Your Friday the 13th 2021 horoscope could leave you spooked.

Your Friday The 13th Horoscope Could Leave You Spooked

Brace yourself for a wild ride.


If you’re a superstitious person, the thought of Friday the 13th might give you goosebumps. After all, it’s supposedly a day of intense bad luck and the number 13 alone is marked by spooky energy — plenty of hotels and office buildings don’t even have a room 13 or a 13th floor because of it. But is this day really something you need to fear? No one knows for sure, but your Friday the 13th 2021 horoscope could at least give you an idea of what to expect.

If it’s any consolation, the supposed bad luck of Friday the 13th has nothing to do with astrology. Some might even say all the negative press about this infamous date is a bit unfair. According to Tanaaz Chubb of Forever Conscious, Friday the 13th was once considered the “day of the goddess,” making it an opportunity to celebrate the Divine Feminine and all of its glorious miracles.

Regardless of what you choose to believe, August 2021’s upcoming Friday the 13th is bound to be interesting. The moon will be in balanced, glamorous, and romantic Libra, which is a zodiac sign that’s ruled by Venus. This is a wonderful zodiac sign for the moon to be in on this day, because Friday is literally the day of Venus. This planet is concerned with beauty, elegance, love, and luxury, making it the perfect day to flirt with a hottie and treat yourself to a new pair of shoes.

However, it wouldn’t be Friday the 13th without a little twist. The moon will also form a trine with Pluto — planet of creation and destruction — which could reveal deeply rooted feelings and tap into some of your darker impulses. Ready or not, this Friday the 13th could be a wild ride.

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You may feel a desire to socialize and connect with someone on a deeper, more personal level. Someone may even make a meaningful difference in your life on this day and you may meet your match. However, meeting someone who’s just as wonderful as you are could bring up some competitive instincts. Remember what you’re really fighting for.


Your well-being on this day can be deeply improved by following a routine or committing to your self-care regimens. You may be craving organization and rules because it gives your soul a clean slate to work with. However, the desire to veer off track could be stronger than ever, pulling at your sails like a harsh wind in the opposite direction.


Romance is swirling through your heart on Friday the 13th. You may feel creative, passionate, and ready to be swept off your feet by someone you can’t take your eyes off of. However, with passion comes intensity, and if you’re not careful, it could encourage some uncomfortable emotions. Remember to take care of yourself first and foremost.


You may be craving some comfort on this day, tapping into your desire to hole up at home and do whatever brings you the most protection. Spend time with the loved ones you trust most. Give yourself permission to simply nurture yourself. Take note of relationships that encourage you to sacrifice your peace of mind. They may not be in your best interests.

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You may be buzzing with intelligence on Friday the 13th, encouraging you to engage in intellectually stimulating discussions and keep your mind busy. You have so much power to absorb information and multitask. However, you may feel so focused that you forget to tend to your needs. Don’t forget to rest and nourish yourself.


The energy surrounding you today is grounded and calming. Do something that connects you to the world around you; something that titillates all five of your human senses. Smelling the roses is one way of doing it. Going shopping may be another. However, you may also feel a mysterious desire to create chaos, just when everything was starting to feel OK.


Whatever you’re already feeling, you’ll only feel it more. With the moon in Libra, activating your first house of the self, your emotions may feel more vivid and emphasized, pushing you to take action. Some of these instincts could feel just as beautiful as they feel dark. However, what defines you is not what you feel, but how you choose to act on it.


You may feel more in touch with your dream world than the “real world” on Friday the 13th. Your subconscious is spilling into your conscious mind, encouraging you to release repressed emotions and analyze what your inner voice needs to say. Don’t worry about finding all the right words for what you’re feeling. Just give yourself permission to feel it.

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Your social life is bustling with energy on this day, encouraging you to connect with your wider circle and revel in the electricity that arrives when you meet new people. However, it’s easy to change yourself just to fit in with the crowd. There’s a chance that the process of adapting to your environment could demand too much from you.


You’re feeling ambitious and authoritative on the Friday the 13th, making it an ideal day to focus on your career and your goals. However, sometimes your desire for success requires you set aside some of your less marketable instincts. On this day, there’s a chance the “real” you could come through and disturb your perfectly curated LinkedIn image.


This Friday of the 13th has got you craving adventure, spontaneity, and an open-minded perspective of the world. However, in order to free your spirit, you need to be willing to step away from your comfort zone and face your fears. These fears could come in full force on this day, challenging you to prove what you’re capable of.


You may be craving intimacy with someone on this day. In fact, you could find yourself sharing secrets with someone special and finding the strength to be vulnerable with your feelings. However, the desire to create distance from you and your emotions could arrive when you least expect it. Taking it slow is one thing, distracting yourself from the truth is another thing entirely.