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42 Cute Birthday Captions To Let Your BFF Know How Much You Love Them

Go bestie, it’s your birthday.

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There’s no better place to show off your bestie than social media, especially on their birthday. If you don’t already have a separate stan account for them, then you’ll want to flood your feed with photos of your adventures, text messages, and past birthday celebrations together. While you can easily put this #content into a big photo dump, making several posts will let you share the best memories you’ve had with your BFF and use all of your favorite birthday captions for best friends.

Some birthday captions for best friend posts are funny, while others are more sentimental and may make your BFF want to comment, “Sheesh!” Since your friendship is jam-packed with inside jokes and heart-to-heart conversations, it’s essential that you have both types chilling in a note on your phone. That way you can highlight all the greatest parts of your friendship, which is the greatest gift anyone could ever receive. (The matching bracelet your bestie gives you on your birthday will be a close second.)

You can chat about your sleepovers and beach trips, or the Snapchat filters you’ve both come to know and love. You can get nostalgic over the time you dressed up in matching HSMTMTS costumes for Halloween, or watched a sunset on the rooftop of their apartment building. Here are a bunch of birthday captions for best friend posts that’ll let your bestie know you love them unconditionally and forever, just in case you’re coming up short.

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  1. "You make every day feel like a piece of cake."
  2. "Tell me you’re best friends without telling me you’re best friends."
  3. "It’s the friendship for me."
  4. "I got you a gift for your birthday. It’s me, I’m the gift."
  5. "They have no choice but to stan our friendship."
  6. "Excuse me while I romanticize our friendship for your birthday."
  7. "We’re the kind of friends you see in the movies."
  8. "Here for you through thick and thin."
  9. "The peanut butter to my jelly."
  10. "I'm so happy you were born."
  11. "You’re cordially invited to look at some of my favorite memories of us."
  12. "Under the definition of rad, there’s a picture of you."
  13. "It's like you got superpowers." — Ariana Grande, “pov”
  14. "Cheers to you, bestie."
  15. "I love you like XO." — Beyoncé, “XO”
  16. "I'm only me when I'm with you." — Taylor Swift, “I’m Only Me When I’m With You”
  17. "Things that I’m grateful for: my best friend."
  18. "Happiest wherever I’m with you."
  19. "Can we just celebrate you 24/7?"
  20. "The world better watch out for my best friend."
  21. "Happy birthday to the person who knows my Starbucks order by heart."
  22. "You’re only getting better with age."
  23. "Let’s toss some confetti in the air and celebrate my BFF."
  24. "I’m who I am because of you."
  25. "To a day as special as you are."
  26. "Thank you for being the very best friend."
  27. "Hashtag grateful."
  28. "They loved life and it loved them right back."
  29. "Darling, it wouldn't be a party without you."
  30. "A little friendship goes a long way."
  31. "I hope you know I mean it when I text ILYSM."
  32. "We’re really out here being the best of friends."
  33. "Wouldn’t want to do this life with anybody else."
  34. “We’re gonna party like it’s 1999.” — Prince, "1999"
  35. "You make me so proud."
  36. "I’ll never stop telling everyone how amazing you are."
  37. "You’re the funny friend and the cute friend all in one."
  38. "Consider this a mood board for our friendship."
  39. "Celebrate my bestie with me."
  40. "I could’ve bought you all the balloons and confetti in the world."
  41. "You’ve got main character energy."
  42. "You take no days off from being kind and perfect."

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