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Olivia Rodrigo wearing Glossier's new No. 1 Pencil eyeliner.

Reviewers Already Love Glossier’s New No. 1 Eyeliner Pencils

Olivia Rodrigo is a stan.

Courtesy of Glossier

Get ready to color outside the box because Glossier’s No. 1 Pencil is the bright, easy-to-use eyeliner that will complete any summer beauty look. Rather than launching with a standard set of dark shades, the No. 1 Pencil comes in 10 colors including yellow, red, lilac, blue, and green, all in matte. Reviews of the super creamy and easy-to-use pencils are flooding in and they’re just as glowy as a swipe of bright lilac across your lids.

Eyeliner, in general, has really had its game upped lately. While there’s nothing wrong with a classic wing, lately it’s the graphic liner looks, cloud designs, and floating liner designs that have taken over TikTok. However, liquid liners usually require a surgeon’s steady hand to actually pull those more complicated liner designs off. That’s why Glossier’s latest drop introduces bright colors in a liner pencil. They’re easier to control than a liquid liner so you can go over any shaky lines as much as you need to to get the crisp effect you crave. Also, the No. 1 pencil goes on softly, but not too softly, so tugging and pulling on your eyelid can become a thing of the past.

Glossier’s No. 1 Pencils also have a quick-drying formula that, once it's set, lasts up to 12 hours. It’s also water-resistant so you can get your poolside lounging on. The best part might be that Glossier’s first and only celebrity ambassador, Olivia Rodrigo, has already tested the pencils to show us how many looks you can pull off using them.

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What Is Glossier’s No. 1 Pencil?

Glossier’s No. 1 Pencils are both what you’d expect and so much more. These dermatologist-tested, vegan eyeliners are buildable and create pops of vibrant, pigmented color. They even offer a bit of flexibility thanks to a slightly longer than normal dry-down time to give you plenty of opportunities to clean up your lines or to smoke them out.

Where To Buy Glossier’s No. 1 Pencil:

Glossier’s website is currently the only place you can snag No. 1 Pencils. Since they just dropped on Friday, June 24, all the colors are still available. However, Glossier’s restocks can take a while, so you better get them while the getting is good.

How Much Do Glossier’s No. 1 Pencils Cost?

If you want to start small, you can snag one No. 1 Pencil for $16. But, to boldly go where your liner looks have never have gone before, you can get a trio of shades of your choice for $43, which offers a savings of about $5.

Glossier’s No. 1 Pencil Early Reviews:

These pencils are already becoming one of Glossier’s must-have products with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The reviews primarily focus on the smooth texture of the liners and the ease of application. “I purchased two pencils (brown and white) and was so amazed. Smooth yet sharp. Lasts all day as well,” one happy customer shared. “These eye pencils are AMAZING and perfect for beginners like me,” wrote another. When color glides on this smooth, any looks you’ve been dreaming up can easily become your reality.

Eyeliner pencils aren’t always as vibrant as you might like, but No. 1 Pencils are basically Crayola crayons for your face with colors that really will pop with just one application. As one review said, “very buttery and the color has way more pigment than I was expecting.”

Based on the reviews, these are definitely pencils you’re going to want in your makeup toolkit so stock up now before they sell out. It’s Glossier so you know they’re going to sell out and since they come with the seal of approval from a celeb like Rodrigo, they might not be back in stock for a while.