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Elite Daily Newsletter: June 2, 2022

How Charlie Puth lost his virginity, why MGK and Megan Fox seem “doomed,” and more.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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This Will Be The Most Romantic Day In June, According To An Astrologer

Time to redownload those dating apps (yes, again), brush up on your flirting skills, and reconnect with your sense of adventure, because June is bringing your love life a gift. This date will be super-charged with romantic energy, so whether you’re in a relationship or looking for that perfect summer fling, this is the day to shoot your shot. Carpe DM, if you will. READ MORE

Charlie Puth Doesn’t Believe In TMI

Yes, we have unparalleled access to celebs in the age of social media, but something about this interview with Charlie Puth is making me yearn for a little more mystery. Either way, the singer opens up about the way he lost his virginity (hint: it involves a chest autograph) and the Maroon 5 song that commemorates the first time he jerked off. Enter if u dare. READ MORE


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A Moodboard, Brought To You By Prince Louis

The next time my therapist asks me to name a feeling, I’m ditching the feelings wheel and bringing up these photos of Prince Louis on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. Getting dressed up and standing outside is probably pretty low on the list of things that any 4-year-old wants to do, and that’s why he went through a truly Shakespearean display of emotions for the Trooping of the Colour. READ MORE

We Had A Body Language Expert Analyze That MGK And Megan Fox TikTok

You can’t get anything by the TikTok comments section, including any perceived cracks in your relationship. A video shows MGK giving a speech that seems like it is visibly embarrassing to Megan, even though the content is sweet. We went right to a body language expert to see if the twin flames are indeed burning out. READ MORE


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