Amtrak's Buy One Get One Sale Is Perfect For A Fall Weekender With Your Besties

When it comes to planning a fall weekender with your besties, you're a pro. You know how to score the best deals on cozy cottages and where to go for the best leaf-peeping, pumpkin picking, and apple cider doughnuts. The detailed itineraries you put together without breaking the bank really deserve an award. But, here's the deal: Not taking advantage of Amtrak's Buy One Get One sale would be a big mistake and would totally break your streak.

It would have your besties sending texts in the group chat like, "Maybe I should take over the trip planning." (Gasp.) OK, maybe I'm getting a little dramatic, but this deal is too good to pass up, especially if you're getting ready to go somewhere with orchards, corn mazes, and lots of cinnamon-flavored lattes. It gives you access to — in my opinion — one of the most comfortable, convenient, and efficient ways to get from point A to point B.

Throughout my travels, I've gotten accustomed to traveling via train and have fallen in love with this source of transportation. During my lastest trip to Italy, trains helped my bestie and I get from coastal towns to major cities, and then back to the airport. The routes between my hometown and New York City are by far the easiest ways for me to reach the Instagram-worthy restaurants and views from the Top of the Rock too.

That's why I'm here to give you all the details on Amtrak's BOGO Saturday companion fare sale. Grabbing a couple of train tickets at a discounted price when you're planning a weekender with your besties is #necessary.

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So, what exactly does this sale entail? Well, according to Amtrak’s formal press release, it covers one-way Saturday tickets for the Acela service in business class or the Northeast Regional service in coach. It makes it easy for you and your besties to see all the sights in New York, Philadelphia, Providence, Richmond, and more, without going over your budget. You only have to decide on your destination and get yourself to the station on time.

The Acela service stretches between Washington, D.C. and Boston, while the Northeast Regional service runs from Virginia to Boston. You can head to some of the most underrated spots in New England for the cozy weekend you've always dreamed about, or to the hiking trails that'll look so picturesque on your Instagram feed. (Sounds pretty sweet to me.)

Before you decide, take note on a few things. First, this deal is not for round-trip tickets, nor does it cover "unreserved service on the Pennsylvanian and Keystone Service locally between Philadelphia and Harrisburg and Thruway Service," according to the press release. In addition, the sale prices are not available on all the departure times and only so many tickets are offered. So be sure to do ample research before you confirm your seats to avoid a potential 25% cancellation fee (The usual restrictions and refund rules can be applied, despite your tickets being bought with this special offer.) and jump on this deal fast.

After all, you don't want to miss out on a trip with Amtrak, because it's so relaxing and comes with lots of little perks. You and your besties will be treated to complimentary WiFi (which is available on many trains), as well as lots of leg room and no middle seats. Yes, you read that right — there are no middle seats, and some trains allow you to bring your small pets along for the ride too.

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To take advantage of this deal, simply head to and select the dates and times you want to travel. Double check that they're valid for the deal, and then use the discount code "C222" at checkout.

You'll notice that two tickets from Boston to New York are, in total, only $83 on the Northeast Regional train, and two tickets from New York to Washington, D.C. are only $96 on the Northeast Regional. If you take the Acela train from Boston to Philadelphia, you'll only be spending $174 on a pair of tickets.

You'll likely arrive at your destination with a duffel bag in hand and your bestie by your side, and say, "Wow. Let's do that again," because you had the chance to rest your feet before running around sunflower fields and taking in all the gourd vibes. What more could you ask for? It beats me.