Your March Horoscope Will Bring Good Juju To Every Zodiac Sign

This month marks the beginning of the astrological new year, and yours will bring you so much clarity.

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The month of March always begins with Pisces season, so embrace your imagination, your emotions, and your spirituality. As the sun journeys through the last sign in the zodiac wheel, you may spend your time processing everything that’s been weighing on you. This healing experience will help you let it all out and let it all go. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it, and your March 2022 monthly horoscope will bring you clarity along the way.

It all begins on March 2, when the new moon in Pisces encourages you to set your ego aside and embrace love. This mutable water sign is all about empathy, so embrace how good it feels to be validated and emotionally connected. However, as loving Venus and aggressive Mars join forces with transformative Pluto, you may feel the strain of a challenging inner conflict. on March 3, you Let the experience show you how to look at the darker aspects of your relationships and trust your intuition, because there’s always more than meets the eye.

Once the sun joins forces with larger-than-life Jupiter in Pisces on March 5, it will invite you to embrace all the romantic and creative abundance that Pisces season has to offer. You’re learning how to enjoy life in a way that aligns with your higher self, so focus on the journey rather than the destination. And once Venus and Mars join form a conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius, it will bring you so much inspiration. Follow your intellectual pursuits, befriend those who inspire you, and start bringing your ideal reality into fruition. You might feel nervous about what comes next, but it’s the *good* kind of nervous.

The spiritual influence will be overflowing by March 13, when the Pisces sun joins forces with dreamy and illusive Neptune. This will tap into your dreamworld and increase the quality of your fantasies. Although you may feel drained and distracted, it’s only because you’re taking so much energy in at once. When you’re feeling this sensitive, it’s important to embrace love and hope, because negative thoughts will feel just as contagious as positive ones. And once the full moon in Virgo brings you back down to reality on March 18, you might feel as though you’re crash-landing into a sobering realization.

The emotional haze will convert into something that’s hot to the touch by March 20. This is when the spring equinox will take place, increasing the cosmic temperature as the sun enters warrior Aries. As the snow of winter melts into the rebirth of spring, you’ll feel a refreshing and replenishing shift. When it comes to astrology, the new year doesn’t take place from Dec. 31 to Jan. 1, but at the moment the sun enters cardinal fire sign Aries. Let the bright, competitive, and motivating energy of this zodiac sign guide you through a brand new start.

However, before the month is over, Venus — planet of love — will join forces with Saturn — planet of karma and restriction — on March 28. This could lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection, but it will also show you the weak spots in your relationships. And if you’re willing to work through your issues, you will be rewarded for all your hard work.

Here’s what you can expect, according to your sun sign and rising sign:

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This month, you’re embracing your imagination and your spirituality. The deeper you’re willing to go, the more you’ll be able to heal. Let introspection guide you through all the guilt and the pain you’ve been carrying, because it will leave you feeling validated, and eventually, liberated. By the time your solar return begins, you’ll be ready to let it all go and embrace who you are, down to your core. You already know yourself better than anyone, so get to know yourself even more.


You’re connecting with your social scene this month and learning how to embrace friendship, group endeavors, and community spirit. Even if you feel all alone with your vision, there are plenty of others who share your interests and align with your purpose. If you’re willing to work together, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you accomplish. And as you let go of your ego and embrace forgiveness, you’ll learn how to let the needs of the greater good light your path.


You’re feeling more ambitious this month and ready to show the world what you’ve been working on. Take your career goals seriously, because you’ve got so much power at your disposal. However, you may need to let go of something that’s still standing in your way. Create space for the future you’re dreaming of. As you focus in on what you’re ready to accomplish, you’ll find that your friends and colleagues have insights and opportunities to share with you.


This month, you’re expanding your horizons and seeing what lies beyond your typical scope. The world is so much bigger and brighter than you thought, so keep on exploring. You may feel called to embrace a shift in your perspective, because it’s impossible to know everything all at once. See something from a new angle, and as it changes your mind, it changes your goals. You’re redefining your destination, but remember — so many different paths will take you there.

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You’re embracing a deep and intense change that develops internally. This month is all about transformation, but in order to embrace a new part of you, you need to say goodbye another part of you. This exchange is brutal, but a snake always sheds its skin before it becomes more powerful. Give yourself time to process this spiritual shift, because as you unburden yourself, you’re also setting yourself free. You’re like a bird being released from its cage for the first time.


This month, you’re discovering so much about yourself. However, you’re learning to see yourself through the eyes of the people you love. As you put yourself in their shoes, you’ll deepen your understanding of how your relationship dynamics function so that you can work on improving them. And as you work on your level of harmony, you’ll eventually start embracing your ability to trust. Remember — trust is earned, but it takes both partner to earn it.


You’re getting back to the basics this month. You may become keenly aware of your priorities and how you disperse your energy, prompting you to revamp your sense of routine. Make time for rituals that energize you just as much as they bring you back down to earth. As you work on building yourself back up, you’re also readying yourself to pour more attention into what you love more than anything else in the world — your relationships.


You’ve been cooped up long enough and now, you’re ready to party. This month, you’re reconnecting with your ability to have pure, unadulterated fun. However, there may be something holding you back from truly giving into the excitement, so practice living in the present rather than the past and the future. As you gain inspiration and set off lightbulbs, you’ll begin to reconnect with your mojo and feel motivated about the tasks that lie ahead of you.

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You’re an explorer at heart, but this month, you’re ready to return to your roots. You may be craving a sense of belonging, so nurture yourself with the love, safety, and protection that you need. It may be time to reconnect with relatives and your chosen family, so spend time with the people who understand your story. As you set aside time for healing and rest, you’ll come out of it feeling more energized and inspired. Express yourself through creativity and you won’t regret it.


This month, you’re regaining control over your voice; over your ability to speak things into existence and share your thoughts with others. Conversations are bringing your genius ideas to life and socializing will help you make sense of the deeper complexities. Learn as much as you can, because toward the end of the month, you may feel like retreating from the social scene and protecting your energy. Reconnect with what makes you feel right at home.


You’re feeling the earth beneath your feet and focusing on what makes you feel grounded and anchored. This month, you’re learning how to exchange chaos for stability, because you deserve to know where you stand. Redefine your values, rearrange your priorities, and reconnect with your willpower. By the end of the month, you’ll start feeling more open to unpredictable energy and ready to bounce ideas off of others. There’s so much to learn outside your comfort zone.


This month is all about what makes you feel alive in your skin. Instead of trying to fit into someone else’s vision, create your own. You know yourself better than anyone and you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Use this self-awareness to your advantage, because when you know yourself, everything starts falling into place. Experiment with wearing new hats and entertaining fresh ideas, because by the end of the month, you’ll have so many brilliant ideas to work with.

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