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Elite Daily Newsletter: October 11, 2022

Kim has a theory about why Pete dates so many "hot girls", what your sixth house means in astrology, and more.

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Kim Got Real About Pete's Habit Of Dating "Hot Girls"

Honestly some days I refuse to admit that Kete ever broke up, and luckily in the world of The Kardashians Season 2, they are still dating. So while some people find it confusing as to why Pete keeps nabbing "hot girls" like Kim (or Kaia Gerber, Kate Beckinsale, or Ariana Grande), she explained her theory as to why in a recent episode. READ MORE

I Tried Skin Cycling And It's Worth The Hype

Ok *I* didn't write this story but I could have, because I am fully a skin cycling stan. Writer Madison San Miguel gave the popular — and derm-approved — TikTok trend for a spin and saw a difference in just four days. Simple solutions to complex problems really do exist, huh? READ MORE


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Your Sixth House In Astrology Determines How You Live Your Daily Life

Is your morning ritual set in stone with no exceptions? Or do you struggle to stick with a consistent schedule? The explanation can be found in your sixth house of astrology, aka the "house of health". This is the house that will teach you a lot about yourself, so it’s an extremely important one to understand. READ MORE

Red Velvet's Seulgi Gives Us A Spooky Music Video Just In Time For Halloween

In the eerie “28 Reasons” music video, Seulgi awakens from a mattress in an open field with a chain firmly attached to her neck before the video cuts to her and backup dancers breaking into a choreographed routine. In another sequence, the concept’s dark vibe is paired with her costume, black leather pants and a maroon bustier top. READ MORE


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