The 'Bridgerton' Ball is one of the events and experiences you can do in the UK.
Check Out These Bridgerton Events And Experiences If You Can't Wait For Season 3

Immerse yourself in the ton IRL.

While Bridgerton Season 2 just premiered March 25 on Netflix, it didn’t take you long to marathon-watch every episode. You may have even made it through a second rewatch already, or you just keep playing the “you are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires” scene over and over again. Either way, you can’t wait for more Bridgerton. While there is no telling exactly when Season 3 will be released, these Bridgerton events and experiences will help you get your Regency era fix while you wait.

A trip to the United Kingdom may be on your travel bucket list ever since you first watched Daphne and Simon fall in love on Season 1 of Bridgerton. While visiting some of the Bridgerton filming locations may already be on your to-do list, you could also add a few of these Bridgerton events and experiences as well. While in London, you could dance the night away at a Bridgerton ball or go on a walking tour of Bath like you’re Lady Danbury taking a stroll through the Ton.

If you don’t have any travel plans in your immediate future, there are also plenty of Bridgerton-inspired events and experiences close to home, like afternoon tea where you can sip and spill the tea like you’re Lady Whistledown. Pretty much any of these Bridgerton experiences will make you feel like you’ve stepped inside your TV screen and traveled back in time to the Regency era.


Dance The Night Away At A Bridgerton Ball

Secret Cinema/Fever

Fully immerse yourself in the world of Bridgerton at the Bridgerton Ball in London. In this three-hour experience, you’ll get to listen to classical renditions of your favorite pop songs like on the show, dance the night away, and uncover some juicy gossip. There’s also food and themed cocktails to enjoy as well. For just £35 a person, this event will make you feel like you’re in Bridgerton and it’s a great excuse to finally wear that puffy sleeve dress.


Dress Up Like A Bridgerton In Colonial Williamsburg

You’ll really feel like you’ve traveled to the regency era with a visit to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. The living history museum is like a time capsule of the 18th century and allows you to live out your Bridgerton dreams. For instance, you can get fitted in the finest fashions of the day like you’re visiting Madame Delacroix’s dress shop and go for a carriage ride or promenade around the gardens. There’s even a printing office that will remind you of Eloise’s new love interest in Season 2, Theo, and inspire you to draft your own society papers like Lady Whistledown.


Step Into Bridgerton With A Themed Hotel Stay

The Francis Hotel in Bath, England is offering a Step into Bridgerton themed stay that includes a filming locations tour, a gift in your room, cocktails when you arrive, and an afternoon tea. The rooms are for two people and are priced at £227 a night.


Go On An Insta-Worthy Photo Tour Of Bridgerton Locations

Photo Tours in Bath has a Bridgerton-themed tour that takes you to many of the filming locations from the series. That includes the Royal Crescent, The Assembly Rooms, Abbey Green, Sawclose, and Beauford Square. The tour is about four hours long and £75 for the first adult who books and £35 for anyone after. This is the perfect chance to snap some pics for the ‘Gram.


Be Crowned The Queen’s Diamond At A Ball

Liam Daniel/Netflix

For something a little closer to home, Netflix has a Bridgerton experience happening now in Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, and Washington, D.C. The Queen’s Ball transports you into the world of Bridgerton with music, dancing, and even themed cocktails. You’ll definitely want to dress up for this event as the Queen is in attendance and will be naming one lucky guest the diamond of the season, like Daphne Bridgerton and Edwina Sharma. Tickets are $56 for general admission and $99 for VIP, which gets you a glass of champagne and dedicated seating.


Share Some Gossip At A Bridgerton Afternoon Tea

The Abbey Hotel in Bath has a Bridgerton-inspired afternoon tea you can book while in the city. For just £23 per person, you’ll have a sweet selection of lemon and white chocolate marzipan, chai tea panna cotta, a Swiss roll with lemon and orange curd, a Victoria sponge cake, a strawberry and creme patisserie tart, and a macaroon. For something more savory, you’ll also receive a cheese scone and selection of sandwiches — yum!


Spill The Tea While Drinking Some At An Afternoon Tea

The Hotel Crescent Court in Dallas is currently offering a Bridgerton-Inspired Affair — aka an afternoon tea. Guests will get to promenade around the hotel’s courtyard garden, enjoy a menu of delicious sweets and Damman Frères Teas, and listen to music from the Bridgerton soundtrack. The 90-minute affair is $100 per person or $135 if you and your friends want to enjoy endless champagne.


Enjoy A Personal Butler With This Bridgerton-Themed Stay

The Lanesborough London

The Lanesborough Hotel in London is offering a Live Like a Bridgerton stay for you to really feel like you’re part of high society. As part of the Bridgerton package, you’ll get to sleep in one of their Regency-style rooms and enjoy breakfast in bed that is served to you by your very own personal butler.

It wouldn’t be a true Regency era stay without a Bridgerton-inspired afternoon tea in Hyde Park with brioche sliders and sweets. You’ll also get your own chauffeur to take you to different Bridgerton filming locations around London, like the Bridgerton House and Queen Charlotte’s Palace. You will need to save up a bit, because living like a Bridgerton will cost you about £1263 for a two-person stay.


Sip On Some Bridgerton Afternoon Tea At The Featherington Home

Luxury Vacations UK has a Bridgerton-themed tour that includes afternoon tea at the Royal Crescent Hotel. You will immediately recognize this crescent-shaped building as it can be seen throughout the series, but it was also used as the exterior of the Featherington Home. So, your afternoon will take place where the fictional Featheringtons reside.

This is also the perfect tour for anyone obsessed with Bridgerton fashion, because you’ll get a trip to the Fashion Museum to see some authentic Regency era designs IRL. The entire tour is just £170 a person.


Promenade Around Bath With This Bridgerton Walking Tour

To walk in the footsteps of the Bridgertons, you’ll want to book Brit Movie Tours’ Bridgerton tour. This easy walking tour will take you to some Insta-worthy filming locations like Madame Delacroix’s dress shop and Lady Danbury’s house. You’ll also receive headphones to wear that will play you the sounds and music of Bridgerton for only £15 a person.

Of course, if you want to see it all, Brit Movie Tours also has a full day tour of Bridgerton locations. For this tour, you’ll be escorted around in a black taxi as you see everything from Simon’s London House to Gunter’s Tea Shop — aka where the spoon scene happened in Season 1. This nine-hour tour is £675 a person.


Get Serenaded By The Music Of Bridgerton On This Walking Tour

Hearing classical versions of your favorite pop songs may be another reason you love Bridgerton so much. Who doesn’t love a Regency era version of a Harry Styles song? If the music of Bridgerton is currently on your Spotify playlist, you may want to book this Discover Bath & Bridgerton with Music tour. On the £15 tour, you’ll be given headphones to listen to Bridgerton music as you explore Bath and the show’s filming locations.

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