Charlie Puth shared the way he lost his virginity at 21.

Charlie Puth Revealed The Wild Way He Lost His Virginity At 21

Well, this is quite the story.


Ah, virginity stories. Though these tales are usually reserved for close friends (or inebriated acquaintances), Charlie Puth is apparently willing to share his story with the entire world. During a May 2022 interview with Bustle, the singer got very open about his sex life, and Puth even shared the wild way he lost his virginity at 21.

Apparently, his first time was actually with a fan who he met after a small show in Boston. “This girl came up to me and was like, ‘Can you sign my chest?’ I was like, I feel like a rock star,” he says. I guess that autograph sufficiently set the mood, but didn’t exactly lead to everlasting love. Puth added, “I never saw her again. She was lovely, but it makes me sad sometimes because I wish the older version of me was like, ‘Hey, you might want to just make this like a little more memorable.’” (TBH, I think that story does sound pretty memorable, but to each their own!)

That wasn’t the only, ahem, intimate detail Puth shared during his interview. He also opened up about another first. “The first song I ever jerked off to was f*cking ‘This Love’ by Maroon 5,” he revealed. TMI? Never heard of her! Puth continued, “Now I’m good friends with Adam Levine. [I told him] and he was like, ‘That’s really weird.’”

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If you thought that was a lot, buckle up. The horny details just kept coming. “This is a really weird sentence, but if you took the instrumental only of my music, I want people to almost get turned on by the frequency,” Puth added before explaining that he prefers a silent bedroom. “I will analyze the music playing in the background and I'll start to see the music notes in my head and I will not be able to get hard,” he said.

Puth summed up his overall vibe: “I’m really horny. I think to be a creative, you have to be a little bit.”

Who knew all the horniness that one chest autograph would unlock?