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Unfortunately, This Week Might Be Rough For These 3 Zodiac Signs

But there’s plenty of love to go around.

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There’s so much bright and loving energy surrounding you this week, so keep your chin up. Even though February 28, 2022 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs — Aries, Libra, and Capricorn — there’s still so much to look forward to. The sun is in spiritual, imaginative, and empathetic Pisces, bringing you an endless source of inspiration. However, this mutable water sign could bring some confusing emotions to the surface in the process.

As a new moon in Pisces sets the tone of this week on March 2, you may feel drawn down a path that’s both challenging and enlightening. After all, this zodiac sign deals with the spiritual side of life and taps into forces that are beyond your control. As the waters of Pisces wash over you, there’s a chance you may feel pulled away by the current. Embrace the process, because the universe is guiding you and protecting you.

However, you may feel like something is weighing you down by March 3. This is when the Venus-Mars conjunction in Capricorn will join forces with Pluto, planet of creation and destruction. Pluto shines a light on your inner darkness, revealing harsh truths that may be hard to stomach at first. This dark and passionate energy may be difficult to navigate, but if you follow your heart and define your intentions, you have so much to gain from it.

When the sun joins forces with bright and expansive Jupiter in Pisces on March 5, it will encourage love far more than hate. Take a step back and revel in the big picture, because you’ve got so much support and enthusiasm on your side. Take advantage of the opportunities that land in your lap without hesitation.

Here’s why these cardinal signs might feel overwhelmed this week:

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Aries: You’re In A Competitive Mood, But You’re Also Feeling Exhausted

This week, you may be running on low fuel, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have power. Because the new moon in Pisces takes place in your 12th house of spirituality, you’re in a dreamy and emotional headspace, so give yourself time to feel your feelings, embrace love, and process healing. This can take a *lot* of energy, so be patient. As Venus, Mars, and Pluto meet up in your competitive 10th house, you may feel like you’re not measuring up to a set of standards. Don’t compare yourself to others, because everyone’s journey is beautiful and unique.

Libra: You’ve Got A Lot On Your Plate And It May Feel Overwhelming

You’re feeling inspired to revamp your daily routine and increase your level of productivity this week. As the new moon in Pisces brings your attention to your sixth house of day-to-day activities, you may feel driven to take on more tasks than you can manage. However, as Venus, Mars, and Pluto form a conjunction in your fourth house of home and family, there may be issues in your personal life that are coming to a head. Take your time and take it slow, because habits aren’t build overnight, but over a long period of time.

Capricorn: You Might Feel More Sensitive To Criticism Than Usual

Your mind is racing this week, thanks to the fact that a new moon in Pisces will set something into motion in your third house of communication. You’re taking in so much information at once that it might feel overwhelming, especially as Venus, Mars, and Pluto all join forces in Capricorn. This can leave you feeling threatened and defensive, so remember not to take anything too personally. If you’re faced with strife, take it in stride, because there’s more to learn from your failings than your winnings.