20 Thanksgiving Movies To Watch On Turkey Day

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Thanksgiving movies don't get quite the same love and attention that Christmas movies do. I guess it makes sense; they don't have quite the same shine that all the tinsel and ornaments give Christmas movies. But that doesn't mean these festive films aren't worth watching. In fact, Thanksgiving is really the perfect movie holiday. After a big meal and whole lot of conversation with relatives, there's really no better way to relax than with a movie marathon. These Thanksgiving movies are arguably the best ones to watch on Turkey Day.

There are quite a few ways a movie can qualify as a Thanksgiving movie. Of course, if it's set during Thanksgiving, that automatically grants it a spot on a list. But I also consider a movie a Thanksgiving movie if it's filled with Turkey Day staples like family time, festive meals, and bright fall colors. A good Thanksgiving movie is also one that radiates cozy vibes; watching it should feel like putting on a warm sweater and snuggling up. The movies here definitely fit the bill. From classic black-and-white flicks to feel-good rom-coms, there's something for every member of the family on this list. Hot tip: These films are best viewed with an extra serving of pie.

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