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Elite Daily Newsletter: June 29, 2022

North West took all her friends glamping, Tate McRae talks about her debut album, and more.

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This Season’s Hottest Invite Was North West’s 9th Birthday Party

North West took all her friends on her mom’s private jet to “Camp North,” a glamping-themed party in the woods where North taught everyone how to do SFX makeup, including “wounds and scars.” There’s a lot to unpack here but I will say that the absolute cutest part is how North is BFFs with Jessica Simpson’s daughter, Maxwell. It’s safe to say that I was not cool enough as a 9-year-old to get an invite to Camp North. READ MORE

Tate McRae On Her Debut Album And How She Gets Inspo From *Checks Notes* Leonardo DiCaprio

You definitely know her from her viral TikTok song, but did you know that she is a huge fan of the 2002 movie Catch Me If You Can? According to her, that movie “has so much movement, depth, and so many different storylines but also so many different parts of [Leo’s] personality.” She made a playlist for us, but Tate, I’m gonna need that Letterboxd too! READ MORE


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The pandemic has shaken many things up over the last few years, and one thing it has definitely done is deconstruct the idea of “home.” The flexibility of remote work and a healthy sense of wanderlust can be an enticing way to explore the world. Writer Grace Smith elaborates: “Towards the end of my lease in Honolulu, the idea of New Orleans burrowed into my head. A graduate program in Scotland. A job lead in Charleston. Once you leave abruptly once, it’s much easier to do it again.” READ MORE


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