Carvel's Kit Kat Duo ice cream flavors are so extra.

Carvel's Kit Kat Duo Mint & Strawberry Ice Cream Flavors Are So Extra

I want them all.

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Courtesy of Carvel

Temperatures are dropping, but Carvel isn’t shying away from the cold. The ice cream franchise is mixing things up with new Kit Kat Duo flavors that are so extra. The chain is known for mashups like a half-brownie, half-cookie brookie soft serve and churro-flavored ice creams, but the holidays have ushered in a new over-the-top collab with Kit Kat. To help you get your ice cream fix with a side of candy, Carvel tapped the flavors of Kit Kat Duo to create Mint and Strawberry flavored Sundae Dashers for a frozen treat.

When you think of Christmas, minty flavors often come to mind, whether it’s Starbucks’ Peppermint Mocha or Wendy’s Peppermint Frosty. Carvel’s take on the mint for winter trend was inspired by a candy that already comes with some cool mint goodness, plus there’s a strawberry take on the Duo ice cream when you want something a little brighter on your palate. Carvel’s frosty Kit Kat Duo Sundae Dashers dropped on Dec. 12, and they start with a base of mint or strawberry soft serve, layered with hot fudge and chopped Kit Kats. The ~extra~ sundaes are finished with whipped cream and more Kit Kats, so candy stans, this is for you.

While going all in with a sundae is a great option, you can also get the flavor combo a few different ways at Carvel. You can basically replicate the Kit Kat Duo, which is a combo of mint crème (or strawberry) and dark chocolate, when you order a Mint Flying Saucer or a Strawberry Flying Saucer. The mint version sandwiches the flavor between two chocolate wafers, and the strawberry version, of course, uses the Strawberry Soft Serve.

Courtesy of Carvel

To keep it simple but still tasty AF, you can opt for a swirl of Mint or Strawberry Soft Serve for the simplest of flavors blended with Carvel’s signature ice cream. The chilled winter treats are available for a limited time at Carvel shops or delivered straight to your door.

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