Young woman happy to learn her February 14, 2022 weekly horoscope.

Your Weekly Horoscope Is *So* Romantic

And not just because of Valentine’s Day.

This week is bound to be hot and heavy, so dive right into whatever you’re feeling passionate about. It all begins with Valentine’s Day, automatically setting the tone for a romantic ride, but this beautiful energy stretches far beyond flowers and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. In fact, the upcoming astrology will not only inject your relationships with enthusiasm, but also tap into your overall desires in life. Make no mistake — your February 14, 2022 weekly horoscope will inspire you to no end.

You’re still climbing out of the post-retrograde shadow this week. However, on Feb. 14, talkative Mercury will enter extraverted and eccentric Aquarius, encouraging group chats that ring all day and internet investigations that last all night. Aquarius is a highly community-oriented air sign that loves any opportunity for a meeting of the minds. As Mercury moves ahead through Aquarius, you can expect social circles to widen and intellectual ideals to expand.

You can expect a burst of love, desire, and artistic expression to rush through you by Feb. 16. This is when affectionate Venus will form a conjunction with Mars at 16 degrees Capricorn, erupting in a passionate, yet stabilizing embrace. Venus is focused on the way you give and receive while Mars is centered on what you want and how you take it. You may feel your instinct to compete combine with your desire to spread love, proving that business *can* mix with pleasure.

Feb. 16 is also when a full moon in golden and glorious Leo will blossom in sky at 11:56 a.m. ET. This experience will be loud and dramatic, catapulting you toward the spotlight. This full moon doesn’t want you repressing who you are and what you’d like to express, even if it means causing a scene. Because this full moon will square off with the North Node in Taurus, you can expect to feel some discomfort. You’re outgrowing your current circumstances, but you may feel hesitant to change something that has always felt so “normal.” This full moon could be the kick in the butt you need.

By the end of the week, you’ll embrace a profound shift. On Feb. 17, expansive Jupiter will sextile innovative Uranus, encouraging you to embrace the future rather than resist it. Think of the possibilities awaiting you and the potential that’s guiding you. Once the sun enters Pisces — the last sign in the zodiac wheel — on Feb. 18, you’ll get acclimated to the healing energy of this spiritual and empathetic water sign. You’re approaching the end of a journey, so let forgiveness set you free.

Here’s what you can expect, according to your sun and/or rising sign:

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This week, you’re in the mood to be seen. Step into the limelight and let the world know what you’re all about. This intense level of ambition and confidence will encourage you to reveal something to the public, so don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there. Your creativity is sparkling at your fingertips, so don’t worry about what you *think* you should be doing when you know you there is no right or wrong answer. Set your inner critic aside and express yourself.


You’re hungry for some adventure this week, so don’t deny your innermost needs. Instead of holding back your curiosity, give yourself permission to explore. Instead of relying on an idea, rediscover your belief in it. There’s so much to discover if you’re willing to look for it. And if you never veer far away from home, you may come to resent it. This week, you’re learning that home is a feeling more than it’s a place. Home is wherever you want it to be.


You’re coming to terms with what truly matters to you and reigniting your inner fire. You’re ready to pull back your energy and redistribute it according to your deepest desires. If you no longer feeling dawn to something, let it go. You’re craving a connection that’s magnetic and unstoppable, so don’t settle for anything less. As you leave behind the past, you may feel ready to finally tell your story. Remember — you’re not alone with whatever you’ve overcome.


The passion rushing through your love life this week is enough to make all the trials and tribulations worth it. You’ve experienced some ups and downs in the past few months, especially in your relationships, but this week, you’re feeling more inspired by love than ever. You’re learning that your needs are changing, and this week, you may realize that you’re ready to get off the emotional rollercoaster ride for good. Trust your intuition, because you know yourself.

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This week, you may feel passionate about creating healthy rituals that rejuvenate you. It’s when your energy is scattered that your wires get crossed, and by focusing on your intention in everything you do, you’re finding more meaning in each movement. And as you heal your physical self, you’re realigning your focus on everything that you are. Get on the same page with every part of yourself and make a decision about who you’re becoming.


Your love life is brimming with magic this week, so enjoy the beauty of flirting and romancing. Your heart is singing with joy, so share it with the world. Your creative instincts are there for a reason, and when you express yourself, you’re showing others the way back to their imaginations. Pay attention to your dreamworld this week and reserve time for introspection. You’re having epiphanies about everything you’ve been carrying within.


This week, you’re feeling a stronger connection with your roots. Think of what nurtures you, protects you, and supports you. Make a concerted effort to bring in more of whatever that may be into your life. You’re already attracting abundance, so attract some more. You’re not only feeling more tuned into to your heart center, but also the world around you. Everything and everyone is connected. Strengthen these connections, because they strengthen you.


This week, you’re feeling passionate about the exchange of information and learning about every little fact that piques your interest. Dive into these new topics and engage in conversations that inspire you. Socialize, because you’re thriving off of human connection. As you make new connections and connect the dots, you’re also uncovering your ambition and what it’s starting to look like. Your goals are evolving, so use this momentum.

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You’re defining your worth this week. Embrace the sensual pleasures that bring you back to yourself. Engage with what brings you stability and leaves you feeling anchored no matter how harsh the current. Get back to the basics and reconnect with the earth. As you solidify the ground you stand on, you’ll feel the world around you coming into focus. There are so many possibilities in front of you and you’re ready to create your own reality.


You’re feeling enriched by so much self-love and confidence. You’ve looked inward and embraced your darkness, because all of it makes you powerful. You’re loving all that you are and feeling engaged by what comes next. You’re becoming someone new; someone that’s a stronger version of yourself. However, as you make your peace with the past, you’re also letting go of something too. Now, you get to study your own history and learn from it.


You’re diving into your internal world this week, but you’re feeling inspired by what you find. Healing is often an uncomfortable experience, but you’re also realizing that it can be so beautiful at the same time. And the more you heal, the better you feel. Don’t feel discouraged if it’s not happening fast enough, especially with another person. Your relationships are reaching a turning point this week, so pay attention to what others are telling you.


If your social life is revving up with energy lately, it’s no coincidence. You’re feeling so motivated by the people you’re surrounding yourself with and the group endeavors you’re participating in. As you define your individuality, you’re learning where you belong and who supports you. But you’re also learning how to support yourself. You’re realizing how habits are build and you’re ready to start working on building a routine that makes you glow.