
  • March 11: Venus enters Pisces
  • March 20: Aries season begins
  • March 22: Mars enters Pisces
  • March 25: Libra full moon lunar eclipse

The Astrological Overview Of March 2024 Is A Fever Dream

This month’s astrology will come in swinging with Venus — the planet of love and money — squaring Uranus — the planet of rebellion and revolution — on March 3, in stubborn fixed signs Aquarius and Taurus, respectively. These two planets will butt heads, conducive to challenges in money systems and/or in relationships. Coupled with the idealist influence of Pisces, your current reality in either regard could seem to be failing your expectations of how it should be.

On March 9, Mercury will move into fiery Aries. Lowered inhibitions will have you voicing your mind with renewed confidence, but take extra thought before speaking on impulse. The planet of communication sitting in the most reactive sign of the zodiac can be a recipe for saying things you may later regret. Keep this in mind, especially coming off the back of some tense energy within your relationships and don’t be surprised by sudden bouts of emotional overwhelm when trying to express yourself.

Work with the Pisces new moon to dream big and set your intentions accordingly.

A double-down of spiritual, elusive, and romantic Pisces energy will be felt on March 10 with the Pisces new moon, followed by Venus’ ingress into the water sign on the 11th. “Work with the Pisces new moon to dream big and set your intentions accordingly,” Caponi suggests, “As the first new moon of the lunar year, water moons are extremely fertile gateways for manifestation.” Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning the planet can express itself in its most idealized state as it moves through this sign.

Speaking of idealism, that’s the name of the Pisces game, so while romance will be thriving, be wary of your rose-colored glasses this month, especially after Venus (and Mars on March 22) joins the sun in the sign of all things delulu.

March 20 will mark the astrological new year, as the sun follows Mercury into the “first spark of life,” Aries. If Jan. 1 came and went leaving much to be desired in terms of motivation and a sense of newness, let the spring equinox take you out of hibernation. Coming out of all-encompassing Pisces season and starting fresh in Aries will feel like finally surfacing above the wake after a long, deep submersion. With fresh air in your lungs and the warm sun on your skin, it will feel like the possibilities are endless yet again.

For a full reset, there has to be a purging of the old. Come March 25, any previous pent-up energies or unfinished business will be illuminated by the lunar eclipse in Libra.

Eclipses are cosmic bookends that close and open portals.

This culmination point will force the acknowledgment of what is and isn’t working. Expect big changes, endings, epiphanies, and/or announcements around the end of the month.

As the beginning of this year’s eclipse season, the energy can be a bit jarring, “Eclipses are cosmic bookends that close and open portals,” Caponi says. “Don't try to control this energy; trust this Libra full moon eclipse is taking you where you are meant to go.” Take this time as an opportunity to reflect and absorb, rather than make any big decisions.

Here’s what March’s astrology has in store for your sun and rising sign:

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Aries Zodiac Signs (March 21-April 19)

There will be a major shift that will have you reevaluating how you operate within your relationships. After being energized by social activity for the past month, you’ll pivot toward alone time to recharge, reflect, dream, and maybe even get a little artsy.

Things that have been hidden deep inside will come to the surface — whether it’s your mental health, secrets, bad habits, or memories, they can no longer keep you stuck.

Toward the end of March, you’ll feel like a whole shiny new person, assertive and confident, and people will notice.

Taurus Zodiac Signs (April 19-May 21)

You’re likely to integrate into a new group that will bring you fresh opportunities and recognition.

However, while you’re out mingling, you might feel a bit restrained in your communication skills and think more about deeper subject matters than flippant convos. This will be a good time to dig into the trenches of your imagination and consider more creative, out-of-the-box solutions.

By the end of the month, the eclipse will bring matters of your daily routines, physical health, or work under a microscope for evaluation and change. You could feel yourself retreating back into yourself for a more reflective period.

Gemini Zodiac Signs (May 21-June 22)

There’s a renewed energy heading your way regarding your career, purpose, and reputation. You’re reevaluating your goals and feel a fresh sense of motivation to accomplish something big. You want to be noticed for your ambitions — and you will be. Your mind is sharp, and people will be interested in what you have to say.

Be careful not to put too much focus on the rigid aspects of your career. You’re going to realize that you crave space for more fun and romance in your life.

By the end of the month, it’ll become glaringly obvious that there’s something that is inhibiting your creativity, joy, and self-expression, and it needs to be released.

Cancer Zodiac Signs (June 22-July 20)

It’s a month of planning for the Crab: you’re thinking about vacations, new courses, or professional strategies more than usual.

Your career and public arena will gain more solid footing at the forefront in your mind, while your home life — with perhaps even more amplitude — will force your attention. You’ll grapple with balancing the energy spent between the two.

Then, of course, there’s your home life, which will take priority and reside as an ever-present theme in the coming months.

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Leo Zodiac Signs (July 20-Aug. 21)

You’re stepping back and focusing on things like intimacy with a partner, budgeting and finances, personal growth, and major changes or endings. It’s time to nix bad habits and do some spring cleaning on your psyche.

You’ll probably feel a bit existential, contemplating life and death, spirituality, and the meaning of it all. You’ll also experience a significant disruption of your usual routine, likely dealing with siblings or other non-parental relatives, and could feel bogged down by extraneous busy work, external chatter, or overstimulation.

And the hits just keep on coming. Don’t be surprised if the end of the month hits you with a spicy undertone of ~drama~.

Virgo Zodiac Signs (Aug. 21-Sept. 22)

Whether it’s a bestie or a love interest, you want to have someone at your side as you navigate this month. This will be a beautiful time to start a new relationship or take the next steps within an existing one.

The end of the month will draw up a need for deep cleaning, both mentally and physically. It’s time to review and shed all the extra weight: emotions, habits, clutter — everything.

It’s also a good idea to slow down any excess spending and indulging on anything that’s not of service to you.

Libra Zodiac Signs (Sept. 22-Oct. 21)

Consider March the last month of the old you. In the first few weeks, you can expect a focus on creating new daily routines and your physical health.

You’ll increase your one-on-one communication and may find yourself bouncing ideas off a partner or bestie. This will help you gain clarity within yourself, which will be useful as things intensify toward the end of March.

As the season winds down, you will come face to face with how you identify, interact with and present to the world around you, and the person you are and want to be. You’re kissing goodbye to everything standing in the way of your truest self. Though it’s not in your nature, it’s finally time to choose *you*.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs (Oct. 21-Nov. 22)

There will be an overtone of creativity, self-expression, and child-like energy. This is a long-awaited period for all Scorpios to let loose, have fun, get inspired, and lighten the heck up.

While you’re out there living your best life, there will also be a wonderful supporting energy that helps you keep your mundane day-to-day in check and organized. You’ll be decluttering, getting your tasks done, and keeping up with a possible increased workload.

The end of the month will pull your attention toward your physical and mental health. You’re seeking balance in your day-to-day life and evaluating what’s sustainable for your well-being. There will be a massive healing beginning and an ending to deep emotional struggles.

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Sagittarius Zodiac Signs (Nov. 22-Dec. 19)

Refreshing your physical space with new energy by redecorating or moving? Feeling especially close to your ancestry and making discoveries regarding your family history? Whatever the case, you’ll welcome renewal within your home.

At the end of March, you’re likely to feel more social and crave some lighthearted fun. You’ll experience a major shift coming to how you approach your community, how you envision the future, and could experience an emphasis around your social media networks.

You’ll also come face to face with what inspires hope within you and what (or who) does not. The latter will be up on the chopping block in the coming months.

Capricorn Zodiac Signs (Dec. 19-Jan. 20)

You will learn something of importance; a truth or answer you’ve been searching for will come to you and you may notice an uptick in your social media engagements.

Music to a Capricorn’s ears, this month is major for the Seagoat’s career. You may have been fighting an internal battle with what you feel truly called to pursue and by the end of March, you’ll finally give your intuition the time of day.

While change is always scary — especially for a Saturn-ruled earth sign — trust your gut. You know what you want, now go after it and show the world how unstoppable you are.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)

You’re not usually the type to dwell on material things, but this month will put the subjects of money and indulgent pleasures in view.

You might be more inclined to invest or find a side hustle to increase your income. You’re good at relating to others, which may work in your favor because socializing could result in a nice little boost in your finances.

The end of the month will have you questioning your belief systems. You crave a sense of meaning and have a thirst for adventure. Something about the way you currently view life has not been cutting it for you and you’re at the breaking point, ready to relearn everything you thought you knew.

Pisces Zodiac Signs (Feb. 20-March 20)

The way you express yourself and interact with the world will be highlighted and made over this month. You’ll put more effort into your appearance, maybe try something new, because you’re not going to deny yourself any pleasures.

You’ll do some deep, heavy reflection and turn over some potentially painful stones of the soul. Your perception of life and death, sex, or shared resources will undergo a drastic metamorphosis and you’ll expel toxic aspects from your life.

Physically, you’ll finally throw out old items that are really not that sentimental after all or are tied to a life that is well in the past to complete a catharsis of your spirit and psyche.


Stefanie Caponi, astrologer and author