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'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' quotes for Instagram captions

23 Fun Quotes From A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving To Post On Instagram

Pay tribute to a timeless classic.

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Not only are the holidays a great time for you to eat all the apple crumble your heart desires and spend time with your loved ones, but you can also curl up on the couch and rewatch some of your favorite holiday films. Christmas movies get a lot of attention this time of year, but there are also a ton of awesome Thanksgiving movies that will get you in a festive mood, including Home for the Holidays and, of course, the classic A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. So, I've rounded up a few A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving quotes for captions for all of your cute holiday photos with your favorite people.

It's hard to dislike the Peanuts gang. (Let's be honest: You'd love to be besties with Snoopy and play the piano just as well as Linus.) And they all have some pretty caption-worthy lines in the Thanksgiving special — well, a Snoopy Thanksgiving quote would technically be an excerpt of his thoughts á la speech bubble, but he’s always got very articulate thoughts. Now, it's time to kick off the season by getting a little nostalgic. As you prepare all of your Thanksgiving Day activities, make sure you add a screening of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving to the list. It's great fun for your entire family to take part in before you gather around the table and carve the turkey. Don't forget to snap some pics and caption them with any of these Peanuts Thanksgiving quotes from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

  1. "We've got another holiday to worry about. It seems Thanksgiving Day is upon us." — Charlie Brown
  2. "I can't cook a Thanksgiving dinner. All I can make is cold cereal and maybe toast." — Charlie Brown
  3. "Well, one of the greatest traditions we have is the Thanksgiving Day football game. And the biggest, most important tradition of all is the kicking off of the football." — Lucy van Pelt
  4. "But Charlie Brown, it's Thanksgiving." — Lucy van Pelt
  5. "What are you going to do on Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown?" — Linus van Pelt
  6. "We should just be thankful for being together. I think that's what they mean by 'Thanksgiving,' Charlie Brown." — Marcie
  7. "What are we going to wear to this big Thanksgiving party, sir? What time do we go?" — Marcie
  8. "What kind of Thanksgiving dinner is this? Where's the turkey, Chuck? Don't you know anything about Thanksgiving dinners? Where's the mashed potatoes? Where's the cranberry sauce? Where's the pumpkin pie?" — Peppermint Patty
  9. "This is not unlike another famous Thanksgiving episode. Do you remember the story of John Alden, and Priscilla Mullins, and Captain Miles Standish?" — Linus van Pelt
  10. "What's this? A piece of toast? A pretzel stick? Popcorn? What blockhead cooked all this?" — Peppermint Patty
  11. "Good grief, it's four o'clock! We're supposed to be at grandmother's house for Thanksgiving by 4:30." — Charlie Brown
  12. "Come on, Snoopy, we don't have any time for this playing around. The guests will be here pretty soon, so please get ready to help serve them." — Charlie Brown
  13. "We're all invited to Charlie Brown's grandmother's for Thanksgiving dinner." — Peppermint Patty
  14. "I haven't even finished eating all of my Halloween candy!" — Sally Brown
  15. "What did you expect, a turkey card?" — Sally Brown
  16. “Isn’t it peculiar, Charlie Brown, how some traditions just slowly fade away?” — Lucy van Pelt
  17. “Holidays always depress me.” — Charlie Brown
  18. "Are we going to have a prayer? It's Thanksgiving, you know." — Peppermint Patty
  19. "Look at this! Is this what you call a Thanksgiving day dinner? Did we come across town for this? We're supposed to be served a real Thanksgiving dinner!" — Peppermint Patty
  20. “Anyway, why should I give thanks on Thanksgiving? What have I got to be thankful for? All it does is make more work for us at school.” — Sally Brown
  21. “I went down to buy a turkey tree and all they have are things for Christmas.” — Sally Brown
  22. “Over the river and through the woods, To Grandmother's House we go!" — Peppermint Patty
  23. “Why don’t you come along, Linus? We can hold hands under the table.” — Sally Brown

Captioning Thanksgiving pictures seems to require more and more creativity each year — there are only so many turkey puns out there. But with a slew of Charlie Brown Thanksgiving quotes at your disposal, your holiday captions will be a timeless tribute to an old classic, sure to bring smiles to all of your followers.

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