Virgos and Cancers make the perfect team because they balance each other out.

Here's Why Cancer And Virgo Are Compatible In The Best Of Ways

These two signs make the perfect team.

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As I’m sure you know, Cancers are the most sensitive and nurturing souls of the zodiac. They actively seek to protect and care for the people they love — and, if you’re a Virgo, this is something you probably appreciate more than others, considering how often you tend to put yourself last in your relationships. These two signs have one major thing in common: They are usually the ones making sure everyone *else* is OK, which can oftentimes lead to them being neglected by their loved ones. Together, though, they are able to instinctively understand what the other needs, leaving both of them feeling seen and cared for. Cancer and Virgo friendship compatibility is a special one, because while they are quite different, these differences make the bond even stronger. Cancer and Virgo get along in a way that’s effortless, and as water and earth elements, they balance each other out in the best of ways.

While moon-ruled Cancer (June 21 to July 22) is a cardinal water sign and Mercury-ruled Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) is a mutable earth sign, they’re different in ways that don’t clash with the other’s way of doing things. While Cancers actively seek to protect and care for their loved ones, Virgos are the “acts of service” kinds of people. They both have a desire to be productive: Cancer in an emotional way, and Virgo in a logical way. These different but complementary behaviors make this friendship solid and sustainable, and here are a few more reasons why:

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Cancer & Virgo Friendship Compatibility

1. Your Cancer BFF Makes Sure That You Are Taken Care Of

Cancers are the mother hens of the zodiac, and they always make sure that their friends are OK. They’re quick to offer you a shoulder to cry on because they know what it’s like to feel like nobody really understands you. As a Virgo, you may oftentimes push your feelings to the side because they don’t always feel productive, but your Cancer friend will always be there to remind you that feeling your feels is always something to prioritize. Cancers will also make sure that you’re not letting self-care fall by the wayside, and they’re known for acts of service like cooking incredible meals for their loved ones (and sending you home with leftovers). You’ll always feel their love strongly, because as a water sign, they have an infinite amount of love to give.

2. Your Virgo Friend Will Help Keep You Grounded If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed By Emotions

Virgos are excellent at keeping the people around them grounded. As an earth sign, they are easily able to prioritize logic, and it comes in handy whenever they’re involved in a stressful situation (which tends to happen quite often). On the flip side, Cancers are known to be highly emotional, and they don’t tend to do well when it comes to stress. Having a Virgo by their side helps them to stay rooted in reality, and not get caught up in the wave of emotions that tends to sweep them off their feet. As a Cancer, your Virgo BFF is always there to offer you a productive solution to your dilemma before you become subject to your feelings and potentially make a decision you may regret.

3. Together, Cancer And Virgo Make The Perfect Team

Think about it: the one thing Virgo individuals sometimes struggle with is getting in touch with their feels, and the one thing Cancers tend to lack is the ability to think logically when an emotional situation arises. This duo is easily able to keep each other in check, reminding the other to seek balance in every situation they come across. In addition to praising the other one’s strength, they’re able to step in when a potential weakness arises. Cancer and Virgo individuals are both incredibly loyal, so they will also always have each others’ back. Together, these individuals make the perfect team and can easily remain friends for life.

Are Cancer And Virgo Compatible?

Overall, Cancer and Virgo complement each other in the best of ways; they appeal to each other on emotional, communicative, and loving levels, making them a friendship match made in heaven.

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