28 Big Little Reveal Captions That'll Steal A Pizza Your Heart

When you're in a sorority, there are many amazing events you get to look forward to. There are sweet nights with your sisters bonding over s'mores and watching movies. I'm sure you already know about the semi-formals, themed socials, and recruitment sessions too. But arguably the best event on your calendar brings you closer to one sister who you'll forever call your "big" or "little." For that special occasion, you need some big little reveal captions for Instagram that'll steal a pizza of your heart.

Trust me on this one. I've been in your shoes, and this event is begging you to take a ton of pictures you'll look back on for years to come. I still think about the moment when my big turned around in the middle of our reveal and I felt like the happiest college freshman on campus. We both squealed with excitement, posed for a few snaps, and then went out for frozen yogurt to celebrate. That was almost six years ago.

Even though I knew the girl with the hoodie on would become one of my closest friends, I don't think I actually realized how much of an impact she'd make on my life. I didn't know we'd go on adventurous trips together to the Pacific Northwest or text each other paragraphs about our creative endeavors. I know she's one of the raddest human beings on the planet and will be in my wedding party one day.

Maybe your big or little reveal will be the start of a similar friendship that's grand, spontaneous, and filled with unconditional love. Be sure to take lots of pics to document the event and post them on the 'Gram with one of these 28 captions for big little reveals.

Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy

1. "Big and little sister lovin'."

2. "Double the trouble."

3. "Here's to the friends who turned into family."

4. "Dream big, little one."

5. "A big adventure is about to begin."

6. "Doing this sweet thing called meeting my big."

7. "This sisterhood looks so good on you."

8. "Doughnut mess with my little, OK?"

9. "Little moments make big memories."

10. "You're the avocado to my toast."

11. "It's all fun and games when you're with your little."

12. "We mermaid for each other."

13. "She's my big sis."

14. "The PB to my J."

15. "Can we taco 'bout how amazing my big is?"

16. "I only love my bed and my little."

17. "Guess what! Your big loves you a whole latte."

18. "There is so much love in this sisterhood."

19. "I like the way you roll."

20. "Life is better with my big."

Lucas Ottone/Stocksy

21. "No one will ever be as entertained by us as us."

22. "You are, hands down, my favorite person."

23. "On this day, a dynamic duo was born."

24. "A sister who buys you pizza is a sister for life."

25. "It's a forever kind of thing."

26. "Thanks for being mine."

27. "You are gold, babe. Solid gold."

28. "She stole a pizza my heart on day one."

Be sure to save a few captions in a note on your phone, because you never know when you're going to post a pic with your soul sister. After all, wearing matching sunnies or socks at the big little reveal is only the beginning for you two. There are so many events on your sorority calendar this semester and life moments you're going to share together. This is the beginning of such a special bond, so soak up every second.