Carvel launched a new Churro Ice Cream and Crunchies menu.

Carvel Dropped A Churro Ice Cream Menu With Brand New Crunchies

Pro tip: Mix it all together in a shake.

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Ready your tastebuds, because ice cream season is going into cinnamon overload at Carvel. Starting on July 12, fans can from order Carvel’s new Churro Ice Cream and Crunchies menu at their local store — and the brand new flavor is available in a whole new churro-inspired collection of sweet goodies. From a Churro Sundae Dasher to a Churro Shake, there are so many sweet tooth-satisfying options to choose from.

For the first time ever, Carvel is switching up its classic Crunchies recipe by swapping out the chocolate flavoring for that of a churro. ICYMI, Crunchies are basically crispy shells that you can add on to cakes, shakes, and ice cream orders, and the new version promises to give you that satisfying crunchy churro texture in addition to notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar with every bite. You can order the new Churro Crunchies à la carte or on top of any of the chain’s new churro-inspired treats.

Speaking of inspired treats, Carvel is putting its own twist on the popular sugar and cinnamon-coated treats with the launch of churro-flavored ice cream and soft serve, which you can order solo or in a sundae, shake, or ice cream sandwich. Along with the undeniably delicious combination of sweet spices you know and love, Carvel’s Churro Ice Cream captures the crunchy texture of a churro with swirls of caramel and chunks of real churro. Meanwhile, the soft serve ice cream is a more creamy take on the summertime treat with smooth swirls of cinnamon and sugar flavor. These two options provide the delicious base for Carvel’s limited-time lineup of churro-inspired treats:

  • Churro Shake: Starting with soft Churro ice cream, this confection is blended with Churro Crunchies for plenty of cinnamon and sugar flavor.
  • Churro Sundae Dasher: This decadent sundae starts with a base of Churro soft serve that’s then stacked with Churro Crunchies, mini chunks of churros, whipped cream, and caramel. A final layer of Churro Crunchies is the icing on the cake.
  • Churro Flying Saucers: Carvel’s take on an ice cream sandwich, the Flying Saucer crackers are first rolled in ground-up Churro Crunchies then filled with Churro soft ice ceam and more Churro Crunchies.

Carvel is celebrating the launch of its new churro menu with a sweet giveaway on July 18, which is National Ice Cream Day. Anyone who purchases a churro product at Carvel locations on July 18 will receive a card with a surprise offer on it. The card, which you can redeem until Aug. 30, will include specials like a BOGO deal on sundaes and cones, free toppings, free cones, and $1 off a Sundae Dasher. If you do decide to take advantage of the July 18 in-store giveaway, make sure to follow the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules when you visit your local Carvel’s.

Craving more ice cream goodness? You can also enter to be one of 10 Carvel customers to win a year’s worth of free ice cream in the form of a $450 Carvel gift card. If you live in California, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, or Virginia, you can cast your name in the running by signing up to a be a part of Carvel’s e-club, Fudgie Fanatics, by Aug. 30. Once you fill out the online form and tap “submit,” you’re officially in the running to scream for (free) ice cream all year long.

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