Where Is My Super Suit?
You can stay in Edna Mode's home from 'The Incredibles' on Airbnb.

Edna Mode's House From The Incredibles Is On Airbnb — For Free

Booking for this Disney experience begins on May 24.

Spencer Lowell

Edna Mode’s most famous line from Disney and Pixar’s The Incredibles states to “never look back,” so instead, focus on your next adventure. For something super, you might want to visit Edna’s house from The Incredibles movies, which is now on Airbnb.

The Icons collection, which launched in early May, includes famous stays like the house from Up, the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, and now, Edna’s sanctum in Los Angeles, California. Unlike other listings, though, Edna’s mid-century modern house in the hills isn’t available for an overnight stay, but a single day superhero experience instead.

Guests who are able to book Edna’s house will be invited over, and given the chance to design their own super suit in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first Incredibles movie. Along with designing a suit worthy of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, you’ll also get a tour of the house from Edna herself. As host, she’ll be there to guide you through your day, and point out all the gorgeous decor and artwork that you may recognize from the Pixar movie.

If this sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you’d love to be a part of, here’s how to book The Incredibles Airbnb.

The Incredibles Airbnb Will Be Available For Booking On May 24

Spencer Lowell

Similar to other Icon stays with Airbnb, there will be a booking window rather than a first come, first serve opportunity for Edna’s home. The window opens on May 24 at 6 a.m. PT, and ends on May 28. During this time, you’ll need to submit a request for the day you’d like to experience The Incredibles Airbnb. Edna’s home will be available from June 6 through June 30, and the experience is for up to four people.

Along with your chosen date and guest names, you’ll also need to answer a question about why you want to take part in this super experience. Then, Airbnb will choose 15 winners to visit Edna’s home for free. The only thing you’ll need to take care of is your travel to and from Los Angeles.

A Look Inside Edna Mode’s Home From The Incredibles


When you first arrive at Edna’s house, you’ll be greeted by the fashion designer at her security gate, just like in the movie. Then, Edna will show you around her chic abode, which has artwork, statues, and even old super suits she’s designed on display. Her spacious living room is full of inspiration for your creation, and you’ll even get to flip through Edna’s sketchbook for more ideas.

Your stay also includes hors d’oeuvres and beverages, which you’ll be able to find in the kitchen. Then after exploring her red, white, and black home, you’ll get to go to Edna’s lab and work with a team of experts to bring your dream super suit to life. They’ll take your measurements to make sure you get a perfectly tailored suit that is made sans capes. After all, Edna is strongly opposed to capes.

During your three-hour stay, you’ll also get to tour Edna’s fashion closet. Of course, her signature all-black ‘fit is all you’ll find hanging in there, but be on the lookout for other Easter eggs or small details as well. The Airbnb description says you may get to try on a few of Edna’s accessories like her round glasses for some stunning selfies.


While you won’t get to walk away with your super suit on the day of, it will be sent to you just a few weeks afterwards via the U.S. Post. So even though you may not be staying overnight like at Ken’s Mojo Dojo Casa House or the Ted Lasso pub, you’ll have a super suit you can wear whenever you’re feeling incredible — and that’s just fabulous, darling.