The SKKN By Kim Home Accessories collection is pretty expensive.
The SKKN By Kim Home Accessories Collection Is For A Kardashian Budget

You better start saving now for this collection that drops Oct. 6.

Courtesy of SKKN By Kim

SKKN By Kim isn’t just for skincare anymore. Kim Kardashian’s company is adding a home accessories line this October with home decor products in that signature Kim K neutral. As cute and cop-worthy as the SKKN By Kim Home Accessories collection may be, it’s for a very Kardashian-like budget.

While each item in the collection is less than $130, it’s still not super affordable for us mere mortals. For instance, there is a chic tissue box that will elevate your current tissue situation but for almost $90. At that rate, you’d have to budget getting yourself the one-ply tissues without the lotion for a while just to make up for your bougie purchase.

While the SKKN By Kim Home Accessories collection is pricey, there’s no denying every item will get your home one step closer to looking like a Kardashian’s. Fans have all seen how Insta-worthy and clean the Kardashian homes are from watching The Kardashians on Hulu, and one way they are able to have such picture-perfect homes is because they invest in their home organization. These SKKN By Kim accessories for your home are available Oct. 6, and they will help to organize not just your tissues but items in your bathroom and bedroom as well.

Just know that if you see something from SKKN By Kim that your home needs, it’s going to cost you.

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Declutter Your Counter With This Canister

A neutral container to store things like makeup brushes or cotton balls is a great way to make your bathroom more bougie and free of clutter. However, you might not have a lot to put in it if you’re spending $65 just for the storage. Props do go to Kardashian for creating the perfect discreet canister that can match just about any decor.

Keep Important Items ‘Round In This Container

Another storage option from the home collection is this round container, which is made with the same neutral concrete and will blend right in wherever you need it. One way to use it with your SKKN By Kim skincare collection is to place cotton pads inside for your toner.

It can also be used for jewelry on your dresser or even paper clips on your WFH desk. As versatile as it is, though, it’s pretty small for $69.

Hide Your Tissues With This Box

Here we have the very expensive tissue box from SKKN By Kim. However, it does look sleek AF to keep your tissues hidden in this container that has a SKKN BY KIM logo on it.

Plus, if you do end up adding this to your cart, it’ll be nice having those tissues around after looking at your bank account.

Place Your Products On Top Of This Tray For An Organization Hack

This tray and the canister are the two cheapest items in the collection, but that’s not saying much. However, a vanity tray is an organizing hack that helps give your countertop a more sleek look without doing too much. Just place the items already on your dresser or bathroom sink on top of the vanity tray, and it’ll make them look like they were meant to be there.

You could also use this tray for an aesthetically-pleasing coffee table display with a candle and vase or to keep your SKKN By Kim products all together. It has a lot of uses, but for the price of more than 10 Starbucks lattes.

Throw Out Your Budget For This Waste Basket

Probably the most useful, but also the most expensive, item in the collection is this waste basket. Sure, you may use it every day as you throw away your tissues from your fancy SKKN By Kim tissue box. However, at $129, you’ll be too worried about throwing anything inside that could damage your basket like food wrappers or used cotton pads from wiping off your makeup.

You’ll have to think long and hard about what trash is worthy of being disposed of in your minimalistic chic bin.

Save A Little On The Full Bundle

If you are looking for a discount, the best deal for the SKKN By Kim Home Accessories collection is to buy the bundle. It includes all five pieces from the collection for around 15% off. It’s still a hefty price to pay, but worth it if your end goal is to have the same home products that Kim Kardashian uses.