Why don't I have Spotify Wrapped 2022?

If You Don’t Have Spotify Wrapped 2022, This Might Be Why

Because you need to know how many times you listened to Harry's House this year.

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Courtesy of Spotify

Spotify is rounding out the year with its annual music roundup, Spotify Wrapped, with insights on your personal listening experience. Beginning Nov. 30, Spotify listeners will be able to access their 2022 Wrapped results in the app and share it on social media. If you’ve searched the ins and outs of Spotify’s app and still can’t seem to find your Wrapped, you’re probably thinking, “why don’t I have Spotify Wrapped 2022?” Here are a few reasons as for why and how you could fix it.

You’ve likely started seeing your friends sharing their Spotify Wrapped on Instagram Stories (I know I have), but if you haven’t yet, prepare yourself for the endless Stories on Wrapped. It’s safe to say, people are excited to share what they’ve been listening to. From new insights on Your Listening Personality to Audio Day, there’s so much to look forward to. But if you can’t find your own Wrapped and you’re feeling the FOMO, you’re not alone. There are a few possibilities as to why you’re not seeing your Spotify Wrapped 2022.

This one might sound obvious, but first, make sure you’re looking for Wrapped on the Spotify app on your mobile device, not desktop: The personalized Wrapped experience is exclusive to the Spotify app for iOS or Android. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it on Apple’s App Store or Google Play. If you do already have the app, make sure it’s updated to the latest version of Spotify (8.7.78).

Courtesy of Spotify

Once your app is in check, you should be seeing the 2022 Wrapped banner on your homepage. If you’re not, try searching for “2022 Wrapped” or click here to be redirected to your Spotify Wrapped.

There are a few other requirements you have to meet to get your Wrapped results, per Spotify. As a listener, you will have had to stream music or podcasts between January 1 and a few weeks prior to Wrapped’s launch on Nov. 30. During that time, you must have listened to at least five unique artists, and streamed at least 30 tracks for over 30 seconds each. If you’re a podcast listener, you must have listened to a podcast for at least 60 seconds for it to count. This allows Spotify to collect enough data to produce your Wrapped stories.

If you haven’t been an avid enough Spotify user in 2022, well, put on your favorite albums and start building Wrapped for next year. Now that you know all the ways to troubleshoot Spotify, you’ll finally know how many times you played Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” on repeat. In all honesty, it’s too many times.

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