Use one of these 'Bridgerton' boo basket ideas for Halloween to surprise your BFF.
8 Bridgerton Boo Basket Ideas The Ultimate Fan Will Burn For

Something for the Penelope to your Eloise.

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Dear reader, the Halloween season is upon us, which means it’s time to start thinking of boo basket ideas to send your closest friends or a potential love interest. If you and your BFFs marathoned Bridgerton this year, a bag of goodies inspired by what Penelope would gift Eloise or the Duke of Hastings would give Daphne is a fun way to pay homage to the show during the spookiest time of the year.

This is your chance to get creative, and these Bridgerton boo basket ideas inspired by the show will make sure your basket stands out among the rest. Just as the duke believes Daphne deserves “everything [her] heart desires,” you feel your partner or bestie deserves “nothing less” than perfection to celebrate Halloween. By putting together a basket filled with an assortment of goodies, it’ll feel like you’re a suitor truly courting your crush in the Ton or Eloise surprising Penelope with some new goodies she’ll be so excited about.

Since the first season of Briderton dropped on Netflix in December 2020, chances are you haven’t been able to stop gushing over Daphne and the duke, and even dreamed about attending a Regency-era ball of your own. Now that Season 2 is on its way, a Bridgerton-themed boo basket is also the perfect way to get your loved ones excited for new episodes about the Bridgertons. Whether your friend is more a fan of the gossip in Lady Whistledown’s papers or if you’re putting together a basket for your SO that will make them burn for you, these eight Bridgerton boo basket ideas are the way to go.

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For The Person You Burn For

Put together a romantic basket for the duke to your Daphne. Be sure to include a nice on-theme candle ($5, Etsy) and some matches ($6, Etsy), because, you know, you burn for them. Include a sweet treat like a box of chocolates ($18, Harlem Chocolate Factory) or Nutella ($3, Target) with a dessert spoon ($10, Amazon) similar to the one the duke has in the series. As Daphne says, if you’re truly courting someone, you’d send them flowers. So, you’ll want to include a fresh bouquet ($48, Farmgirl Flowers) as well.

For A Writer Like Lady Whistledown

If your friend is a writer like Lady Whistledown, you’ll want to provide them with a Bridgerton-inspired journal ($15, Etsy) so they can jot down all the hottest gossip. Be sure to provide them with a feather pen ($20, Etsy), like the one Lady Whistledown has in the show, or a set of super fun glitter gel pens ($10, Arteza). A cozy on-theme mug ($16, Etsy) will help when your friend is ready to spill all the tea. Don’t forget some gorgeous stationery ($13, Greer Chicago) for them to send out their very own society papers to their friends.

For Travelers Looking To Experience The Regency Era

If your friend was a big fan of the Regency-era decor of Bridgerton, get them some items to spruce up their home. Fill your basket with some wisteria blooms ($20, JOANN) as well as a relaxing candle ($26, Bath & Body Works) and an ornate candle holder ($16, Bath & Body Works). For some DIY fun, include an embroidery kit ($9, Etsy). Since Halloween is a great time to indulge in some sweets, you could add in some Ferrero Rocher chocolates ($11, Target) to kick things up a notch.

For OG Fans Of The Book Series

If you have a friend who was a fan of the Bridgerton book series before it became a Netflix drama, you’ll want to give them a basket that shows what an OG stan they are. Include some references to bees to represent the gossip in the Ton, like this enamel pin ($1[4]5, Etsy) or these chocolate bees ($45, Goldbelly). You could also give them this sticker ($3, Etsy) decorated with all the Bridgerton books or this bookmark ($2, Etsy) for when they want to reread them all.

For Someone Who Wants To Have Tea With The Queen

Put together a tea-rrific boo basket that even Queen Charlotte would love. Make sure to include an Insta-worthy tea set ($38, Anthropologie) and some royally delicious tea ($15, Modestine). If your friend prefers boba tea, you could even gift them a complete boba tea kit ($35, SAMMEE) to make their own drinks at home. To sweeten the whole basket, throw in some wildflower honey ($16, Savannah Bee Company) that your friend can add to their fave brew. It’s just an added bonus that it ties into the bee Easter eggs in Bridgerton.

For A Flirt Working On The Art Of The Swoon

Put together a flirtatious basket your friend can use to woo their crush with a feather fan ($11, Amazon) to recreate Daphne’s moment in “Art of the Swoon.” Add in a chic lipstick ($17, Coloured Raine) and bold nail polish ($16, The Collective Shop) your friend can wear to the biggest social events of the season. These flirty heart-shaped resin coasters ($20, Etsy) and a bottle of rosé ($16, Drizly) are also perfect for when your friend wants to host their very own ball.

For The Cozy Friend Excited To Marathon Season 2

While there is no premiere date for Bridgerton Season 2 announced as of press time, you can prep your friend for the inevitable Netflix and actually chill that’s going to happen when it does with the perfect boo basket. Get your friend a cozy crewneck ($16, Etsy) for relaxing on the couch and popcorn ($30, The Popcorn Factory) for snacking on. You could even include a bottle of wine ($30, Free Range Flower Winery) and a comfy throw blanket ($17, Target).

For The Penelope To Your Eloise

If this is for your BFF — aka the Penelope to your Eloise — put together a boo basket that really shows how much you care. Channel a bit of Eloise with a feminist mug ($12, Etsy) and a fiery notebook ($12, Society6). Be inspired by Penelope by gifting your friend some yellow items to wear like this heart pin ($10, Etsy) and this yellow aventurine ring ($20, Etsy). You could even get them a Bridgerton friendship charm bracelet ($19, Etsy).

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