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This TikTok Convinced Fans That Megan And MGK’s Romance Is Doomed

Dramatic? TikTok? Never!

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly might talk about their ~twin flame~ love, like, a lot, but what does their romance actually like? Fans aren’t convinced that the duo is as lovey-dovey as they may appear. On May 18, MGK posted a TikTok from the Billboard Music Awards with Megan, and things looked way tense... so much so that the comments section flooded with people predicting trouble in paradise. TBH, Megan and MGK’s body language in the video did look a little off, but does a couple have to be snuggled up 24/7 to be legit? As a chronic non-snuggler, I certainly hope not.

In the clip, MGK is making a toast to a table full of people, and Megan’s seated right beside him. As the singer talks about loyalty, his sentimental words don’t seem to be doing much for her. “Loyalty, man. Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty,” MGK said in the TikTok (poignant). “To seeing the same faces for the last 10 years and to seeing the same faces for the next 50 years. I love you all.”

Though MGK’s words were sweet, Megan seemed to be noticeably unimpressed. The comments section flooded with fans pointing out her lack of enthusiasm — as he spoke, she seemed more focused on the drink in front of her. (TBH, I get it.)

It looks a little rough, no? I’m not the only one who thinks so. Some comments section highlights include:

  • “The flame is burning out pretty quick.”
  • “She’s got the post-ring clarity and how much she actually can’t stand him.”
  • “Lol us girls know.”
  • “Megan is just a Taurus IDK.”
  • “Is this wine or blood?”

Elite Daily consulted body language expert Patti Wood, author of SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, for a more in-depth analysis, and she doesn’t necessarily think a breakup is in their near future. “Her behavior could be just because she's embarrassed by his toast,” Wood says. “You see that her arms are closely held to her side and she holds a rather frozen position as he begins [talking]. And then before he's done, she puts the wine glass up to her mouth to drink as if she wishes he were done, and she pulls her head away from him.”

She adds, “I'd say she's just more embarrassed by the toast but she's not looking at him with adoration as he makes it.” Counterpoint: Who among us has not zoned out when their partner is talking?

Though Megan most likely just has a case of RBF, this isn’t the first time TikTok has overanalyzed her and MGK’s romance. In a TikTok from the Daily Front Row’s 6th Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards (what a mouthful) on April 10, there seemed to be a similar tension. The account that shared the video summed up the vibe, “She’s done with his bullsh*t.” And yet, one commenter (rightfully) countered, “I feel like most of you don’t understand that they are also human beings, and yes, same as you, get into argument[s].”

Even if Megan and MGK weren’t in an argument, there’s no rule that you have to be PDA-heavy with your partner all the time (yes, even if you’re soul mates who drink each other’s blood). Plus, according to Megan herself, she’s an introvert — these types of events may simply be out of her comfort zone.

The main takeaway? One (or two) awkward TikToks does not a breakup make, no matter what the comments say.