A stylish bathroom includes products that'll make your bathroom feel like an oasis.
20 Products That’ll Make Your Bathroom Feel Like An Oasis For Under $55

Treat yourself to essentials even the Kardashians love.


The bathroom is an often neglected area of the house when it comes to home decor. Even though it’s the place where you may pamper yourself with a thorough skincare routine or nighttime soak with sweet smelling bath bombs, you haven’t really spruced up the space like you would your bedroom or living room. To really make your home feel like a home, it’s time to invest in some products that’ll make your bathroom feel like an oasis.

Your bathroom deserves a little makeover as well, and you don’t even need a big budget to make it happen. There are plenty of inexpensive bathroom products that will have your room feeling like a spa for less than it would cost to actually go to the spa for the day. Sometimes, all it takes to give your space a little upgrade is to invest in some home organization. Let’s face it, with your entire skincare routine, makeup, and other bathroom essentials, your counter can get messy AF if you don’t have a place to put everything. Something like shelves or cute jars to keep your toiletries organized can go a long way. In fact, a lot of these products that’ll make your bathroom look expensive are just smart organization hacks as well. Go ahead and add to cart what you need to truly treat yourself to the bathroom of your dreams.

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Install Shelves To Keep Your Products Off The Counter

To clear off your counter, install a few floating shelves to store your most used products. This can include your entire skincare routine and even a stylish cup for your toothbrush. Add some mini plants or even a candle to your shelves as well for added home decor. Since these shelves can be arranged “in many different ways,” according to one of the over 9,000 5-star reviewers, they’ll fit in just about any bathroom.

Add Fake Blooms To Your Bathroom For Easy Color

One way to make your bathroom look more like a spa is to add more plants to it. They offer that oasis feel while also giving your space a pop of green color. However, real plants may be hard to take care off, especially if your bathroom doesn’t provide a lot of light. Luckily, there are these fake plants that are just small enough that they’ll fit on your counter, floating shelves, or even on your bathtub to create a bloomcore aesthetic.

Keep Your Essentials In Matching Clear Jars

Another bathroom organizing hack is to keep essential items in matching jars like these plastic ones from Amazon. They’re perfect for your cotton swabs, cotton balls, and even cotton pads. Since they’re clear, you can also easily see what’s inside. However, there are also colorful metal organizers ($23) if you prefer to have things hidden.

Store Products In An Organized Basket

One way to make your bathroom counter space look more organized is to put your products in a basket. Even if they’re just sitting out like they were before, they’ll look more clean and organized. It’s like magic. Use this storage basket to keep products on top of your toilet or to store bath essentials like candles, bath salts, and a jar of bath bombs for when you want to soak as well.

Hang Your Towels Up On A Holder

Having a place to hang your towels will instantly give your space a more sophisticated feel. This over the door holder is perfect if you’re not the handy type and don’t want to mess with drilling holes into your wall. Just hang it up on your door, and you’re good to go.

Invest In A Matching Bathroom Accessories Set

When everything matches, your bathroom will feel more organized. Perhaps marble fits into your bathroom aesthetic. If that’s the case, this accessories set is just what you need. The five-piece combo comes with a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, tumblers, and a dish. This set also comes in a black marble, plain black, and white marble with gold accents as well.

Upgrade Your Bath Time Routine With This Bamboo Stool

Elevate your bath time routine with a bench spa that can be used for storage or to keep a candle nearby as you soak. Even if you’re more of a shower person, this stool can be used to keep your fave products organized and looks like something you’d see in a spa. As one of the nearly 5,000 5-star reviewers mention, this stool is a “great addition” to any room that can be used as a “bench, footrest, and storage for shower necessities.”

Store Products In A Corner If You’ve Got A Small Bathroom

Tight on space? If so, this corner shelving unit is perfect for you. It keeps things organized and out of the way without taking up too much space. The gold color also keeps things classy.

Hang Up This Shower Caddy To Organize All Your Products

Another way to take advantage of the corner space when you have a smaller bathroom is to use a shower caddy. Showers almost never have enough space for all your products. Luckily, there are storage units that can work with the room you’ve got. The plus side of this particular caddy is that you don’t need drilling to hang it up as well, and one of the nearly 2,000 5-star reviews claim this caddy is so sturdy it’ll “hold great even with some heavy large shampoo and conditioner bottles.”

Use A Basket For Your Products As Well That Requires No Drilling

No drilling is required with this shower caddy as well. This one works better if you do have the space for a basket size or your corners are not available. In addition to the basket that can hold things like your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash is that there are hooks as well for your loofah or razer. You could also use this basket outside of your shower for other essentials you need or even bathroom decor like a plant or cute jewelry holder.

Match Your Towels To Your Bathroom Color Scheme

It’s time to ditch the old towels that either have stains or are falling apart from washing too much. Instead, get a set of matching towels that will make your bathroom feel more like a spa. Choose a color that fits in with the rest of your decor, so it’s all cohesive. Amazon has a variety of shades from red to purple, but these grey towels will look great in any room. Many of the over 31,000 5-star reviewers have said things like these are “the best towels ever made” and they are “simply the best,” so it’s hard not to put them in your cart.

Make Your Bathroom Smell Like A Garden With A Flower Diffuser

Any incense, candle, or reed diffuser will make your bathroom smell amazing, but this diffuser adds a bit of decor to your space as well. The real flowers look beautiful in the diffuser, and like one of the nearly 11,000 5-star reviewers on Amazon shared, you’ll also receive “so many compliments.”

Get Hooks For Your Bathroom Robe

For your home spa, you’ll want to have a place to hang your cozy robe. These hooks can also be used for your towel. While the stainless steel color will match just about any bathroom, you also have the option to choose matte black, chrome, and a super luxurious gold.

Stock Up On Toilet Paper With This Stand

One way to make your bathroom more relaxing is to make sure you always have toilet paper. After all, what’s more stressful than running out? This toilet paper stand not only keeps your toilet paper on a cute holder for when you need it, but has place to store some backup rolls. This also an Amazon choice product with over 8,000 5-star reviews, and one happy customer said it “looks sharp and functions well.”

Organize Your Makeup In A Stackable Box

Your makeup may be what’s causing your bathroom to look cluttered and a mess. Whether you like to create TikTok-worthy lewks or just throw on some mascara and lip gloss each day, having your products easily accessible is the way to go. However, keeping things on your counter is your problem. That’s where these stackable drawers come in to save the day. They’ll not only keep your products neat and organized, but since they’re clear, you can easily see what you need when you need it. It’s something that even the Kardashians would recommend as an organization hack.

Store Your Makeup On A Rotating Organizer

Speaking of the Kardashians, from Kris Jenner’s fridge to Khloe Kardashian’s pantry, Lazy Susans are a must-have for home organization. They not only keep things all in one place, but also make it easy to grab by rotating your tray. For your bathroom, get one of those rotating makeup organizers for your counter to store all your products. Use one of these for storing things under your sink as well.

Use A Shelving Unit To Store Extra Towels And Decor

To match your bamboo stool from earlier, get this bamboo bathroom shelf. If you’ve got the space, this shelving unit can store tons of products, essentials, and even home decor. Place one of the storage baskets full of towels for guests on one shelf and plants and candles on another to create a spa-like look.

Keep Your Toothbrush In A Sophisticated Holder

Instead of just leaving your toothbrush out on the counter or placing it in a random cup from your kitchen, get a gorgeous home like this marble holder for it. This classy storage space can be used for your toothbrush as well as some toothpaste and even makeup brushes. There’s even a detachable tray at the bottom to catch water and make cleaning up even easier. Many of the nearly 2,000 5-star reviewers love this product for your bathroom, because it’s sturdy, “does the job,” and is “exactly as described.”

Treat Yourself To Some Nice Soaps With This Soap Dish

Since this is going to be your bathroom oasis, the goal is to treat yourself as much as possible. That means finally buying those fancy soaps you’ve been eyeing at the store. You’ll want a cute place to put them so they’re not just sitting on the edge of your shower or making a mess on your counter. That’s where this wooden soap dish comes in to save the day. Not only does this soap dish fit in with the rest of your wooden bathroom products, but it’s only $5. Talk about budget-friendly.

Add Life To Your Bathroom With Faux Flowers

A bouquet of flowers instantly adds life and luxury to your home, but only for a day or two. A fresh bouquet can quickly wilt and look less than stellar, so instead, treat yourself to faux flowers that look real. These silk flowers that look like white tulips can be placed in a cute vase on top of your counter or shelving unit to give your bathroom that oasis feel. Of course, Amazon has many other colors to choose from, but white is always a classy choice. If you’re worried they’ll look too fake, don’t be. One of the over 13,000 5-star reviewers made sure to share that these are the “best fakes ever” and look “really lifelike.”