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You're About To Feel All Sorts Of Emotions During This Year's First Full Moon

So many feels.

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The new year is here, which means that the moon is filling up with light as we speak, preparing to illuminate the sky (and your birth chart) for the very first time in 2022. In Cancer, the place of the moon’s domicile, this full moon shines a light directly on your emotional state as you prepare to go into a brand new year. Feelings haven’t likely been a top priority for you these days, as the sun has made its way through the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. This is a time where productivity and progress has taken over, but the emotional meaning of the January 2022 full moon (aka Wolf Moon) is all about acknowledging your feelings. Is what you’ve been prioritizing bringing you inner fulfillment, or just an external pat on the back for all of your hard work?

Capricorn season is a time all about success, so it’s very seldom a time when you’re letting your emotions guide you. While this promises efficiency, leaving your feelings behind can oftentimes point to unfulfillment; almost like something’s missing. The full moon in Cancer is the perfect time to reconnect with this part of yourself, to remind you that, as a human being, you’re meant to feel nurtured.

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When Is The January 2022 Full "Wolf" Moon In Cancer?

Full moons tend to be a period of emotional culminations, and since this full moon is taking place in Cancer — on Jan. 17 at 6:48 p.m. ET — you’ll likely be feeling a bit sentimental about the year you’ve just left behind. Now is the perfect time to let go of any emotions that have possibly carried over into the new year, so if you feel inclined, allow yourself to retreat and cry it out. Capricorn season can oftentimes prevent us from embracing our emotions, but this full moon is the perfect time to become reacquainted with your feels. You’ve been working hard, now is the time to pause and nurture your inner self. How can you go into this year in an emotionally cleansed state?

In your birth chart, Cancer governs over the house where you’re seeking to feel at home. As this full moons sheds a light on this area, you may be called to reflect and review how you can make this part of your life more comfortable. Do you feel nurtured and safe here? If not, it may be time to make some necessary changes. Since Cancer is a cardinal sign, there will likely be a desire to “initiate” with this full moon, and since it’s the zodiac sign where the moon has rulership, you may find yourself initiating action pertaining to your physical home or family (the things that are meant to bring us the most emotional security). This could be a time to reach out to relatives or loved ones, or make a decision to relocate to a healthier, safer environment. Whatever decision you feel called to make during this time, be sure to go with your gut. Your emotional well-being is all that matters right now.