You can stay at a magic cabin on Airbnb for a one-of-a-kind getaway.
These Cute Cabins On Airbnb Come With Breathtaking Fall Views And Cabincore

Leaf your worries behind.

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The ideal weekend getaway allows you to truly get away from it all. It’s a chance for you to unwind and unplug from all the stress in your life and just relax. With fall on its way, it’s time to swap out your usual tropical vacay and beach stay for something a little more cozy, like a stay at a cute Airbnb cabin. Now that cabincore is the ideal aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, why not throw on an oversized sweater, retreat to the woods, and spend the weekend at one of the cutest log cabins on Airbnb?

The snuggle is real when you're living life in a cute cabin. Think of all the pumpkin spice lattes and s’mores you can enjoy while chilling with your favorite people. With some of the coolest cabins on Airbnb, you won’t even want to leave. You could spend your days writing or reading your latest novel while sitting next to a warm fire. Of course, you’ll also be in nature, so there may be plenty of nearby hiking trails to explore as well if you’re feeling adventurous. No matter how you spend your days, you and your best friends can end every evening with a homemade meal followed by a bonfire under the stars.

With all the exciting things you have planned for the rest of the year, the fall really is the perfect time to relax and recharge. Just keep in mind the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends you should delay any travel plans until you’re fully vaccinated, and you should follow any local COVID-19 protocols when you visit. However, just by staying at some cabins on Airbnb, you’ll also be able to fully embrace the season and take in the fall foliage firsthand. The thought of waking up to the vibrant hues of fall leaves right outside your door should be motivation enough to look into booking any of these 15 Airbnb cabins for a weekend well-spent.

This Cozy Cabin Amongst The California Redwoods

The coast of California has a lot of dreamy spots (I mean, have you seen those waterfalls and piers along the Pacific Coast Highway). However, this cozy cabin in the woods may be the sweetest place to stay for a weekend in the fall.

Sitting at the top of Kings Mountain, you’ll be just a short drive away from Redwood Park where you can really take in the California redwood trees. You’ll also be less than an hour away from San Francisco if you want to explore the city before retreating back to your cabin off the grid. Plus, this cabin also has a pool and an elevated deck with cute porch swings.

This Hygge Cabin Near Lake Tahoe

Surround yourself with comfort at this hygge cabin near Lake Tahoe. This fully renovated barn has everything you need for peak coziness. There’s a wood burning fireplace, gorgeous kitchen, record player, and a TV with access to Netflix and HBOMax for movie nights in. It’s so cozy that you’ll never want to leave.

Book this for a weekend getaway with your besties right in the middle of the semester, or the busiest season at work. A comfy recharge is all you need to tackle whatever comes your way.

This Luxury Cabin That Has A Hot Tub (Yes, Please!)

Have you ever seen something as aesthetically-pleasing as this luxurious log cabin, which looks like it was designed to be picture-perfect? Thanks to all the artsy touches that have been added to every room in this Airbnb, it makes an ideal spot for your fall getaway.

Even just glancing at the pictures, you can imagine yourself sitting on a rustic bar stool, and eating breakfast in the middle of Sundance, Utah. In the afternoon, you'd take a dip in the hot tub and let all of your worries wash away. Sometimes, a taste of the glamping lifestyle is exactly what you need before you get back to reality.

This Tiny House Is Perfect For A Romantic Fall Getaway

Staying in a tiny house might be on your bucket list, and this fall, it's time to check it off. This tiny cabin situated in Woodside, CA is the sweetest little bungalow in the woods for you and your partner. You’ll feel totally secluded with just the trees surrounding you. Each morning, wake up with amazing views of the California redwood trees as you enjoy a light breakfast that is included in your stay. You can also venture out to one of the secluded beaches nearby or relax in the hot tub on the deck.

This Modern And Trendy House In The Hills

Leave it to Hollywood Hills to have a modern and trendy place for you to stay this fall. With views that stretch to the ocean and the Sunset Strip nearby, it's a different kind of cabin experience for someone who doesn't necessarily want to break out their outdoorsy side.

Sometimes, you want to experience the stars without being in the woods. That's fair, and the Griffith Park observatory is close to this spot for that reason. You can spend your day exploring the downtown area and checking out cute coffee shops, and then retreat to your comfy bed and bluetooth speaker.

This Mushroom Dome With A Deck In The Trees

Do you think you'd want to spend a night in a dome? This place looks cute and totally one-of-a-kind, which is probably why it's rated so highly amongst guests and users of Airbnb. It's cozy AF for a fall getaway, and a unique thing to check off your bucket list.

On the inside, it's organized sort of like a tiny house, with the bed lofted right near the windows. There's a deck that stretches into the trees, and places to hike everywhere you turn. Just be sure to book this popular place a bit in advance.

This Treehouse That's A Dream Come True

All of your treehouse dreams can come true with this Airbnb. Located in Atlanta, it's covered in fairy lights and has a charm that'll make you want to book a fall weekend as soon as possible.

The bed fits two people and can also be positioned on a platform that overlooks a stream. During the day, that's an ideal spot to take a nap or just stare at the clouds. When the world starts to go to sleep, cross the rope bridge and hang with your best friend with some pumpkin spice lattes on the balcony.

This Kitschy Cabin With The Cutest Decor

Mix a bit of cabincore with some mid century modern design and you’ve got yourself this kitschy cabin in Big Bear. If aesthetically-pleasing is your priority when choosing a cabin, this is the one for you. Each room is decorated in a way that is Insta-ready for all your adorable plandids of you and your crew hanging out in matching crewnecks and fuzzy slippers. There’s even a picture-perfect bathtub for a warm soak after a fall foliage hike and a large dining table outside for the cutest dinner under the stars.

This Log Cabin Is The Definition Of Glamping

From the outside, this log cabin in Indiana may remind you of the cabins at your favorite overnight camp, but the inside is a whole different story. It’s rustic chic mixed with elegance, which makes this Airbnb ideal for anyone who wants to glamp a little in the fall. This cabin comes with heated flooring, an electric stove, hammock chair, and chandelier over the bed just in case you didn’t feel fancy enough. When you book this stay, you’ll get both the main cabin and the guest house which are located on your very own pond.

This Round Cabin Gives You A Full View Of Nature

For 360 degree views, you’ll want to stay in this roundabout cabin in Ohio. The open design of this one-of-a-kind stay really does give you tons of windows and natural light so you’ll feel one with nature even when you’re just chilling inside. At the center of this cabin is also a stone fireplace, which is perfect for those extra chilly autumn days.

This Treehouse Cabin Is Big Enough For Your Entire Squad

If your entire crew needs a weekend getaway to unwind, you may want to book this treehouse cabin in Pennsylvania. Large enough to sleep up to eight guests, this is the ideal retreat for sorority sisters who need a break from college life, bridal parties looking for a rustic chic bachelorette weekend, or just a group of best friends wanting to make some memories.

The best part? Not only is there a main cabin, but there’s also a connected treehouse as well with two cozy hammocks. Just think of how comfy you’ll be wrapped in blankets while laying in a hammock under the stars with your BFFs by your side.

This A-Frame Cabin Has Breathtaking Views

Let’s talk about the views from this a-frame cabin in California. They are stunning. Can you imagine how peaceful it’ll be watching the sunrise from your balcony overlooking nature with a warm cup of coffee in hand? That’s the kind of fall you can only dream about unless you book this stay.

This Waterfront Cabin Allows You To Bring Your Fur Friends

Not only is this cabin in Colorado located next to a gorgeous creek, but it’s also pet-friendly. Bring along your fur friend for a simple weekend away with your partner or BFF. During the day, you can take a hike along the water or drive over to the historic old town Idaho Springs to check out some restaurants or bars. You’ll also be about 35 minutes away from Denver and have Insta-worthy views of the mountains.

This Whimsical Burrow In Oregon Has Ocean Views

This three-bedroom cabin in Oregon has everything you could ever want while visiting the Pacific Northwest. Massive windows with ocean views? Check. A hot tub to relax in after a long adventurous day? Yep. Tons of space for your entire crew to stay? You bet. Let’s not forget this secluded bungalow is located on a hillside, so you get both the woods and the Pacific ocean at your fingertips. Double the nature, double the fun.

This Cabin In Forks Is Close To All Your Favorite Twilight Locations

Almost every Twilight fan has “visit Forks, Washington” on their to-do list. While your weekend goal may be to relax in a cabin, why not also visit a few filming locations from the Twilight saga while you’re at it? This cozy little one-bedroom located in Forks is close to many locations Edward and Bella visited during the series. You could even snap some cute pics with your partner in the woods or recreate some scenes for Twilight TikToks.

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