A Map Of The Must-See Bridgerton Season 3 Filming Locations

Colin isn’t the only world traveler.

Ariela Basson/Elite Daily; Netflix, Shutterstock

Rewatching the first half of Bridgerton Season 3, or watching Part 2 (out now!!!) for the first time, isn’t the only way to get your fill of Penelope and Colin. You can visit the Ton in London and other filming locations around the United Kingdom.

Just like Colin (Luke Newton), you may fancy yourself a world traveler or at least someone with a wanderlust-worthy bucket list. If you’re a Bridgerton fan, adding the UK to the top of your list is a must. The Netflix series has been using actual locations around England for production since Season 1.

One such hot spot is the Ranger’s House near the historic Greenwich Park. This IRL art museum has been used as the wisteria-covered exterior of the Bridgerton household since Daphne and Simon’s story, but there are plenty of new filming locations from Season 3 that need to be added to your itinerary as well.

Whether you want to visit the park where Colin and Lord Debling (Sam Phillips) saved Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) from a hot air balloon or the castle where they filmed the ball in Episode 3, here is a map of 14 filming locations from Bridgerton Season 3 for you to follow on your own adventures overseas.

Ranger's House
The Wernher Collection, Chesterfield Walk, London, England SE10 8HJ, United Kingdom
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An iconic location you can’t miss when going on a Bridgerton set-jetting adventure is the actual Bridgerton home in London. The exterior of the wisteria-covered abode is actually Ranger's House, which features the Wernher Collection of artwork inside.

While you’ll definitely want to snap pictures outside the home like you’re Colin coming back from his travel abroad, you can also step inside for $14 to $21. The price is dependent on the time of year you plan to visit, and how far in advance you purchase your ticket.