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The First Full Moon Of 2022 Will Give These 4 Zodiac Signs The Push They Need

Pay attention.

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It’s officially a new year, but do things *feel* new yet? The beginning of 2022 hasn’t exactly been smooth, especially when it comes to astrology. You might still be dealing with drama you were hoping to leave behind in 2021, but couldn’t resolve in time. There may be a lot of unfinished business, but the first full moon of 2022 can give you a much-needed push. And if you’re one of the zodiac signs who will be affected by the January 2022 full moon the most, this full moon could be an empowering reminder to keep going.

Just a few days after Mercury stations retrograde, a full moon in Cancer — aka the Wolf Moon — will take place on Jan. 17 at 6:48 p.m. ET, making it harder to focus and communicate clearly. Venus will also be retrograding during this full moon, causing relationship conflicts to resurface and financial issues to become more pressing. When a planet retrogrades, it begins moving backward across the zodiac wheel, making it harder to move forward as it brings your attention to an unresolved past. Luckily, the upcoming full moon could lead to a beautiful turning point.

This full moon is a particularly special one. After all, it literally takes place in Cancer, and the moon is this cardinal water sign’s designated planetary ruler. Cancer is where the moon feels right home. This full moon will show you the level of compassion your heart needs, revealing what matters to you most. However, because this full moon opposes dark and daunting Pluto, you may have to fight for it harder than ever.

Here’s why cardinal signs are feeling it the most:

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Aries: You’re Realizing You Deserve To Feel Safe And Protected

This full moon is highlighting your fourth house of home and family, touching on some deeply sensitive themes in your life. This full moon could reveal the level of comfort you feel in your personal space and bring awareness to your family dynamics. You deserve to feel like you “belong” somewhere, so let this new moon guide you back to your heart and remind you of what matters.

Cancer: You’re Learning How To Love Yourself While Loving Others

Your relationships have been experiencing ups and downs as of late, forcing you to pay attention to the way your partnerships are functioning. However, this full moon wants you to remember the most important relationship of all — the one you have with yourself. Loving someone and working with someone shouldn’t mean neglecting yourself. Let this full moon be a reminder that you matter.

Libra: You’re Seeing That Success Happens Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Lately, you’ve been retreating from demanding situations and giving yourself some TLC. However, you might also be letting yourself get too comfortable. This full moon illuminates your career sector, bringing your focus to the goals you’ve been tabling and the ambition you’ve been doubting. If your personal life is not supporting your plans for success, it may be time to rearrange some priorities.

Capricorn: You’re Understanding That Relationships Need Compromise

People can be unreliable, which is why you’ve been learning to rely on yourself. Independence is empowering, but too much of it can become more detrimental than it is beneficial. This full moon could reveal what relationships matter to you the most, tapping into your desire to pay more attention to the alliances that align with your life. It may be time to extend an olive branch, or at least a helping hand.