Kim K's House Is Minimalist & Extra AF At The Same Time


Kim Kardashian is a statement maker. On the red carpet, she turns heads with extravagant jewelry and outfits, and at any given time, she's wowing fans on social media with larger-than-life gestures for her friends and family. Yet, inside her home, Kardashian is super minimalistic. These photos of Kim Kardashian's house show a totally different side of the reality star.

Kardashian has given fans a peek inside her gorgeous Calabasas, California mansion on multiple occasions, and each time, there's something new to explore. But don't expect to see vibrant colors or rooms filled with decor. Kardashian sticks to the basics and also loves hiding things, like her massive bedroom TV in the ground so that it doesn't take up too much room.

Even with four kids, Kardashian's home remains highly immaculate, but the little ones always seem to be having a blast during her tours, so there's no shortage of fun for them as well. Of course, there is plenty of room for Kardashian and West's children to have their own space to roam, so that likely helps with keeping the adult-only areas nice and clean.

Scroll down to take a look inside Kardashian's beautiful home and bookmark this page for when you're needing some decor inspo.

1. The Foyer

Courtesy of Vogue on YouTube

Karadshian's spotless foyer gives a warm welcome to anyone who is lucky enough to enter her home. With nothing but a round, white table and floor-to-ceiling glass doors, the entryway has Kardashian written all over it.

2. The Bedroom

Courtesy of Vogue on YouTube

With nothing but a large bed, Kardashian and West's bedroom provides a perfect space for family cuddles.

3. The Master Bathroom

Courtesy of Vogue on YouTube

While the entire bathroom is something to admire, the sinks are the No. 1 focal point. Fans will recall the debate about Kardashian's confusing sinks, which led the reality star to give a tutorial on her IG Stories in April 2019. Spoiler: There are hidden drains that aren't super visible to the naked eye. "Kanye drew this. 8 versions of this prototype sink was made and it does actually slightly slope down," she explained in her video. "There's a slit for the water. You put it on as high pressure as you want and no backsplash will come up."

4. The Hallways

Courtesy of Vogue on YouTube

Kardashian's hallways are pretty much decor-less, but still a sight to see. They seem like the perfect halls for kids to run up and down, because there is absolutely nothing to to break.

5. The Piano Room

Courtesy of Vogue on YouTube

During Kardashian's 73 questions interview with Vogue, she admitted she attempted to take piano lessons, but quickly quit.

6. The Kitchen

Courtesy of Vogue on YouTube

Kardashian's kitchen feels earthy thanks to the wood-colored tone and greenery placed around the room.

7. The Dining Room

Sure, the Kardashian-West kitchen is beautiful, but it's also a calming space to start the day with their kids over breakfast.

8. The Family Room

Hidden in one of the rooms is a large sofa that fits the entire Kardashian-West clan.

9. A Perfect Play Place

Kardashian has a dedicated space for her kids to play with all of their toys. If you look behind Kardashian's adorable kids, you'll see a massive shoe collection on display, which is clearly a lot more kicks than most adults even own.

10. The Guest Bathroom

Kardashian gave fans a peek into her black and white guest bathroom in April 2020 as she filmed a makeup tutorial during quarantine with her kids. While she attempted to get some privacy, North found her and called her mom out for hiding from her.

11. The Luxury Pool

Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Kardashian and West opened up about the design of their pool during a joint February 2020 interview with Architectural Digest. Kardashian explained that the long front stairs are the kids' favorite place to sit.

Now check out Kardashian's full house tour in all its glory below.