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Here Are 18 Kardashian-Approved Organization Hacks To Get Your Home Insta-Worthy

A kitchen pantry like the Kardashians is easier than you think.

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Between Khloé’s kitchen pantry and Kris’ refrigerator, it seems home organization really does run in the Kardashian family. It makes sense, though. With millions of fans and followers, having an Insta-worthy home is a must. Luckily, they aren’t gatekeeping any of their secrets, and they’re happy to share the best Kardashian-approved home organization hacks for you to apply to your own oasis.

Spring is the time to give your home the refresh it deserves. If you’re looking for more than just a spring clean, the Kar-Jenner family is here to help you turn the rooms in your home into fully functional spaces. Just like Khloé changed the game with her picture-perfect cookie jars, these Kardashian-inspired organizing products will make organizing your home simple and fun.

With the right storage and organizational products, your home can stay clean longer and be more efficient and convenient for your needs. For instance, in addition to cleaning out your refrigerator, you’ll also want to reorganize it so you can easily find the food you need, when you need it. With these 18 home organization hacks and storage products, your home won’t just be Insta-worthy, but incredibly convenient.

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Kardashian Hacks For Your Fridge

Have Storage Bins That Match To Give Your Refrigerator A Cohesive Look

While clear plastic bins make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, these ceramic fridge bins will give your space a more unified look.

Use Racks To Avoid A Messy Pile Up

Instead of stacking things in your fridge, having a freezer rack can actually save you some shelf space. It also makes it easier for you to grab the things you need instead of having to move everything else around each time. One 5-star reviewer loved this rack so much that they “ordered one for organization, and then ordered another” immediately.

Use Lazy Susans To Make Finding What You Need Even Easier

The Kardashians love a good Lazy Susan for home organization. The spinning storage bin is great for quickly finding things. For instance, Kris has some Lazy Susans in her freezer for easily picking out the ice cream flavor she wants.

Use Clear Storage Bins In Your Fridge

There’s no doubt the Kardashian family always has a stocked fridge, and one way they keep everything organized is with some storage bins. According to Poosh, a perk of having an organized fridge is that you’ll feel more motivated to cook instead of ordering delivery once again.

Kardashian Hacks For Your Pantry

Have Matching Glass Jars To Store Your Food Items

These glass jars are just like the ones Khloé uses for her iconic cookie jars. They’re also used in her new pantry for everything from noodles to dried fruit.

Have Storage Bins With Handles To Get Snacks Whenever

In Khloé’s pantry, she has these storage bins filled with snacks on her bottom shelves. These can also be used for boxed and canned goods, and the handles make it easier for you to access each time. One 5-star reviewer raved that these bins are “great looking and very practical.”

Have A Lazy Susan With Compartments For Condiments And Sauces

Khloé also has these divided Lazy Susans for her condiments, sauces, and salad dressings. Since it is divided, you can organize by type in each quadrant.

Use Storage Bins For Backstock

If your pantry shelves are overflowing, you might want to get some storage bins to keep all your backstock organized on your top shelf. That’s what Khloé does in her pantry, and it gives her space a totally clean look.

Have Stackable Storage Bins For Ready-To-Eat Snacks

Inside Kim’s pantry, she likes to have her snacks out and available for all her kids to grab when they’re hungry. To create a clean look on her shelves, she uses stackable wood storage bins like these ones. While the Kardashians use their bins for snacks, some 5-star reviewers on Amazon also use these bins for fresh produce like potatoes and onions as well.

Use Stainless Steel Scoops For Your Dry Goods

For all the dry goods in her pantry, Kim also has these stainless steel scoops in all her glass jars. Not only do they make scooping out the portions you need easier, but the cohesive look of steel scoops in your matching jars is on point.

Kardashian Hacks For Your Bathroom

Have Some Stylish Countertop Storage In Your Bathroom

This gorgeous bin is perfect for storing all your skincare products in the bathroom instead of having them sit out. In fact, the Kardashians believe stylish countertop storage is perfect for the items you use everyday.

Use Glass Jars In Your Bathroom For Cotton Balls And Swabs

If you’d rather be able to see what’s on your bathroom counter, these glass jars are perfect for storage as well. The small size canister is great for cotton balls and cotton swabs. One of the many 5-star reviewers even said these canisters are “great storage for hair accessories,” like combs and clips.

Use Organizers For Your Bathroom Drawers As Well

Having drawer organizers is a “game-changer” for all your products. These specific bamboo organizers can help you section off your items based on product type, and one 5-star reviewer said they “love these organizers.”

Use Drawer Dividers To Make Your Own Sections

If your drawers are a unique size, these drawer dividers will help. They’re adjustable to fit any space you have. Of the over 4,000 5-star reviews, one customer raved about how much they love these dividers and even mentioned they’ll be “ordering more for other drawers” in their house.

Organize Your Makeup In A Rotating Holder

The Kardashians know a thing or two about makeup. They also know that a home organization hack for your makeup products is to get an organizer for the products you use daily. An organizer will make sure your countertop doesn’t get too messy with items just laying about. One 5-star reviewer on Amazon even said, “It spins and has easy access to all items on shelves.”

Kardashian Hacks For Your Bedroom

Use Drawer Storage For Your WFH Desk

Another area where drawer organizers will come in handy is your WFH desk or bedroom. According to Poosh, having an organized desk will make working from home more enjoyable. One of the nearly 2,000 5-star reviewers on Amazon even claims they “can’t get enough of these organizers.”

Use Wire Baskets For Your Closet Organization

For your closet, the Kardashians suggest getting stackable wire baskets to be able to organize your items and see what’s what. One 5-star reviewer even said their friends were “impressed” with their closet organization after using these baskets.

Find Storage Bins That Double As Home Decor

Storage bins are great for keeping items out of sight when you’re not using them, but you want to make sure you have storage bins that are actually nice to look at themselves. This ceramic box is gorgeous home decor, and 5-star reviewers have used it for things like tissues and car keys.