Elite Daily Newsletter: December 7, 2022

The daring sheer dress Olivia Wilde wore to the PCAs, a first look at Daisy Jones & The Six, and more.

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These Celebs All Have “The Sauce” — Do You?

Rihanna. Julia Fox. Betty White. No, this isn’t the world’s hardest game of FMK, this is another kind of bond: they all have “the sauce.” Confused? Well, blame (and thank) creator MJ Gray. Her TikTok about this phenomenon went viral, and the rest is history. The sauce might be a vibe, but it’s palpable. “You will be in a room with these people and everyone will gravitate toward the individual who has this particular type of charisma,” Gray said. READ MORE

Olivia Wilde’s Totally Sheer Dress Got Censored At The People’s Choice Awards

Apparently PCA stands for “Phully Covered Areolas,” because Olivia Wilde had hers blurred out when she went onstage to accept her award. The sheer dress is an absolutely stunning lace Dior gown with a giant belt (very 2000s-chic), and viewers had a *lot* of reactions to this moment of fashion censorship. READ MORE


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How Matt Rogers Became The Prince Of Christmas

Matt Rogers’ Santa is Mariah Carey. “[She got] a lot more airtime than Santa did,” says Rogers of Carey at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Rogers doesn’t just love Carey. He idolizes her business savvy. So much so that he’s ending a banner year with a holiday comedy special functioning, in part, as an ode to the pop star. READ MORE

13 Of Portia’s Worst Outfits On The White Lotus

White Lotus fans are used to the show serving glam looks, but Season 2 threw a curveball. Portia’s haphazard, fast-fashion style has divided the internet. Is she an accurate representation of Gen Z, or just a fashion nightmare? Check out her looks and decide for yourself. READ MORE


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