Adventure Is Out There
You can now rent the 'Up' house on Airbnb.

You Can Book Disney's Up House On Airbnb & It Actually Flies

The best part is it’s totally free.

Adventure really is out there and available to book. Airbnb announced its newest feature on May 1, which allows guests to book one-of-kind experiences around the world, and its first listing of 2024 is the house from Disney and Pixar’s Up that you can rent for free.

Similar to other iconic stays like Ken’s Mojo Dojo Casa House from Barbie and the pub from Ted Lasso, Airbnb has created a replica of the Up house that you rent for an overnight stay. It’s so accurate to what you see on screen that photos look like stills from the animated Pixar film, but this one-bedroom home is real and totally bookable. From now until May 13, Airbnb users can send in a request to stay in the Up house online or in the app. Select lucky guests will then be chosen by Airbnb, and get the opportunity to live like Carl and Ellie.

While it may not be located next to the fictional Paradise Falls in South America, the home is situated in the just as gorgeous Abiquiu, New Mexico. And not only does it look like the Up house, but this Airbnb stay also flies in the air. After all, it’s not really *the* Up house if it doesn’t float. Thanks to the help of 8,000 balloons and a crane, the Up house will be lifted in the air as part of your Airbnb experience.

For more on what you can expect when you book the Up house and what adventures await, here is a look inside the newest Airbnb Icon.

The Up House On Airbnb Has Easter Eggs From The Pixar Film


Airbnb really took the time to construct a screen-accurate version of the Up house that includes Easter eggs from the film. Many of those special details can be found on the fireplace mantel. Underneath the Paradise Falls mural, you’ll find the two tickets to Venezuela that Carl bought for Ellie before she got sick, their wedding photo, and binoculars. On the bookshelf, you’ll find the jar of money saved up for Paradise Falls, and next to the staircase is Russell’s Wilderness Explorers backpack.

Even the two chairs in the living room were designed to look like Carl and Ellie’s, and you’ll find his cane nearby with the tennis balls attached to the bottom. A super cute detail is the “My Adventure Book” that Ellie started to showcase all the places she traveled to, which you can flip through during your stay.

You’ll also find a dog bed in the Up house that’s not only for Dug from the film, but your furry friend as well. The Airbnb stay is dog-friendly if you want to bring your pup along with three other friends.

The Up House Includes Adventurous Experiences With Your Stay

Ryan Lowry

In addition to sleeping in the Up house, your stay also includes some Carl and Russell-inspired experiences. According to the listing, you’ll arrive as a Junior Wilderness Explorer, like Russell, and go on mini adventures to earn different badges.

Similar to Russell’s much-needed Assisting the Elderly badge, you can earn a Caretaker badge by fetching Carl’s mail from the iconic mailbox that Carl and Ellie decorated with their handprints. That may include a pamphlet from Shady Oaks Retirement Village, which fans will remember is from the movie.

Ryan Lowry

You’ll get to DIY your own Adventure Book, and put together lunches for a picnic in the lawn — similar to what Carl and Ellie liked to do in the park. During the day, you’ll also get to go on a wilderness excursion, and at night, Airbnb will have a stargazing experience on the lawn.

After a good night’s sleep, you’ll enjoy a bran flakes (Carl’s fave) breakfast in the morning before going on yet another adventure. Then, when you get back to the house, you’ll find it floating in the air just like in the movie. If you’re a fan of Up, this is a chance for you to live your Disney dreams. Airbnb will also be releasing more Icon stays throughout the year that include the Inside Out headquarters and a Parisian stay in the Musée d’Orsay during the 2024 Olympics.