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These 3 Signs Will Have A Powerful Week, And They’re On Cloud 9

They’re turning lemons into limoncello.

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You officially have an excuse to do things in your own eccentric way. Be risky enough to be yourself, especially in social situations. Embrace your wildest theories and conspiracies, because there’s mystery in the world around you. Give in to the side of you that has a dark sense of humor and laughs at something terrible. After all, it just so happens to be Aquarius season, which is bringing out your inner weirdo, and it feels so good. In fact, January 31, 2022 will be the best week for these lucky zodiac signs — Gemini, Aquarius, and Pisces — and they have every reason to dive right in.

The zany and misunderstood energy of this fixed air sign is fully charged this week. On Feb. 1, a new moon in Aquarius will rise at 12:46 a.m. ET, guiding you toward a vision that’s worth manifesting. Aquarius always sees the possibilities for what *could* be and enlists the support and intellectual contribution of their community to make those possibilities realities. Let this new moon inspire you to connect, concoct, and create.

However, as the Aquarius sun joins forces with brutally honest Saturn on Feb. 4, you may realize that something may be holding you back from progress. This next chapter of your journey is not about taking short cuts, but about putting in the time and effort. If you rush through building a ship, it might look bright, shiny and new, but there’s a much higher chance that ship will sink if it wasn’t built by a true professional. And in life, you’re not settling for anything less than a job well done.

This week may be intense, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. On Feb. 3, Mercury retrograde will *finally* come to an end, which will help you think much more clearly and concertedly. Here’s why these zodiac signs are feeling ready to get the ball rolling:

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Gemini: You’re Learning How To Accept A Better Philosophy Of Life

The way you see the world is coming into question this week. You may feel lured out of your normal and into something extraordinary, and yet, something about this new understanding of life feels difficult to accept. You’ve seen something for so long and now you’re seeing it differently, but your philosophies aren’t rigid, they’re flexible and they might change many times throughout life. For now, embrace the excitement of another way to see the truth (or potentially an entirely new truth altogether).

Libra: You’re Being Nudged Into The Spotlight, So Embrace Confidence

You’re feeling inspired this week, especially when it comes to creative endeavors and your desire to express yourself. You may feel ready to be seen, to be admired, to be in touch with something magical. However, you may be afraid of being out in the open, where people can judge you for not doing things properly or respectably. Not every rule exists to be followed, but to be broken. This next phase of your life will focus on learning the difference between which to obey and which to rebel against.

Aquarius: You’re Realizing That You’re Capable Of So Much More

You may feel like you’re growing up this week. However, growing up feels just as terrifying as it feels strengthening, because growing up means taking on new responsibilities. The most important of these responsibilities is always your responsibility to yourself, especially because your life is embracing a turning point. It’s time to become the person you’re solidifying into. You’ve done a lot of thinking about who you’re supposed to be, and now, it’s time to step into a new set of pants.