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Elite Daily Newsletter: June 28, 2022

New photos from the 'Barbie' movie, why July's horoscope is going to shake things up, and more.

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Not To Be Dramatic BUT I Need You To Look At This New Barbie Movie Photo Right Now

There are vibes, and then there are VIBES. Although it seems like we are bombarded with photos from the upcoming Barbie movie every few days, this one is important. It is a pure hit of ’90s-themed serotonin. It will make you smile and dig out a pair of bike shorts. This is now my phone wallpaper, and it should be yours, too. READ MORE

Your July Horoscope Is Full Of Momentous Change

If you were ready to coast into Cancer season and chill TF out after the chaos of Gemini season, uh, sorry, but that isn’t what the universe is giving you. But it’s OK, honestly, because all of these planetary shake-ups are actually going to help you realign for the second half of the year. If ever there was a time to try a manifestation ritual, it’s now. (No, seriously: Try one tonight for the new moon.) READ MORE


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Marsai Martin Says Nope To Doom-Scrolling

You probably know Marsai Martin from the hit ABC sitcom Black-ish or the 2019 comedy Little. Not only did Martin co-star in Little alongside Regina Hall and Issa Rae, but she produced the film as well, earning herself the distinction of being the youngest person to ever produce a studio film, at age 13. As you can imagine, being this booked and busy as a 17-year-old has its challenges, too. She spoke to Elite Daily about her favorite ways to meditate, the TikTok videos that help her chill out, and her fervent wish that we all take a deep breath and try to trust ourselves and the universe. READ MORE

Experts Explain Whether Lack Of Sex Is Ever A Reason To Break Up

Losing the sex in your relationship can be a difficult challenge to overcome, but a romantic, fulfilling relationship is not defined by how often you’re getting down, either (unless you want it to be). We talked to experts about why you and your partner may have stopped having sex, the ways you can still keep your relationship going without it, and the potential avenues for bringing it back — if you both want to. READ MORE


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