Kim Kardashian shares home products she uses in her house.
12 Home Products Kim Kardashian Uses That You Can Buy For Your Own Space

Live like a Kardashian without the Kardashian budget.

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The Kardashians have given fans a front row seat to their lives for years through their reality TV series. Aside from the family drama, you also get a glimpse into their homes. While it may seem unattainable to have Khloé’s Insta-worthy pantry and Kris’ well-stocked fridge, there are ways to organize your home like a Kardashian. In fact, if you’re a fan of her cream-colored aesthetic, there are home products Kim Kardashian uses that you can also get for your place.

Earlier this year, Kim even welcomed Vogue inside her home to show off some of her favorite decor items. Many of the things she chose to highlight were connected to her family and had a deeper meaning. So, it’s not all white furniture and minimalistic decor. However, if that’s what you aspire to, there are simplistic home products from this list of Kim-approved items.

Kim has also shared on Poosh some of her favorite home organization products that she uses to stock her pantry and kitchen. These are items you can easily afford for your home to give it that Kardashian-inspired makeover you need. For full inspo, here are 12 home products Kim Kardashian uses that you can add to your cart today.

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Glass Jar

While hers may have a custom white lid to match the rest of her home, Kim uses these glass jars from the Container Store in her pantry. They hold everything from cereal to snacks. One of the 5-star reviewers said they love these jars for keeping their food fresh and will look cute in your pantry or on your kitchen counter.


Bamboo Storage

Another item Kim uses for her pantry is this stacking bamboo bin. Kim shared with Poosh that “it’s important to have things organized at all times,” which is why she uses these bins for her snacks. While these are perfect for your pantry, they can also be used in your closet or room to make your space look more like a boutique. However, one reviewer mentioned if you “put too much in them,” they may crack.


Lazy Susan

The Kardashians love a good Lazy Susan for their home organization. Kim has one just like this for her pantry at home, but you can use this anywhere in your home. In fact, one 5-star reviewer used their turntable for their kitchen counter, nightstand, and bathroom vanity.


Canvas Panels

In her Vogue video, Kim shared a few of North West’s paintings that she has in her home. While you may not be able to get your hands on a North West original just yet, you can get these canvas panels from Arteza to paint your own pieces of artwork to hang on the wall. One 5-star reviewer even said these are “the best panels at a reasonable price.”



In Kim’s sitting room to her bedroom, she has scrapbooks featuring memories with each one of her kids. The custom cream colored scrapbooks match her home aesthetic and work as great coffee table books. For your home, get some custom scrapbooks as well that are a “good quality for the price.”


Storage Trunk

Also in Kim’s sitting room, she has a trunk filled with precious memories. Not only is a storage trunk cute home decor, but it’s a great place to store a bunch of stuff. It can even be used as a coffee table in your living room. This particular trunk from Amazon has over 2,000 5-star reviews with some saying it’s a dorm room essential.


White Vase

In her kitchen, Kim has round Shiro Tsujimura ceramic vases. Since it may be out of your budget to get your own Shiro Tsujimura vases, go for the next best thing — Target. You can always rely on Target to have affordable finds like these white round vases that could pass as Kardashian knockoffs. Even one 5-star reviewer said this vase is a “great accent piece at a very fair price that can be used anywhere for anyone.”


Black Hangers

If you watch The Kardashians, you know Kim spends a lot of time in her closet. In the background, you can see she uses black hangers for a very clean and organized look. So, get yourself some black wooden hangers like these from Amazon that have over 3,000 5-star reviews. They are “very sturdy, durable and well-designed.”


Industrial Clothing Rack

You’ll also notice in Kim’s closet, she has these industrial clothing racks that make her closet look like a boutique. If you need additional storage for your wardrobe and have the space, these clothing racks are actually super cute for your bedroom.

You can keep just some of your favorite and most vibrant pieces out for a cute pop of color in your corner. Where you have your clothing rack could even be where you snap OOTDs and GRWM TikTok videos.


White Tea Kettle

In Kim’s reorganized pantry, she has adorable white tea kettles like this one from Amazon. They match her clean color scheme and are so basic they’ll fit in with your aesthetic as well. While it does have over 5,000 5-star reviews, some buyers have complained about the paint fading. So, it may not remain the perfect clean home decor if you use it often.


Mortar And Pestle

Out on display in her kitchen, Kim has a marble mortar and pestle. This one from Amazon is a budget-friendly version you can get for your home. Even one of the over 2,500 5-star reviews says it’s “totally worth the inexpensive price.”


Reusable Cleaning Bottles

In the first episode of The Kardashians, Kim says cleaning her kids’ playroom “makes [her] horny.” Whatever floats your boat, Kim. Since she loves to clean, Kim definitely has a few cleaning products at home, and these reusable spray bottles are perfect for any sustainable queens. These even come in a variety of colors to match your home decor vibe.