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Sorority baskets with a Halloween theme are the perfect way to celebrate the season.
12 Boo Basket Ideas For Sorority Sisters That Are Just Too Sweet

Your big or little will love these.

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Showing your sorority sisters how much you care about them is extra fun during spooky season. You can leave their favorite candy with a heartfelt note outside their door, or fill a pumpkin-shaped basket with a boatload of treats, like freshly-baked snickerdoodle cookies or a fuzzy blanket they've had their eye on. A “boo basket," as this gift is called, is essential when it comes to sorority baskets, or any collection of fun and useful themed gifts to celebrate a holiday with your sisters. To give you some inspo, here are some adorable boo basket ideas for sorority sisters that'll give your big or little major heart eyes.

It doesn't get much cuter than these baskets. Each has a unique or clever theme and can easily be stuffed with bags of peanut butter cups, confetti shaped like skeletons, and sparkly string lights. To begin, you'll want to pick out the type of basket that makes the most sense for your sister — whether that be one that celebrates the zodiac signs or one that's jam-packed with cozy items for a fall night in. Then, you'll want to start hitting "add to cart" and prepping your basket for the goodies that will soon arrive at your front door.

You and your sorority sisters can make a night of this and swap baskets together. Or, you can surprise your big or little with a cute boo basket right before they take their midterms. Here are 12 sorority basket ideas to get you started that are sweet, spooky, and sentimental.

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The Memory Making Basket

You and your sister are pros at making new memories, right? You don't even need a sisterhood-style event to come up with inside jokes and take pictures that are worthy of putting into a wall frame ($19.99, This sisterhood-themed boo basket will surely help you document those mems for a lifetime.

It could be packed with a funny greeting card ($5,, striped film that your BFF can put in their Polaroid camera ($8.16,, and a stunning bracelet ($34, — which you can also buy for yourself to feel even closer to your sorority sister.

The Beach Babe Basket

Summer is over, but that doesn't mean you can't get your beach lovin' sister ready for the next sunny season. Your basket can be filled with a classic beach towel ($17, and a jet lag face mask ($25, You can even put all of your goodies inside of a vintage-style beach bag ($59, along with a sustainably made hat ($38,

The Girls' Night Basket

Nights in with your sisters are your jam, which is why you should give your sis a basket filled with crafting supplies like this watercolor paint set ($5.99,, and iconic seasonal movies you can watch together, such as Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown, which can be enjoyed while sipping drinks and eating snacks with this Ouija Board Party Pack ($19.99, To top off this basket, add in a bottle of black nail polish ($9,, a bottle of white wine ($18.99,, or an incredibly cozy henley shirt ($68, for comfy watching and Instagramming.

The Wine Lover Basket

The wine lover in your sorority who's 21 or older will love a basket of goodies that'll let them create a winery experience at home. After all, winter is almost here, and your sister can be prepared for cozy, chill days with this cheese board set ($40, and an adorable bottle of rosé ($25, Purchase and print some of these wine tasting cards ($3.99, and coasters they can use when placing their glass down on the coffee table, too ($49,

The College Care Package Basket

If you and your sorority sister are tackling classes and midterms right now, then you'll likely make their day by surprising them with a care package boo basket. This basket could include cute sweatbands ($12, that are super fitting for Halloween and fall runs. It can also feature a coffee mug ($21.90, or a pack of steeped coffee bags ($39, Add their favorite chips, pretzels, or candy to this basket along with an AirPods Pro case ($25,

The DIY Queen Basket

Fall and winter are such fun times to do DIY projects, such as painting a dresser or turning vases you thrifted into a beautiful display for your bookshelves. Set your sorority sister up for an artsy afternoon or two by gifting her an embroidery kit ($25,, a DIY fall-themed floral arrangement ($79,, and an organization booklet ($15, for creating a space they truly love. If you're feeling extra generous, toss some container labels in your sorority basket for even more smiles and "thank you"s ($11,

The Dessert Table Basket

These baskets really are sweet AF. The "Dessert Table" boo basket will prove it, with its cookie scoop ($12.95,, gourd-shaped cookie cutters ($11,, and six-pack of colorful (and delicious) doughnuts ($40, Add a box of cupcake mix and sprinkles to this basket so you can have fun together on a chill Friday night.

The Instagram Influencer Basket

One of your sorority sisters might be an Instagram or TikTok influencer, or will be in the near future. Although they already know the best poses and filters, fill their boo basket up with goods they can use during their next at-home photoshoot. This could include gold confetti ($3.50, they can toss at the camera lens, a tiny tripod ($25, for their phone, and a cork board ($29.49, where they can print out pictures of different dreamy locations they want to visit. Include a selfie light ($12, for their next #OOTD, for a boo basket of their absolute dreams.

The Beauty Basket

Have you been trying to convince your sorority sister to start a beauty channel on YouTube? If so, then they'd probably squeal over this lip gloss ($19,, these blending egg sponges ($18,, and this lavender massage oil ($8.49, While you're packing up your basket, consider adding a loofah and wood nail brush ($10, into the mix.

The Astrology Basket

Calling all sorority sisters who follow their horoscope on the reg: This astrology basket is for you. It could feature a tarot deck and guidebook ($39.99, to use on the spookiest nights of the year, and the coolest moon journal ($24.99, for them to write down their thoughts during each and every retrograde. To be honest, you may want to keep this astrology candle ($18, and set it up in your room. The look on your sister's face, though, after you give them their boo basket will just be too sweet.

The Spa Basket

This sorority basket is for the ones who appreciate the calmer Saturday nights or Sunday mornings in, or who could generally just use some self-care curios. To start, gift them an aromatherapeutic diffuser ($49.99, along with a sample pack of essential oils ($10.63, Those, paired with a set of five vegan Korean sheet masks ($17.99, and a box of warming and relaxing herbal tea ($15,, will set your sister up for self-care to the max.

The Autumn Basket

If your sister is one of those people who can’t wait to get to the time of year when the leaves are falling from the trees, this autumn-themed boo basket is the way to go. Start off by throwing in a chunky knit wool beanie ($45, along with an autumnal plaid scarf ($12, Next up, add one of the most fall-sounding albums of all time by including Red (Taylor’s Version) ($14.99, Then you can finish off the sorority basket with a spiced pumpkin latte candle ($32, and a bag of coffee beans with a hint of pumpkin spice to ring in the season ($14.99,

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