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Why is my BeReal recap not working? There are some fixes you can try.

Why Is My BeReal Recap Not Working? Here’s What To Check To Get A Video

All hope is not lost.


You didn’t need Apple to rank BeReal as the best app of 2022 to know it was the year of the no-frills app, but as the newcomer celebrates topping the chart, BeReal has a gift for you, too. The social media app’s end-of-year retrospective combines your BeReals into a video highlight reel of your year, kind of like Spotify Wrapped, but with pictures. If you’ve tried accessing the feature but can’t find it anywhere, you might be wondering why your BeReal Recap is not working. Luckily, there are some fixes you can try to get your video.

Hot off the heels of its App Store win, BeReal keeps the W’s coming with its BeReal Recap. While it might seem like it flew by, a lot happened in 365 days that can be hard to remember. Enter the year-end retrospective known as the BeReal Recap. The personalized compilation video rolled out on Dec. 15, and it takes all the BeReals from your Memories (yes, all of them) and puts them together in a sweet, memory-filled video. The video isn’t set to any music, and doesn’t have any extra perks like Spotify Wrapped’s Listening Personality, but hey, it’s still pretty cute. Oh, and the video is super fast, so if you blink you might miss your favorite moment.

To find your personalized recap, open the BeReal app, tap your profile in the top right corner, tap “View all my Memories,” then tap the TV icon at the bottom of the screen to generate your video.


Why Is My BeReal Recap Not Working?

Your BeReal 2022 recap is here just in time to save you from those end-of-year blues, that is, if you can find the feature. If you haven’t been given a recap, these hacks might be able to help.

Update Your BeReal App

Don’t BeUpset about not getting a BeReal Recap video just yet, because you could just be a simple app update away from reliving your favorite moments of 2022. To check if your app is up to date, open the App Store and type “BeReal” into the search bar. Next to the app’s name you’ll see a button that either says “Open” or “Update.” If you see the latter, it means your app isn’t up to date, which could be why you can’t find your recap.

Tap the “Update” button to install the latest version, then open the app and navigate to Memories. Keep in mind, you may be asked to update BeReal a second time before generating your video, even if you just updated your app a minute ago. It doesn’t make much sense, but I don’t make the rules (or the recaps).

Another easy way to tell if your app is up to date is to tap the “View all my Memories” button on your profile and scroll down to find two icons at the bottom of the page: a calendar icon and a TV icon. If you don’t have the TV icon, you’re due for an update.

Not Enough BeReals

Even if your app is up to date, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a video. In order to get a BeReal recap for 2022, you’ll need to have taken at least 14 BeReals during the year. If you didn’t reach that minimum, you’ll see a message that reads, “You need at least 14 BeReal in 2022,” with the number of outstanding BeReals you need to take to unlock your video.


As of Dec. 16, there are still 15 days before the end of the year, which means you could try to take the rest of your BeReals and see if you can get a recap. If you go past 2022, the BeReal Recap videos are available until Jan. 31, 2023, so there should be enough time to submit your final BeReals of the year and still get a video.

BeReal Recap Taking Too Long

After you’ve generated your BeReal video recap, you might receive a message that’ll make you do a double-take. Yep, you could be put on a waiting list, and it’s possible the number could be well into the thousands. If this happens, don’t panic: I was told I was number 16,231 in line, and a minute later I received a notification telling me my video was ready. That’s not to say it’ll always be that fast, but don’t fall into thinking it’ll be a total Eras tour fiasco.


If you think BeReal is taking too long to generate your video, try closing out the app and reopening it to see if your video is ready for you, or if your spot on the waitlist has gone down.

Yeah, it’s annoying not to get your BeReal Recap right away, but if you try some of these fixes, you’ll be on your way to sharing all the best memories of the year. All that’s left to do is come up with the perfect caption.