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Kim Kardashian's Christmas Tree For 2022 Is Such A Luxe Aesthetic

It seems Kim K is dreaming of a white Christmas.

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Getting into the holiday spirit is easier to do after you’ve put up your Christmas tree. For many families, the tree is the centerpiece to their holiday decor, so it’s a good idea to get it set up first thing in December. Considering Kim Kardashian’s 2022 Christmas tree was in full display on her Insta story, The Kardashians star would agree that now is the time to deck your halls with boughs of holly — or at least, white Christmas trees.

It’s no secret that Kim K is a minimalist when it comes to home decor. When talking about her home decor with Architectural Digest in 2020, Kardashian said, “I love the simplicity of the design. Everything in the outside world is so chaotic. I like to come into a place and immediately feel the calmness.” Even her SKKN By Kim skincare line is minimalistic in design, and includes a home accessories collection that sticks with her neutral color palette. Knowing all of this, it makes total sense that Kardashian would opt for all-white Christmas trees this time of year. It also doesn’t hurt that gold and white Christmas trees are currently trending on TikTok, and experts agree it’s the aesthetic to go for if you’re looking for something Insta-worthy and luxurious.

For anyone who hasn’t put up their tree just yet or if you’re looking to try something new with your decor, you might want to know how to decorate a luxe white Christmas tree like Kardashian’s. It’s about as simple as a white Christmas tree looks.

How To Decorate A White Christmas Tree Like Kim Kardashian

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On Dec. 1, Kardashian shared a first glimpse into her holiday decor, which is an all-white Christmas tree in her living room. While the Christmas tree didn’t appear to have any ornaments or garland hanging from its branches, it did sparkle with white twinkly lights. The tree itself is also a snow-covered tree, which seems to be a holiday decor trend on TikTok.

No need to worry if you don’t have the money to go out and buy a new white Christmas tree. There is a way to add that fresh snow look with a little DIY. Through TikTok, you can learn how to flock a Christmas tree with some water and flocking powder. Target also has a snow spray for just $5 that’s an easier way to turn your green tree white.

Once you have your faux, snow-covered Christmas tree, you’re ready to decorate with your string lights. To really match Kardashian’s Christmas tree, be sure to get white twinkle lights (like these $6 ones from Lowe’s) to wrap all around your tree. As soon as you have your lights on, you’re good to go. Fix yourself some hot cocoa and throw on Elf, because you’ve got your own Kardashian Christmas tree ready for the ‘Gram.

Other 2022 Kim Kardashian Christmas Decor Ideas

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In addition to the white Christmas tree in her living room, Kardashian also shared that she had a bunch of Christmas trees placed on the balcony outside her bathroom. Whoever said Christmas trees were just for the living room was wrong. Clearly, you can place Christmas trees in any room in your house that needs a bit more holiday spirit.

For the Christmas trees in Kardashian’s bathroom, she chose to stick with festive green trees instead of white, but kept with the simple string lights for the decorations. If you have a balcony at your place, you may want to also have Christmas trees outside to give your home a cabin-in-the-woods feel. You could also just place Christmas trees in unconventional and unique places, like your bathroom, kitchen, or even in your bedroom. Give other rooms in your home the holiday love, too.

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