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The best Instagram filters for selfies will let your natural beauty shine.
Try These 15 IG Story Filters The Next Time You Take A Selfie

Get that sunkissed glow any time of year.

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Be honest, most of us spend a lot of time on social media — like way too much. It's hard not to, especially if you're hanging out at home, sitting on public transportation, or constantly hearing about the latest, greatest viral trends from your friends. Some of the most addictive social media features these days are the fun, wacky, and flattering Instagram filters and effects you can use in IG stories and selfies. And the worst (or best?) part is there are thousands of them — which is why the search for the best Instagram filters can be so time-consuming.

Long gone are the early days of filters — remember when that puppy Snapchat filter had a serious hold on society? These days, when it comes to finding the best Instagram filters for selfies, there are the hilarious, entertaining ones that tell you who your cartoon parents would be or one that puts a pizza crown on top of your head — best used for occasions such as posting to a finsta or sending a snap to a friend. You can also choose from filters inspired by your favorite celebs such as Billie Eilish, Beyoncé, or Taylor Swift.

However, the best Instagram story filters for cute, flattering shots of yourself will make your face glow by balancing out the lighting in your room for a sunkissed look or adding a touch of grain for a retro vibe. After you share a selfie to your story with one of these filters applied, don’t be surprised if you have followers swarming to your DMs. Whether you’re looking to post a thirst trap or just spend some time snapping pics to hype yourself up, these 15 Instagram filters will definitely be fun to mess around with the next time you take a selfie.

xuxu retrô by @juulialira

Feeling toasty? This bronze haze filter called xuxu retrô by @juulialira is perfect for when you want to feel and look warm, as if you’re covered in a coat of cinnamon spice. With an ever-so-slight touch of brownish blush, it’s all you need on days when you could use a little bit of warm color.

Hey Darling by @henrysdiary

Give your next selfie a cozy mood with the Hey Darling effect by @henrysdiary. This filter warms up the space around you and adds shadows to highlight your facial features. It’s dreamy, to say the least.

RETROdust by @yulya.kors

If you follow a lot of influencers on Instagram, you may have already seen RETROdust by @yulya.kors in all its glory. This filter adds a simple layer of dust to your photos and neutralizes all the yellows in a room. It's perfect for sunny days and rays.

OATMILK by @noelleandfox

If you can’t tell by the name of this filter, OATMILK by @noelleandfox is a cute and cozy selfie filter that pairs well with a warm cup of coffee and a nice book. It features some faux-grain, a slightly orange sepia hue, and a very light contrast with a softening effect on your face. This filter will make you look like you stepped out of an old-timey movie in the most flattering way possible.

BAHAMAS by @bryant

Did you want every one of your selfies to feel tropical? Then go to your Instagram app and save BAHAMAS by @bryant. It'll turn a selfie into a masterpiece by giving your skin that vacation-like glow. It's like golden hour on-the-go.

Hygge Preset One by

Hygge Preset One is perfect for situations where you're taking selfies at home. Maybe you just tried out some new makeup or want to post a mirror pic on the 'Gram. Either way, make the most of this sparkling effect created by and its effortless look.

Vanilla by @ellesuko

Pass your radiant vibes and times onto your followers with the Vanilla effect by @ellesuko. This effect makes all the right edits to your selfie — adding exposure to the frame and grain. Some of your followers might think you took your selfie on an old-school film camera. It's that good.

+5 indie kid filters by @itsgonzalito

This filter by @itsgonzalito doesn’t come with just one preset, but five. +5 indie kid filters features slightly different tint variations based on how you want your selfie to look. Altogether, it has an overarching cool TikTok-esque e-kid vibe with some purposeful saturation and sharpness.

Sol energy by @mamasolaris

Created by @mamasolaris, this Sol energy effect is one of the best Instagram filters for when you want to look sunkissed. Using a slightly grainy effect on top of heightened pinks, oranges, and reds, this filter will have you feeling warm and sunny even on days when gray clouds are in the sky.

Square Film by @janmahavan

Polaroid frames will never go out of style, right? So, embrace them when you're taking your next selfie. Square Film by the one and only @janmahavan gives you that frame and lets you put whatever you'd like it in in real time. No actual camera or editing app required.

Kirakira Sakura by @star.2077

Feel pretty in pink with Kirakira Sakura by @star.2077 in your next selfie. Inspired by Japanese sakura cherry blossoms, this filter will help you be seen through rose-colored glasses — that is, in pink-colored lighting and with small, glittering sparkles placed around your face in a non-distracting way.

Mood by @diana_luchitskaya

Film frames and camera-like details bring any story effect to the next level. Take it from Mood by @diana_luchitskaya. In this effect, your frame looks like a filmstrip, lightly graced with dust and ready for you to capture sweet mems and selfies.

Glitter on White by @janmahavan

Are you a firm believer that everything is better with glitter? If so, then you need to save Glitter on White by @janmahavan. As the name suggests, this effect puts sparkly glitter on any and all highlights in your selfie. It'll make you feel like a unicorn in real life.

Super 8mm by @h_ekal

Look straight out of a vintage indie movie shot on a Super 8mm film camera with this filter by @h_ekal. With a moving, grainy screen cut down to a smaller frame, this Instagram effect might be even better for video stories than still-life selfies. And the lightly gray-washed hue makes it all the more realistic and artsy.

Light Streak by @instagram

Last but not least, put an added highlight into your selfie with Light Streak by @instagram. This filter simply requires you to move your face around with the frame, so you can place the streak where you'd like it. It also has a nice, moody glow for when you're chilling at home.

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