These gift ideas for Virgos include so many fun and creative options.
These Gift Ideas For Virgos Include A Beyoncé Mug For Your Own Queen B

These thoughtful picks start at just $4.

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Virgo season — which goes from Aug. 23 to Sept. 22 — is here, meaning fall is right around the corner and you’re probably already feeling that autumn breeze rolling in. Now is the time to stock up on pumpkin spice, dust off your cardigans, and get ready to celebrate any BFFs with a Virgo birthday. It never hurts to plan a gift for the Virgo in your life early. After all, Virgos can be very picky, but only because they want everything to be perfect.

Virgos are reliable and sensible earth signs who like to keep it real. That’s part of what makes them a trusty BFF. They keep you grounded and will always be there for you, so you’ll want to return the favor and be there for them in their season with some great Virgo gift ideas. Depending on what your Virgo friend or partner is into, you can find an assortment of practical, creative, and just downright necessary gifts for them on this list. Get something for them to enjoy in the fall or a great back-to-school gift to keep them organized. You could even be inspired by a fellow Virgo like Beyoncé when shopping and decide to remind your bestie what a total #BossBabe they are.

Whatever direction you want to go in, these 14 Virgo gift ideas will show your BFF or SO you really put some thought into it.

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Is your friend a fan of The Office? Make their coffee runs a little brighter with a mug emblazoned with a Michael Scott quote dedicated to their fellow Virgo queen Beyoncé. This affirmative mug will be a daily reminder that, just like Beyoncé, when life hands them lemons, they have the power to make a Lemonade out of it.


A Virgo is a pro at adulting. Chances are whenever you go over to their house, you’re amazed at how nice it is. Home decor is always a good idea for a Virgo gift, but this set of modern coasters is both decorative and practical. It’s a win-win all around.


Candles are always a great gift idea because they serve as both home decor and self-care. Plus, these Birthdate Candles are extra special because they’re personalized for each day of the year. Every candle comes with a unique fragrance and label that has that individual date’s personality description, tarot card, ruling number, and ruling planet listed on it.


Virgos are already pretty organized, but things can get overwhelming if they don’t have a solid planner by their side. This undated planner from Alter Planning Co. was made for someone goal-oriented. Not only does it have 26 weeks and monthly planning pages, but it also boasts pages for budgeting and projects as well.


It may be warm outside still, but fall will be here before you know it. To prepare for Insta-worthy hikes among the colorful leaves, get your friend a cozy crewneck they can wear that pays homage to their zodiac sign. When the weather turns nice and crisp, they’ll proudly wear this sweatshirt with “Virgo” embroidered across the front.


Like a Virgo, this boba kit from SAMMEE is organized and has everything you need to get your fix. All you need to do is add water, and before you know it, you’ll have picture-perfect boba tea ready to go. Your friend can make themselves some milk tea to bring to work or to sip on as they head to class. It’s tea-riffic.


If you decide to get your friend a new candle, you’ll also want to get them an adorable candle holder for it. You know someone has everything in order when they are able to take it to the next level with a fancy holder for their candles. Plus, this woodland creatures-inspired pedestal is perfect for that end of summer, beginning of fall feel. All you need is a Fresh Fall Morning candle ($26, Bath & Body Works) to go inside it, and you’re good to go.


ColourPop just came out with this zodiac sign collection that includes Astrology Quads for each of the signs. The Virgo palette includes a metallic mauve shade, a metallic pale silver shade, a matte cool mauve shade, and a matte deep warm brown shade. If your friend is really into makeup, they can make some killer eye lewks with any combination of these colors for TikTok videos and Instas.


This Virgo glow LED sign is another great home decor idea. They can proudly show off their sign’s symbol anywhere in their space. It’ll be perfect lighting for their mirror selfie corner or above their bed in their dorm room.


Virgos are perfect plant parents because they’re always on top of their watering schedule. Get your plant-loving bestie this “talk growth to me” planter for any new buds they have. If you want to give them everything they need for their green setup, you could even throw in some new seeds, like these Flamingo Feather Celosia seeds ($6, Plantgem) that are perfect for growing indoors.


There’s nothing more practical than having a few scrunchies on hand. You know you can trust your Virgo bestie to be prepared whenever they need to pull their hair back, so add to their collection with these cute handmade scrunchies. They come in an assortment of colors that you can choose from depending on your BFF’s vibe.


You know how hardworking your Virgo friend is, so give them something they can treat themselves with. This soothing detox mini gift set comes with a bath bomb, soap, and bath soaks for a relaxing night in. The activated charcoal in each item is also great for relieving any painful muscles from working out too hard or going on a long hike.


If you want to get something you know your Virgo friend will use a lot, get them some good pens. They’ve always got some note to jot down or an event to add to their calendar. Instead of gifting them a plain writing utensil, get them something that stands out, like these glitter bow pens.


Show your Virgo friend how much you care by getting them this gorgeous hanging zodiac sign ornament. They can use it for decor year-round in their room or they can add it to their Christmas tree for some extra sparkle. It features the Virgo constellation and comes in a cute keepsake box they can cherish forever.