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Where Was Bridgerton Filmed? You Can Experience The Ton IRL

Visit the location of the infamous Simon spoon scene and more.


The high society setting of Netflix’s Bridgerton has inspired everything from fashion to home decor. If you happen to be someone who has embraced the Regencycore aesthetic to the fullest, you might be wondering, where is Bridgerton filmed? Instead of just wearing puffy sleeve dresses and incorporating soft royal touches to your bedroom, you’ll want to put visiting some of the most iconic Bridgerton filming locations on your bucket list.

With Season 2 of Bridgerton premiering on Friday, March 25, you’ll have even more to look forward to with a Bridgerton-inspired vacation when you finally put your travel plans in motion. On your trip, you could take a walk around the setting of the Ton — aka London IRL — as you visit the home of the Bridgertons and spot other wisteria covered buildings. Of course, the series may be set in London, but there are Bridgerton filming locations all over England. That makes having a map of where to go on your Bridgerton trip as important as reading Lady Whistledown’s papers each day to know what the current gossip is.

While you’re waiting for Bridgerton Season 3, you can start planning a trip with your bestie or a romantic getaway with the Simon to your Daphne, and some of the most well-known Bridgerton filming locations will definitely need to be on your travel itinerary. Along with packing your A-line dresses, puffy sleeve shirts, and feather fans for swooning, be sure to check out the most up to date travel restriction to England before you start booking. When you eventually do go on your Bridgerton bucket list trip, you’ll know exactly where to snap the best pics to really make it look like you’re visiting the Duke of Hastings’ manor or swinging by the Feathertons’ home for tea and gossip.

Bridgerton Filming Locations

The Bridgerton Home
Chesterfield Walk, Greenwich, London, SE10 8QX, United Kingdom
Visit the website

A visit to the Bridgerton house is a must on your trip to London. You’ll immediately recognize the exterior of the Ranger’s House and want to snap a pic on the steps like you’re one of the Bridgertons. Since the house is used as an art museum, you can also step inside to check out the Wernher Collection for around £11 a person.


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